15 Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Let’s talk about the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS devices! But first, have you tried any of them? If no, then you are missing an opportunity to have fun. These apps can spice up your party and create memorable moments for you and your friends. Are you out on a date but lack the ideas on how to keep the atmosphere from being boring? These apps can turn things around for you.

But here is a strict warning: these drinking apps are not suitable for individuals younger than 21 years of age. So, if you not yet in this age bracket, please take note and take this seriously. But if you are much older, welcome to the club! There are myriads of drinking game apps out there. They range from the ones that will urge you to answer mind-blowing questions or perform some crazy tasks.

So, without wasting time, let’s go over the top 15 drinking game apps you will enjoy having on your mobile device.

15 Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

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1. Drink-O-Tron


This drinking game app for iPhone is one of the best out there. It is also one of the few drinking games you will find in most parties or get-togethers you go. You will discover different deck of cards you need to choose from to get started. But you can only access 25 cards for free upon downloading the app.

The VIP pack of this game is also worth every penny. Whether you are looking to try out some quick buzz or playing with your crush, you can load your deck with different card varieties to have fun. Your only duty is to press a simple button to draw cards. But once you have the card, you have to perform the task written therein.

2. Seven Drinking Game

Seven Drinking Game

Are you hanging out with friends at a party? Light up the party with the Seven Drinking Game app! This app is available for Android devices. It is also fun to have or use in a party where getting into alcoholic craziness is inevitable.

The game features high quality and attractive graphics. The cards, totaling approximately 426, are also well illustrated. Each card contains a unique task that those involved in the game must perform. But the game comes designed in a way that you can remove any unwanted card and add yours too. Also, ensure you have enough drinks on-ground because things could get messier with this app. But it’s going to be mad fun, which makes partying what it is.

3. Drink Simulator App

Drink Simulator App

Sometimes, what makes friendship bonds stronger is the amount of fun and memorable moments shared with those closest to you. Even among your family members, you have people who are more than just relatives to you, right? But guess what, you can make the bond even stronger with this drink Simulator app.

This app is one of the best drinking simulator apps out there. As the name implies, you will not be performing tasks as with other drinking apps. Instead, you will be drinking from your phone. You can pretend like you are drinking a cocktail, milk, juice, coffee, or something else. Use it to prank your friends into believing that you are pouring something from your phone.

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4. 5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule

Party is always fun when you have a perfectly planned agenda, games, and enough drinks to go around. But then, adding the 5 Second Rule drinking app can spice up everything. This app can take your party from great to excellent! It is also available for Android devices. Overall, the game is also simple to understand and play.

But before you begin, find out if you or your friends are ready to handle intense pressure. The reason is that the game is built to get players in the hot seat. But it’s fun all the same. The idea of the game and rules is also quite simple. You will be asked straightforward questions to which you must provide three answers within a short time before the buzzer rings. Failure to do so, and you have no option but to take a sip.

5. Drink4Fun


Is Drink4Fun the best drinking app for Android devices? Your guess is as good as mine! One of the things you will find lovable about this app is that it condenses different drinking games into one. So, with the Drink4Fun app, you will have a variety of games to choose from to spice up your occasion.

Another wonderful thing about this app is that it gets regular updates. New rules, tasks, mini-games, and even instructions are added daily to give players something to enjoy always. So, if you are thinking of hosting a party or some get-together with friends, then get the Drink4Fun app right away.

6. Party Viking

Party Viking

Are you ready to turn that boring party into a wild party that will become the talk of the town? Get the Party Viking app on your Android device! You will be amazed to realize that this app is the missing piece of the jigsaw, something your party has been lacking.

You will come across hundreds of different cards in this game. But keep in mind that there are other special cards you haven’t seen. However, these special cards can only be made available to you when you play the game for a specific period. And this action makes the game new whenever you play because you will always find new challenges. There are numerous things you can do in Party Viking. Download the app and see for yourself!

7. Drink Extreme

Drink Extreme

Drink Extreme is one of the best drinking game apps on the market. It lets you play popular games like Never Ever Have I, as well as the Truth or Dare games. The graphical quality of the game is also enticing. And compared to some drinking games out there, Drink Extreme stands out in many ways.

This game does not have annoying and intrusive ads as many games do. So, you will have loads of fun while playing without any interruption. You can also add friends and play together. It’s all fun with the Drink Extreme drinking game application.

