13 Best Banking Exam Preparation Apps For Android & iOS

Why should anyone look for the best banking exam preparation apps when there are diverse ways to prepare for such exams? Well, the thing is learning with apps exposes you to similar experiences you will encounter on the day of the exam. It builds your confidence and let you face similar questions before the main exam.

The job market has become highly competitive. And in most cases, thousands or even millions of applicants sit for an exam that only a hundred candidates or less are needed for the job. So, for banking exams where individuals are hired based on merits, one needs to be in top form. And that is what banking apps are relevant. You can even have any of the apps on your mobile phone and practice on the go or anywhere you find yourself.

13 Best Banking Exam Preparation Apps For Android & iOS

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In this post, we will consider some of the best banking exam preparation apps for Android and iOS devices.

1. Gradeup Exam Preparation

Gradeup Exam Preparation

Is Gradeup one of the best apps for banking exams and other complex exam preparations? Your guess is as good as mine. This app lets you have access to previously solved papers so that you can consolidate on your knowledge gained after studying so hard. It also offers access to videos, live experts, and mentors that can prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Gradeup will not only prepare you for banking exams.  Other exams will help you to prepare for include SSC CGL, SBI PO, GATE, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced 2020 WITH PYSP, UPPSC, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, and others. You will also have access to free quizzes and mock tests, including exam notifications so that you won’t forget the actual date of the exam. The Gradeup exam prep app is also available in Hindu and the English language.

2. Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude, aka PA, is another top application for banking exam preparations. And as the name implies, Pocket Aptitude will grant you access to frequently asked aptitude tests and logical reasoning questions, which are among questions that throw many jobseekers off balance when writing such exams.

So, if you are experiencing difficulty cracking banking exams, particularly one that has to do with aptitude tests, word problems, and other related questions, install the Pocket Aptitude app on your device right away. You will have access to over 2400 frequently asked questions, which comes in different difficulty levels. And this offers you a chance to prepare well so that you can ace your exam one time.

3. Dictionary: Definition & English Words

Dictionary: Definition & English Words

Well, this is not your regular dictionary. It is designed to help you develop your vocabulary and improve in the English language massively. You will enjoy access to about 2 million different words, which includes antonyms and synonyms. And this and a host of other features makes the app perfect for learning English and preparing for various exams, which includes SAT and ACT study.

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This app lets you learn how to pronounce words in the right way. Plus you can even learn words without spelling them out. The app also allows you to save new words which you can revisit anytime to refresh your memory.

4. Prep Guru

Prep Guru

They say proper preparations can reduce anxiety and make one to concentrate better when writing an exam. When fear overtakes you, it can limit your performance in an exam. That’s why apps like the Prep Guru is relevant. The app lets you prepare well to ace over 500 different exams that are highly competitive.

The app also uses machine learning and AI ( artificial intelligence) via data analytics on test questions set online. Questions also range from aptitude tests, general knowledge to other job placement tests.

5. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Believe it or not, aptitude tests and logical reasoning questions are a bit challenging. Another thing that makes them tricky is the time frame allotted to each question. You may have just a few seconds to decide your answers for each question during the exam. And as a consequence, you must learn to think and take decision faster.

The Aptitude and Logical Reasoning app will prepare you for such exams. It will prepare you for logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, verbal and general reasoning questions. And in a nutshell, it will prepare you not only for banking exams but others such as CAT, GMAT, GRE, XAT, and others. Plus you will have access to over 10,000 questions which are updated regularly. The app is also free to use, and you can have full access to the questions to practice as much as you can, offline.

6. Pocket Logical Reasoning

Pocket Logical Reasoning

Do you believe you can ace that highly competitive exam or placement test this year? If yes, then start by doing the right thing. If you are highly interested in securing a job in the banking sector, you need to prepare well. Choose the best banking exam preparation apps for Android and iOS devices, depending on your device.

However, one of such incredible app is the Pocket Logical Reasoning. It comes loaded with over 1800 frequently asked questions to help prepare you to ace your paper one time. Each of the questions is also divided into various topics such as number series, linear arrangement, circular arrangement, coding, and decoding, among others.

