11 Best and Popular Online Fashion Stores Like Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is a popular online fashion that has become a must-visit in recent years. They offer that unique Californian style of dressing, making the online fashion retailer a go-to store for teens, young adults, men, and women alike.

So, it’s safe to say Brandy Melville is in a class of its own. However, our curiosity and appetite for fashion are too big to focus on one brand alone. That’s why most people are seeking Brandy Melville alternatives. So, if you are one of those looking for best stores like Brandy Melville, here are some excellent choices for you.

11 Best Fashion Stores Like Brandy Melville

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1. Bershka 

What’s fashion if you can’t look confident and elegant after wearing that new dress? You are supposed to look cute wearing that new collection that even your colleague, friends and relation will notice these changes. So, if you want to look elegant, confident, and stand out from the crowd, then think of paying a visit to Bershka.

This Spanish online fashion retail store is a perfect solution for individuals seeking an escape route from Brandy Melville. You will find apparel for girls and guys, including the latest collection that’s in vogue. Bershka offers dresses of all kinds for young adults seeking to look a bit different from their peers. So, if you’re interested in splashing the cash on a reasonably priced and top quality outfit, consider paying a visit to Bershka. But keep in mind that this store is more suitable for younger consumers, meaning the sizes are a bit smaller.

2. Charlotte Russe

What makes Charlotte Russe stand out from the crowd or be a perfect Brandy Melville alternative? Well, it’s nothing but the desire of the company to provide quality and affordable dresses for all. Charlotte Russe isn’t a new entrant into the fashion world, though. The American company started in 1975 and has branches in 5 locations and counting.

From jeans, shoes, clothes, accessories, and dresses, Charlotte Russe offers everything you seek and more. You will also find wears for plus size women on this online store, including maxi dresses and bottoms from renowned designers. The price for most items you will find on this platform starts with as little as $15, which tells you how pocket-friendly this store is. So, if you want to purchase top-rated dresses without breaking the bank, pay a visit to this store.

3. Urban Outfitters

Oh, Urban Outfitters! No one can blame you for paying a visit to this online store repeatedly. Urban Outfitters is one of the best stores, like Brandy Melville, in all ramifications. It sells short dresses like Melville and offers apparel at a reasonable price. Yes, their dresses are affordable, giving the quality and reputation of the company.

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Urban Outfitters is the go-to store for any last-minute finds. You will also find a vintage dress, including apparel from top brands like Calvin Klein. This online store also does provide links to other platforms so that consumers will always find what they want and more. So, you will find links to shop for storage cabinets, accessories, including graphic shops on this site.

4. American Eagle

AE is a popular name as far as the online fashion retail business is concerned. It’s also a top-rated store like Brandy Melville that has made a name for itself. They do have quality dresses for men and women, including young adults. So, it’s a beautiful place to go shopping online.

American Eagle, aka AE, offers an incredible discount off their collections, which puts them on the list of pocket-friendly online fashion stores. From jeans, bras, joggers, swimsuit, tank tops, bottom, and other accessories, the American Eagle has it all. Also, this online store differs a bit from Brandy Melville, giving its range of assortments. Their apparels are available in different sizes, meaning everyone irrespective of body size is covered. There is also clothing for curvy ladies, which, when worn, will bring out that attractive hourglass shape of such ladies.

5. IVRose

What are you looking to wear this week that would turn heads? Visit IVRose, and you’ll find your needs in a matter of seconds. The platform comes loaded with fashion apparel that you can’t resist. At IVRose, bottoms, dresses, tops, jeans, and whatever clothing sold, are all reasonably priced. So, with your tight budget, you should be able to acquire something befitting for your look, style, and size.

This online fashion store also offers free shipping when you spend above $59. So, all you need to do if you’re interested in buying from this store, then make an effort to check if they ship to your destination. And if you are a fan of short gowns and dresses, then you are in the right place. Pay a visit to IVRose right away and get yourself some trendy apparel.

6. Bebe

Everyone has got that unique taste when it comes to fashion. It’s also possible that your choice of clothes is different from your siblings. That’s how different we are. Bebe is one of the online stores that not only have sound knowledge of this fact. This online store does have a vast collection of dress, bottom, among others, to satisfy the plethora of needs fashionistas have.

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The only thing that makes this platform a bit different from Brandy Melville is the price. Their wears a bit on the high side, but that’s not a deal-breaker giving the quality of their products. Plus, they also offer designers and brightly colored dresses that will make you look super cute and attractive.

7. Planet Blue

Are you interested in splashing the cash on some vintage boho wears? Whatever your needs are, it’s time to pay a visit to Planet Blue. This online store will paint your fashion world blue with cute designer dresses that will accentuate your curves and looks.

The Blue Life brand has been one of the must-have brands for years. Planet Blue started in 1995, and the online fashion store has never disappointed when it comes to making customers smile. Whether you are a free-spirited or wild individual, you will have your needs met here. In short, whatever your fashion style is, Planet Blue will make your day.

8. Pacsun

Founded in 1980, Pacsun has been on top of their game since inception. The company provides quality apparel at pocket-friendly prices and does have something for all age groups. They have something for the men, women from young to old. Plus, the company does have a different collection of accessories for men and women too.

Pacsun also offers massive discounts to clients. You can even get up to 50% of whatever item you purchase from this platform. And though such an offer comes once in a while, you can partake in it if you’re patient and vigilante.

9. Boohoo

We cannot list the best sites like Brandy Melville here without mentioning a word or adding Boohoo to the list. They are the go-to online store for fast fashion apparel. Plus, their dresses are inexpensive compared to a host of other Brandy Melville alternatives. From sexy outfits to on-trend wears, Boohoo has always been a destination of choice for fashionistas across the globe.

So, if you are a young adult seeking to splash the cash on good quality and on-trend fashion apparel, then head to Boohoo. The platform offers tops, shoes, and other accessories that you will need to look cute. This platform also provides a discount to consumers, both new and old. Another intriguing thing is that they offer special discounts to students too.

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10. Torrid

Plus size women are bold and beautiful. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Fashion stores also have to make that happen. Torrid is one of the few online fashion stores that sell trendy plus size apparels. From the jacket, jeans, bottoms to dresses, this online fashion store has everything in store for you. The company also claims to take measurements of real women as opposed to mannequins used by other fashion stores.

Plus size women measuring 10 – 30 can have whatever they want here. Torrid also offers beautiful floral prints that will make you look even more beautiful and unique so, if you are seeking quality plus-size dresses, head straight to Torrid.

11. ASOS

ASOS is another online fashion store like Brandy Melville. It’s one of the few stores that cannot be kept out of the list of best stores that are similar to Brandy Melville. ASOS started operation in 2000 and has built a solid reputation. Plus, despite your budget-size, you will surely go home with something when you visit this online store.

From inexpensive to premium prices, ASOS does offer a different price range for consumers to make their choices. Even their cheap clothes are top-quality, so don’t think you are going to have a poorly made dress, bottom, jean, jacket, or whatever you are buying because it’s inexpensive. The company does have a good reputation and focuses on providing quality apparel and rewards for loyal customers, which can also benefit you.


So, here you have it; the 11 best stores like Brandy Melville. These stores are loaded with diverse designers and on-trend apparel that will make you look different and unique. Isn’t that what you want? Whether you are plus-size or not, you will have your needs met here. All you are expected to do is visit each of the stores to make a choice. So, are you ready? If yes, then start your search now. Don’t change your mind because of your budget! Most of these stores offer inexpensive wears that are top-quality. Visit to find out for yourself.

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