When Did Cloud Computing Start? (And Related Questions)


Cloud computing is now the perfect method of providing enterprise software — and the chosen choice for firms to develop their networks or introduce new technologies. In simple terms, cloud computing is simply taking resources and moving them beyond an organization’s firewall and delivering them over the internet via the application, storage, and other services. … Read more

Is Cloud Computing a Good Career Option?


Cloud computing is not just a good career choice but it gets you a job anywhere in the world, Cloud computing is one of the current trends in Information Tech. It encourages users to save and also makes daily living quite more simplified. Cloud computing enables a large collection of computer systems to successfully share … Read more

Why is Cloud Computing Important?


There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the very concept of “cloud computing”. Several definitions and attempted definitions exist today. For some, cloud computing refers to the totality of hosting services, for others, it is about providing infrastructure remotely. Some even define cloud computing as a “federation of on-demand application services”. Interestingly, while cloud … Read more

5 Reasons to Invest in Cloud Computing For Your Small Business


Cloud computing was once thought of as an extremely technical development — one that was only needed for large-scale and multinational businesses. This reputation becomes evident when you consider that cloud computing has actually been around since 1996, but it’s only been within the last decade or so where cloud computing became accessible to the … Read more

Top 11 Cloud Computing Certifications of 2022


Data storage, access and manipulation have never been easier than it is today. A person in India can create plans (data) accessible to his manager in America and which can be authorized and sanctioned by another higher official in Germany. This facility to coordinate and cooperate even when separated by thousands of miles are a … Read more

3 Most Used Tools To Monitor AWS EC2 Instances


In order to gain the most out of the cloud, you need to be able to properly monitor your AWS EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) instances. Without proper monitoring, you cannot accurately measure your efficiency, costs, and potential waste. As a result, your success is dependent on your tools. However, there is no one best … Read more

What is Cloud Hosting and 13 Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers


Cloud hosting is a form of service used to host websites, manage databases and accommodate domain names. Otherwise stated, it pulls all computing resources from a wide range of underlying networks of physical web servers onto virtual servers. It also makes unlimited number of machines to act as a single system. Cloud hosting uses the … Read more

13 Innovative Cloud Computing Companies to Look Out For in 2022


While there are many established cloud computing companies, there is also an impressive onset of new cloud computing companies. A 2017 quarterly roundup of the years cloud computing market shows that there have been significant advancements with a number of new companies joining the list of top cloud service providers. As much as most of … Read more

13 Security Criteria to Look at When Evaluating a Cloud Service


According to a survey done by CSA IT professionals, more and more companies are either using or migrating to the cloud to bolster their business operations and acquire a competitive edge. One thing with cloud computing is that the applications and data have to be highly secured to meet the growing demands for cloud users … Read more

13 All Time Greatest Myths of Cloud Computing Security


Cloud benefits are large in scope making it applicable in various areas. Primarily, it enables speedy deployment, provisioning and scaling of IT resources and on this account, users can easily incorporate business operations and gain competitive edge more quickly while at the same time lowering costs and increasing the overall business efficiency. Regardless of this, … Read more

The 11 Worst Cloud Outages(Fiascos)


As cloud-enabling technologies advances and cloud vendors become more refined, the upkeep of mission-critical workloads has to also improve. It can be a nightmare even if a short service interruption occurs within the cloud infrastructure. In reality, this has happened in a number of occasions – resulting in a serious harm to business operations. The … Read more

Top 15 Wonderful Examples of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing offers widespread opportunity for new innovations and various solutions to enterprise demands. For this reason, many individuals and enterprises have at one point used the services of the cloud even without their knowledge. What’s more, individuals and businesses (both small and large) increasingly continue to adopt cloud computing services. In this article, we … Read more

Various Categories of Cloud Computing Services (Saas, PaaS, IaaS)


Cloud computing services are categorized depending on how they work and their primary structural systems. Similar to other considerable advancements in technology, many providers utilize the various categories of cloud computing services to deliver their products. The value brought about by different cloud providers is therefore based on the understanding that the services differ by … Read more

What are Different Layers of Cloud Computing? (Public, Private, Hybrid)


Cloud computing is composed of an assortment of layered components, beginning at the most basic physical layer of server infrastructure and storage and moving up through the network and application layers. By a large extent, the cloud is categorized based on implementation models, which include Private, Public, and Hybrid clouds. All these levels are found … Read more

11+ Mission Critical Questions To Ask Before Buying Cloud Storage


As the world moves towards a more tech-savvy future, the hype surrounding technological advancements is primarily based on cloud computing with an increased need of undertaking mission critical tasks. For many, there is a dire call for data storage scalability as more and more developers, program and project managers, administrators, engineers, IT oriented businesses, and … Read more

What is Cloud Computing and How Does Cloud Computing Work?


Cloud computing has increasingly become a terminology that is not only used in the IT sector but across various domains such as businesses, enterprises, institutions and corporations. Perhaps you’ve heard almost everyone next to you talk about “the cloud” or somebody say that their enterprise applications are moving to the cloud. But what does cloud … Read more

12+ Worst Cloud Computing Security Dangers and Threats


By a great extent, the most raging topic in the cloud computing industry is security. It has become a mandatory element as more individuals, companies and large enterprises move their business operations to the cloud. Even the largest companies are suffering the consequences of data breaches, which compounds the security concerns in cloud computing. Unless … Read more

13 Great Cloud Apps and Services for Small Businesses


Many small businesses in the contemporary market are migrating to the cloud at astonishing rates. The reasons are so obvious, especially the ability to access cheap and flawless integration solutions for previously expensive IT infrastructure in a quest to stay competitive. The cloud simply offers an innovative breed of swift business resources that revolutionizes the … Read more