15 Best Games Like Harvest Moon To Play in 2022

Games like Harvest Moon are unforgettable because of the wonderful gaming experience they offer. Harvest Moon is an iconic game that simulates the life of a farmer and features role-playing mode. Everything about Harvest Moon is incredible, and it’s one of the best farming games that the Super Nintendo Entertainment system has ever had. As the player, you have to cultivate crops, harvest them, rear animals and go fishing and engage in other activities.

Harvest Moon is a great farming game, no doubt. But you will eventually get tired of playing it every single day. The good news is other games out there can give you the same excitement and engagement as Harvest Moon. Check out the 15 best Harvest Moon alternatives every gamer must play.

15 Best Games Like Harvest Moon

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1. Miramagia


Miramagia is an exciting browser-based MMORPG game that can make you forget about Harvest Moon in a heartbeat. Impressively, any age group can play this game, and it also has an incredible storyline. Like Harvest Moon, you will also get involved in some farming activities. You will engage in growing mysterious crops in a community where magic exists.

If you enjoy farming and fantasy games, then there is a possibility that you will like Miramagia. The game is such that you can plant crops and develop fun-filled, happy farms with the use of magic. It perfectly combines fantasy and farming.

2. Funky Barn

Funky Barn

The name of this game speaks volume of what the game is primarily about. Funky Barn is a farming simulation game that runs on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS seamlessly. Funky Barn has similar gameplay as Harvest Moon. It’s also a game that can keep you glued to your device for several hours.

You will be tasked to build a farm comprising of various animals and crops. It’s an incredible farm strategy game where you also have to manage your resources by spending wisely. Another strategy you can deploy to succeed in this game is to carefully nurture your flock and trade with your neighbors when the need arises.

3. Wayward


Wayward offers incredible open-ended gameplay. It is an open-world game that features an incredible day and night system too. It is not entirely a farming simulation game like Harvest Moon. But then, you have to harvest crops and battle for survival. In summary, the game focuses mainly on farming simulation and survival. You will have five unique environments to explore and tons of nasty creatures to combat.

Wayward has a kind of sandbox game mechanics blended with some impressive inventory management and rogue-like gameplay. It is one of the turn-based, top-down survival games that can keep one engaged for hours. You will find plenty of things to craft, explore, and build in this game. But you must do everything within your power to survive the brutality of this cruel world.

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4. Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is everything like Harvest Moon. The game is full of adventure, and you will find some Japanese character in it too. The adventurous visuals of this game stand out. Gameplay is exciting, and the game is mainly about exploration, farming, and dungeons.

The marriage system of Rune Factory 4 is similar to what you will find on Harvest Moon. It’s a game where you have to establish a new life in a brand new country. But to survive and lead a happy life, you must cultivate the land and build a good relationship with the people. You will also have enemies to fight. So plan your battle strategies and choose from a range of weapons, skills and magical powers to combat monsters that do not show mercy. This game also runs on the Nintendo 3DS platform too.

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

If you are looking for a game that is similar to Harvest Moon in the area of graphical quality and gameplay, try Stardew Valley. But impressively, the game’s world is a bit larger than Harvest Moon’s. Plus you will find yourself engaging in farming activities you have always wanted. These include cultivating crops and rearing different animals on your farm.

But then, this farm in question isn’t originally yours. It’s a farm you inherited from your grandfather. But now, you have been given the opportunity to nurture it into a thriving farm with a few coins and farming tools to spare. Invite others to join you in building the farm. Also, as your skills improve, you will continue to level up in different areas like combat, farming, mining, fishing, and even foraging.

6. Plantera


This cute farming and gardening game will leave you speechless. It’s similar to Harvest Moon where you as the player have to grow trees, fruits, and rear animals at the same time. Plantera is a game you will surely enjoy. But what makes it even more amazing is the quality of the graphics.

Create a personal garden and see what it feels like to watch it grow into something bigger. And as your garden grows, you don’t have to be afraid of an increase in your workload. The expansion of your garden will attract helpers and pretty blue creatures to help you out. They will help you with harvesting and other tasks.

7. Hay Day

Hay Day

Are you ready to cultivate crops and customize your farm to suit your style? If your answer is yes, then try Hay Day. It’s a fun-filled farming game that is quite similar to Harvest Moon. You will not only have the privilege of cultivating your crops but trade with friends and neighbors.