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8. Kings


This cleverly built drinking game app is one of a kind. It is simple yet engaging. The game can also accommodate multiple players. And it is a game that comes in handy when you don’t have physical cards at your party but require some to keep the guests busy. It just spices up everything.

But warning: make sure you drink responsibly! This game is also addictive, so you may find yourself playing it over and over again. You will also like the fact that you can customize the rules to suit your needs. In other words, you can add rules you feel should be there, and that can increase the fun. The game is also available for Android devices.

9. Waterfall


The Waterfall is another drinking game you will enjoy playing. The game is simple to understand, and rules are straightforward. You will also enjoy every bit of time you spend with your friends playing this game. And the most exciting thing is that the game is free to play.

So, ready to start exploring? Get some drinks and a couple of players ready. You would need at least 2 to 8 players to get started. Waterfall involves the use of cards placed in a circle. And players have to take turns to pull the cards. Once the circle gets broken, you have no option but to drink. The game is fun-filled and engaging too.

10. Party Time Drinking Game

Party Time Drinking Game

Some drinking games are a bit tricky and challenging to understand. But the Party Time Drinking Game is not one of them. You will like this game if you want to liven up your social life and try something different with your buddies every single day.

Party Time Drinking game is undoubtedly one of the best drinking game apps for Android devices. The game is so engaging that you can spend hours playing without realizing you have spent so much time. You will find over 19 different games on this app, designed to keep you engaged. From dishing out the answers to specific riddles to flying a copter, you will find numerous tasks that will keep you engaged.

11. DrinkQuiz


Drinking with friends or drinking alone creates a different feeling. When you are with your close pals, you can challenge yourselves to add to spice to the whole activity. And with a game like DrinkQuiz, things could get even messier. First, the graphical quality of this game is unmatched. It is also quite simple but enjoyable.

You can enjoy this game with your pals or play alone. When you are playing with friends at a party or an outing, you can set the rules to punish anyone who fails to answer questions correctly. And the punishment befitting for such an outing is no other but to take a sip. The app is also available for Android device.

12. iPuke


First, the concept behind iPuke makes it unique and lovable. When you start playing it, you will understand how much work the manufacturers have invested in it. The game is simple, so are the rules. But it is either a dare or you have to consume a certain amount of drink. So which do you prefer?

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The dare could be anything. It could be to perform the samba, walk to a stranger, and have a chat for a particular period, or something different. But if you are not able to implement them, then you must have a drink. The app is also available for Android devices.

13. The King’s Cup

The King’s Cup

The King’s Cup is another incredible drinking game app for iOS and Android devices. The game is simple and comes built with stunning graphics. It is also a game you can play with your friends and create lots of memories together.

The game involves cards, which you and your buddies need to pick from the deck. You all have to take turns and ensure each of you follows the rules on the cards as well. Another lovely thing about this game is that it allows players to make their rules before the start of play. The stunning animation designed in this game also sets it apart.

14. Drink and Tell

Drink and Tell

This drinking game app is a popular app and one that will strengthen the bond between you and your drinking buddies. You can play it with just one person or a group of people. And it doesn’t matter the number of players involved, you all can create a lasting memory.

The game has different categories such as love, sex, personality, life and death, and ethics. You can also generate yours if you desire it. Each category has different questions, so you and your friends have to provide the right answers while playing. The one who fails gets to drink as a punishment. So, ready to light up your party or make your date feel the heat? Download the Drink and Tell app on your iPhone to get started!

15. Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Are you looking for some free drinking game apps for your iOS device? Get the Rink of Fire drinking app right away! The app is free to enjoy and is highly customizable. You can customize the name of each player, create and apply your rules, as you wish.

The game’s animation is also out of this world. It makes the game more captivating, lovable, and engaging. The idea of the game is to pick cards from the deck, one player after the other. But have in mind that there are different rules on each card which you must perform. It could be to pull off your shoes and dance, drink a certain amount of alcohol or do something crazy. But it’s all fun and spicy for your party.


So, these are the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS. They are party changers and can help transform your boring party to a lively one. But remember to drink responsibly, know your limit! You can use any of the drinking apps to spice up your occasion. Or is your date with your friend looking dull and you have run out of creativity to spice it up? Then download any of the drinking game apps to keep the two of you engaged.

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