15 Alternative Games Like Huniepop To Play in 2022 {Latest List}

If you want incredible tile-matching puzzle games like Huniepop, then you are in the right place. Ever since its release in 2015, Huniepop has remained one of the top games in the gaming world. The game’s idea is tile-matching and dating simulation. Plus it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

But make no mistake; Huniepop is also part puzzle and dating sim, has that light RPG elements gamers adore. It also has plenty of excellent plots, combined with the visual novel pattern of presentation that any avid gamer would love.

But this post is about Huniepop alternatives that will give you the same engagement or even more. So, if you are bored of Huniepop and want a change, here are incredible games you should try out.

15 Alternative Games Like Huniepop

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1. Burn Your Fat with Me

If your primary goal this year is to burn some fat and keep fit, then get this incredible “moévation” app on your device right away. It’s a dating sim fitness app/game that gives players (those looking to burn fat or workout) the inspiration they need.

It does it through “moé” a popular Japanese word that depicts the feeling you get when you spot a beautiful Chinese anime character. That’s it. So, keep in mind that Burn Your Fat with Me is a visual novel game that is not designed to let you build a case or solve tricky puzzles. It’s a game in which you can only advance in the story after completing a specific fitness goal.

2. My Virtual Girlfriend

This dating simulating game will make you test your flirting prowess. As the name implies, the aim is to befriend or date the girl you adore. But it is not going to be easy. But then, it is never mission a possible for the smart guys to get the beautiful girls. Prove you still have the magic to woo pretty girls by taking up the challenge in My Virtual Girlfriend.

This game is practically for guys anyway. And there are hundreds of beautiful girls with unique personalities and traits on this game too. Your mission is to make any girl you want to date happy by taking her out on a date, learn about her likes and dislikes, play mini golf together, and buy her crazy gifts, among others. But keep in mind that every choice or decision you make has its consequences.

Just like what happens in the real world; if you do the right things, she will be yours. But when you take the wrong steps, then reverse is the case.

3. Roommates

Released in the year 2014, Roommates is a visual novel genre kind of game similar to the incredible Huniepop. The game is also rated 16+ anyway and has a fantastic storyline and characters. In short, Roommates has what it takes to keep any avid gamer hooked for long hours. Plus you can also play on OS X, Mac and iOS operating systems.

In this game, you have to choose whether you want to be the rebellious Max or the calm Annie. It’s entirely your decision to make. But understand that you will be sharing your room with other college students. And you must work hard to progress to next year. Enough of the story! Go ahead and give the game a try.

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4. C14 Dating

The name alone indicates what this game represents. But let’s spill the beans anyway. If you enjoy dating simulation games, you will inevitably fall deeply in love with C14 Dating. It’s a dating simulation kind of game that perfectly blends all three; love, friendship and archaeology.

C14 Dating also runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. So, if you are hoping to play it on your mobile device, sorry to burst your bubbles. You can’t. It’s for PCs, at least for now. The storyline is also impressive. Plus the main character, Melissa Flores, is just perfect for the game. All you need is to play by the rules. If you get things right, you will get the romances and friendship you seek.

5. Celestial Crossing

Celestial Crossing is another incredible visual novel kind of game tha’s similar to the popular Huniepop. The game has a fantastic storyline and visual appeal. Play Hikaru, the not so popular high school student that enjoys playing video games and sleeping. But out of the blue, his game avatar mysteriously appeared, and he had to put up with this elven warlock, Nerith.

But mind you, this so-called warlock called Nerith is not like every other individual around. You have to learn tolerate. For the records, Nerith the warlock does not understand anything about civilized concepts such as laws, and morals, among others.

6. Mystic Messenger

Is Mystic Messenger one of the best games like Huniepop? The answer is, yes. And it sincerely deserves a special award too. Mystic Messenger is a game for female folks, but guys can try it out too. Released in the year 2017, Mystic Messenger also runs on iOS and Android devices.

Being that this game runs on mobile devices, you can also play while traveling. That adds to the excitement too. The storyline is also amazing. As the player, you will come across an app called the “Mystic Messenger.” It’s an app you have never heard about or seen anywhere.

Upon downloading and opening of the said app, you automatically find yourself in a mysterious group with some hot guys. From there, everything changes. This game also has fantastic romantic gameplay you will surely enjoy.

7. Sengoku Rance

If you are a big fan of a game like Huniepop, then you might not be able to resist Sengoku Rance. You may also fall deeply in love with this incredible game. Sengoku Rance is a favorite dating simulation game that offers loads of fun and engagements.

Sengoku Rance also involves loads of comic moments and has incredible fun gameplay. It also revolves around the ruthless and fearless warrior called Rance, whose primary aim is to eliminate enemies. Rance, after helping to prevent the destruction of the nation, Zeth ran away to avoid marrying the princess.