Hay Day is also a game where you get to build your town and welcome different visitors. You should also be ready to do business and make some bucks, and fulfill several orders using your truck or steamboat. Hay Day has lots of activities that will keep you engaged for hours. It also runs on iOS and Android devices.

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8. Farm For Your Life

Farm For Your Life

Farm For Your Life is a game that perfectly blends two adventurous activities such as zombies and farming. A massive storm has destroyed your community and unleashed the dead. So you and the other survivors must fight back to restore normalcy to the land.

You will cultivate crops like Harvest Moon in this game. But besides engaging in farming activities, you also have to manage the restaurant in the community to provide enough food and deal with zombies disturbing the peace of the land. It’s a game with tons of features and adventure that will impress you.

9. Farm Up

Farm Up

Farm Up is another incredible farming simulation game that will give you many hours of fun. It has quite impressive gameplay and lots of engaging activities too. Part of your mission will be to ensure that there is a constant flow of cash.

To have the constant cash flow to run your farming activities, you as the farmer must plant crops and rear animals to make extra bucks. You can even use your resources to speed up work on the farm too.  Give orders and watch your followers obey.

10. Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 offers solid gameplay and an anime-inspired graphics beautifully crafted. It’s a farming simulation game that is similar to Harvest Moon in every way too. You have to choose the genre you prefer and get into another world, a small village where the adventure starts. You, together with your pet duck need to build a thriving farming business there.

In this game, you have to perform many farming tasks. You will harvest crops, raise livestock and even maintain your farm. You will have total control over your farm’s layout, including the animal you prefer to breed and crops to cultivate.

11. Wild Season

Wild Season

Wild Season is a farming simulation game that has a stunning visual appeal that will make you enjoy playing.   The game runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Wild Season features solid gameplay and an incredible storyline.

You have to care for your farm and return it to its former glory. But that is not all. You still have to befriend the strange people in the community and find true love. One thing is for sure; you will never regret playing this Wild Season.

12. Cast Away Paradise

Cast Away Paradise

The activities and adventure in Cast Away Paradise are endless. You can catch bugs, go fishing or even compete with your allies for who had the biggest catch. Your experience started after getting lost on an island. But instead of worrying about the situation, you have no other choice than to make the island your home.

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If you enjoy the farming game style, you will also enjoy Cast Away. You will have the privilege of cultivating crops and perform numerous farming activities like raking the ground, sowing seeds and watering them to grow. And beside these activities, you will also do everything within your power to befriend the villagers and provide help in every way.

13. World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is a social sim game inspired by the famous Harvest Moon series. It features a very colorful and attractive top-down graphic and set in a sleepy seaside village. Your duty as the play is to return life to the area by making things happen. And there are many ways you can achieve that.

There are tons of things to do in World’s Dawn, a game that perfectly combines a little bit of everything. You need to build stable relationships with the villagers, harvest crops, find true love, take care of livestock, fish and even compete in the village’s festivals.

14. Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden

The game sounds mystical, but it’s a game that will completely blow your mind away. You will gain magical powers as long as you provide the required voodoo supplies. There are little spirits around the swampy habitat that are ready to give you more magic powers and gold for voodoo supplies. Run your small hut in a wet environment and see what it feels like to farm in such a place.

In Voodoo Garden, you will be charged to cultivate different types of trees, shrubs, and verbs so that you can have enough mushrooms, fruits, leaves and other items needed by the spirits. Wild animals are also useful occult accessories, so have to hunt and gather them too.

15. Terraria


Terraria is an action-packed game loaded with adventures of a different sort. You will have the privilege to fight, explore and build in this game. The game is also a unique blend of sandbox-style creativity and elements of classic action video games.

This game also runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It’s a game that will give you an excellent gaming experience that is even a bit more than what Harvest Moon can offer. Everything about Terraria is in your hands; both journey and destination will entirely be in your control.


If you are looking for the best games like Harvest Moon, then check out the games on this list. You can choose the one that matches your device or operating system to start playing. Enjoy an incredible gaming experience and forget about Harvest Moon. There are tons of options out there, but we have managed to put this list of best Harvest Moon alternatives together to help you make a quick decision.

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