7. IBPS Bank Exam Preparation

IBPS Bank Exam Preparation

If you haven’t written the IBPS exam before but have plans to write one soonest, you need to prepare like your life depends on it. IBPS exams are set to choose suitable candidates for public sector banks. And exams like these are quite competitive because of the number of individuals looking to get into the government’s payroll.  Of course, the public sector guarantees job security, so everyone is interested in securing a job there.

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However, the IBPS Bank Exam Preparation app can help prepare you for IBPS exams. With the challenge mode, a new crop of questions can be sent to you daily so that you can practice to perfection, and be extremely ready to ace your exam.

8. Aptitude and Reasoning Questions

Aptitude and Reasoning Questions

This app is designed to help applicants to ace their IBPS, SSC, GATE, and Bank PO and other exams. And impressively, you can use the app offline too. While in offline mode, you will have access to tons of questions to prepare for your upcoming exam.

The Aptitude & Reasoning Questions app also offers access to questions on different topics. In addition to that, you can also create special mock tests for yourself on any of the topics you want. So, if you are looking to practice for a specific exam and want to gain perfection, this app is a wise choice.

9. RRB Bank Exam

RRB Bank Exam

The RRB (Regional Rural Banking) exam is another challenging exam that wannabe bankers encounter. But as the saying goes, “practice makes one perfect.” So, when you practice different questions under each topic, you may likely crack your banking exam. And that’s what makes the RRB Bank Exam app unique. It doesn’t only give access to questions which you can practice regularly but access to detailed study material.

In this case, no matter how the examiners twist the questions, you will still know the right answer to give. So, RRB Bank Exam app is a wise choice if you are looking to enhance your knowledge and not just to attempt questions. Plus you can also adjust the font size of the texts, and forward the questions to friends preparing for the same exam.

10. Banking Awareness

Banking Awareness

How would you feel knowing that you can have all materials regarding banking awareness questions lined up in one app? Delighted right? Of course, anyone in that position will. When preparing for bank exams, you will always want to have your hands on the best of materials as early as possible.

The Banking Awareness app will give you access to comprehensive study materials to enhance your knowledge and ensure you prepare well for awareness part of IBPS, SBI PO bank examinations. You will have access to over 3500 questions, all related to banking awareness. In addition to that, the app also has an e-book which you can access to know more about banking awareness so that you can prepare better for any highly competitive banking exam.

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11. Bank PO and Clerk Exam Preparation

Bank PO and Clerk Exam Preparation

The banking sector is quite broad and has diverse career opportunities. In addition to that, securing admission into any of the areas in the banking sector is highly competitive. PO and clerk positions are also highly competitive, and the reason being that quite a large number of people are looking to get into the banking sector.

However, the Bank PO & Clerk Exam Preparation app can get you in top gear. You will have access to the materials you seek to prepare for SBI clerk SBI PO, and IBPS PO and other related banking opportunities. The app is also free to use and possesses tons of features, which include exam dates, exam notification, and many more.

12. Smart Test

Smart Test

There are tons of banking exam preparation apps for Android and iOS out there. But most of them don’t deliver what they promise. You may find numerous questions but not achieve massive progress as you expect. But when you choose the best banking app, everything will move with speed.

The Smart Test is one of the best apps for banking examinations. It is one of the ideal apps for IBPS exam preparations and gives access to any question you seek. These include math, numerical reasoning, aptitude tests, quizzes, current affairs, computer awareness, and more. So, you can use it to prepare for banking and other government jobs.

13. SBI PO Test


If you are interested in the banking sector but have your heart set on other fields, the SBI PO Test app will make a wise choice for you. You will not only have access to the entire syllabus to study but tons of questions that come with answers that you can use to prepare yourself.

This app will not only prepare you for numerous exams and sections such as banking awareness, SBI clerk, computer awareness, IT officer exam, railway recruitment board, income tax and other exams in diverse sectors. So, if you are preparing for a highly competitive exam, this is one of the ideal apps to install on your device right away.


Banking exams are highly competitive and can also be very difficult to ace.  But being difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With enough preparations and effort put into your practice sessions, you will undoubtedly be ready to crack any banking exam.

So, we have listed the best banking exam preparation apps for Android and iOS to make it easier to find a suitable app and save time. So go through the list and make your choice. You can also tell us about other related apps you have used in the past and how they helped you.

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