But then, one thing led to another, and Rance found himself back in Japan. The game is so engaging and addictive. And it also runs on several platforms, including PCs.

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8. Little Witch Romanesque

Another incredible game that stands as one of the most exceptional Huniepop alternatives is Little Witch Romanesque. In this game, you will bear the name Domino and be responsible for mentoring Aria and Kaya, two wannabe witches. Your task would be to teach them magical things and how to cast spells. Once they show improvement in their training, then you can set them on different quests to determine their progress.

This game has a censored and uncensored version. In the censored version, you won’t encounter adult scenes. But for the uncensored version, the reverse is the case. On the other hand, the game was also released on April 4th, 2015 and is of the simulation, strategy and casual genre. It also runs on Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8.

9. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

Have you been nursing the idea of running your matchmaking agency? Do you think you’ve got the skills, knowledge, and experience to choose the right partner for people? Put that ability to the test now. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is a game that will test your skills when it comes to matchmaking.

The game supports all the operating systems and consoles available. In this game, you will play the role of a matchmaker. But keep in mind that you have a massive task on your hands as the matchmaker. You have to match an extensive list of clients with candidates looking for a date. Send them on dates to different top-class restaurants. And get ready to coach them through their dating dilemmas and more.

10. Conception II

Another incredible Huniepop alternative that will keep you engaged for hours is Conception II. It’s a game every game lover that have the privilege to play, adores. First, the impressive thing about this game is that it runs seamlessly on multiple devices such as PlayStations, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows operating system.

In this incredible single-player game, you will play the role of a high school student. But the character is far beyond being a high school student. You have to learn how to hunt demons to do battle and protect the community.

11. Dandelion – Wishes Brought To You

Many of us have different things we wish would happen or come to us. And in our quiet time, we cry our eyes out and hope they come to pass as expected. Do you have wishes? Play Dandelion and see your dream come true. You are Heejung Kim, the pretty girl in this terrific game.

The storyline of Dandelion is quite remarkable. To cut the long talk short, you will play Heejung Kim, a girl that is always busy. But deep down inside, she is not happy with her life. But luck came her way one day.

Heejun’s basket compromising of five pretty rabbit and cats, transformed into five handsome male. All of a sudden, Heejung Kim found herself in a position where she has to choose between the five cute guys, who to date. Play to find out more about this game.

12. The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is another excellent game to try out. But is it one of the best Huniepop alternatives as claimed? Give it a try to figure out the right answer for yourself. But without a doubt, it’s a game you will not regret playing.

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One of the things you will like about this game is that it supports multiple platforms. These include Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and many others. So, you can play The Flower Shop while traveling. But ensure your mobile device has a full battery because you might find yourself hooked to your machine all day long while playing.

The game has two versions or part. The first is summer while the second is the winter season. In the first part, you will sell crops to raise some money. But in the second part, you have to grow plants, particularly flowers.

13. Amber’s Magic Shop

Amber’s Magic Shop is another incredible dating simulation, romance and visual novel kind of game loaded with lots of exciting stuff. It is one of the games that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Amber, a dark elf was abandoned in the woods with no one to care for her. Funny enough, Amber was just a little baby at that time. But help came her way sooner than expected, thanks to the popular witch, Vin. After many years growing up, Vin now led Amber to Mage Haros, a popular figure who trained her to become a renowned alchemist. But there is more to witness and experience in this game than Amber being an alchemist. Give it a try and see!

14. Hatoful Boyfriend

If you have a Windows, Linux or MacOS device, there is no reason not to get this game on your device. Partake of this incredible avian love story. As the player, you will be the only human to attend the renowned St. PigeonNation’s Institute. Never heard of such school? Well, it’s a school set aside for talented birds.

St. PigeonNation’s Institute is the world’s largest and most prestigious high school, according to the game. But as a sophomore, keep in mind that the life of a student is not all about academic. You still need to go out there and have fun. Make friends with the avian folks and keep yourself happy.

15. Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is an exciting life simulation game that has a little of the dating elements. It’s another Huniepop alternative that will keep you engaged with its interesting storyline.

There is a massive challenge for Amy, a pretty and lovely girl who has been left heartbroken. Her boyfriend, Aaron couldn’t recognize her anymore as the love of his life after a fatal accident which made him lost his memory. Now it’s your mission to make him remember Amy or find love elsewhere. The choice is yours.


If you are looking for the best games like Huniepop, then you will find satisfaction in the games on this list. Huniepop is an incredible game, agreed. But you might one day get tired of playing only one game.

So, if you are looking for top Huniepop alternatives that will keep you engaged and offers loads of excitements, then check out the games on this post. Thanks for stopping by!

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