10 Ways to Make your Smartphone Work for You 

With our smartphones now stuck to us at every waking moment, we’re carrying around processors and internet access that far outstrips anything mankind has ever had before.

So why not put that power to work for you? We could all do with a little extra cash in our pockets, so its time to start putting that power to work for you. Whether you have a lot of free time to kill, or can only squeeze out a few minutes a day, there’s plenty of ways to make money with your smartphone, so let’s get started!

10 Ways to Make your Smartphone Work for You 

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1. Watch Videos for Cash

It may sound too good to be true, but there’s plenty of legitimate apps out there that will give you a little reward for watching videos. While apps like Swagbucks and FusionCash probably won’t make you a fortune, it’s great to get a little cash back for stuff you’re doing anyway. Earn rewards, make bonus points, and get cash and gift cards in return. It couldn’t be simpler, and those quick savings are sure to add up over time. 

2. Playing Games

In a similar vein to watching videos for cash, there’s games out there that allow you to redeem points earned as Paypal cash, gift cards, and other options- even some for crypto miners. So if you’re already a dedicated gamer, and just need to add a little flexibility to your budget, this is a great way to power up your mobile into a cashmaking hub.

3. Shop and… Get Paid?

Yess, this is a possibility! Most modern retailers are working to keep customer loyalty, and there’s some independent ‘receipt scanning’ apps you can use to get cash back no matter where you shop. For all of them, you simply need to install the app, setup an account, and shop like you normally would.

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Some apps offer points and incentives, others give you a percentage of your shop back as cash within the app. Most are completely free, and make for a great way to monetize time and money you were already spending anyway. Once you get going, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it sooner!

4. Get Creative, Get Paid

Stock footage and photos have become a staple industry now so many businesses and individuals need convenient, cost-effective ways to power up their blogs, video content, and more. And you don’t need more than a solid mid-tier smartphone to create compelling and professional video footage and images.

As you go about your daily life, consider creating beautiful pieces you can upload to a stock footage platform, and get paid a little every time someone uses one of your pieces.

This can easily build up into a full passive income stream over time if you’re smart and have a good eye for art, so it’s well worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to make money with your smartphone. 

5. Get a Gig

Freelancing in your spare time has become a staple of modern hustle culture. Make money in your spare time, and you can even build up useful skill sets (like content creation or coding) that could help you get a better job in the future, too.

There’s also driving gigs like UberEats and grubHub to consider if you have a working vehicle. Power up your free time into a money making endeavor with just your smartphone and the contents of your head, and you could be seeing your way out of debt- or into a better lifestyle- in no time at all.

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6. Sell Quickly and Easily

Sell extra items around your house, or even become a flipper and leverage your sharp eye for a good deal to make extra money. Many second hand sales are now taking place through online apps, even giants like PoshMark and eBay, and it has never been easier to ship items quickly, talk to potential buyers, and even find great deals to flip at the push of an app on your phone. You can even run a Shopify store from your phone.

7. Become a Mystery Shopper

Brands like to know that people are having a great experience with their offerings. That’s where mystery shoppers come into the equation. Mystery shopper apps let you sign up and be notified where different brands are on sale that are looking for smart customer feedback. You’ll get a small payment for each shopping experience, and it can soon add up with time.

8. Take Customer Service Mobile

Customer service is a key metric for a wealth of brands worldwide, but the idea of staffing a specific call center just to provide that great service is so last year. If you’re only working part-time, or work from home, you can join a customer service team and earn a per hour income. There’s plenty of companies hiring in this niche, so keep your eye out for hiring companies and get yourself and your phone to work.

9. Become an Online Tutor

Everyone wants to learn new languages, and now we can do it on the go, it’s become viable for a lot more people. Leverage your language skills to earn an income through apps like TutorJob. You can set your own hours, communicate easily with others through your mobile, and get paid for those precious skills you’re teaching others. What could be better?

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10. Take Surveys

While you won’t make mega-bucks with surveys, this can be a great way to power up your commute and earn a little extra on the side. Survey apps do work better for people in populous locations, like the US, but if you’re a good candidate, it can be a very simple way to stack up some bucks or earn yourself gift cards to services you regularly use. You might also find user testing apps that appeal to you.

Smartphones have made life a lot easier in many niches, and earning an income from your precious mobile only makes it more appealing. We hope these ideas have powered up your creativity and encouraged you to make some extra cash easily- there’s plenty more, so if these don’t suit you, don’t be afraid to try others, too.

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