15 Best Boxing Apps For iOS and Android in 2022

Boxing, one of the world’s oldest and most engaging sports, brings more than pains, endurance, and anger to boxers. It also brings joy, fierce confrontation, and excitement to both the fighters and spectators.

However, boxing combat games and other related apps offer similar engagements. But finding the best boxing apps for iOS and Android for your device is what really matters. Let’s have a quick look at some of them out there.

15 Best Boxing Apps For iOS and Android in 2022

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1. Boxing Trainer

Boxing Trainer

Boxing is a game for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. So, even if you’re not a professional boxer, you can still develop your skills and understanding of the sport. The Boxing Trainer app is designed to help you learn the nitty-gritty of boxing. If you long to discover the perfect punches, stretches, or wrapping techniques, this application would be ideal for you.

This app contains diverse styles of punches. You can learn the left and right jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. This app also lets you play your favorite songs from the library during a workout. Overall, if you are looking to learn the basics of boxing, then the Boxing Trainer app will help you attain the level you so desire.

2. Precision Boxing Coach

Precision Boxing Coach

If you are seeking an opportunity to experience a high level of training even without a coach, then the Precision Boxing Coach is a wise choice. You will only enjoy a high level of training and be able to practicalize it with the app. Plus you will do not need a coach or someone voicing out various boxing techniques and combinations for you while practicing.

The Precision Boxing Coach also runs seamlessly on Android devices. It is also a go-to app for high-level boxing training. It will take you through killer workout sessions. You will also become more advanced in your skills and understanding of boxing in no time. So whether you are preparing for a grudge match or you are an amateur boxer, this free app will be ideal for you.

3. Boxing Workout

Boxing Workout

Boxing Workout is another app that let you practice boxing the easy way. If you are also looking to lose weight or keep fit, even if you are not preparing for any boxing match, the Boxing Workout is still a good choice. It consists of a 30-days full body workout, dedicated to helping people lose weight and keep fit. You will also build muscles in the process too.

The Boxing Workout practice session is suitable for any space or environment. In other words, you can practice anywhere you wish. So if you are looking to get your cardio stronger, enjoy boxing, and want to enjoy practicing, this app is for you. The only issue is that you may encounter a few ads. But they are not intrusive, so you don’t have to worry.

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4. Boxing Guide

Boxing Guide

Are you new to boxing and confused about where or how to begin? Boxing Guide is for you. It is one of the best boxing apps for iOS and Android devices. By using the Boxing Guide, you will also learn how to box in no time. And if your main goal is to get into shape or boost your confidence in the art, this app will help you achieve that too.

Boxing Guide also contains numerous boxing programs, tailored to meet the needs of beginners and professional boxers. And if you are looking to develop pro boxing skills faster, you can achieve your aim with this app too. The programs offered by the app consist of numerous boxing techniques such as sparring, punching, speed bag drills, footwork, combinations, massive bag drills, and others.

5. Boxing Schedule

Boxing Schedule

Any boxing follower would understand how time-consuming getting news or reports regarding upcoming games and events on the sports can be. You may even need to visit different news outlet or spend quality time and data surfing the web to get information and events happening in the boxing world. That is where apps such as the Boxing Schedule stand as a must-have. You will get access to information regarding upcoming title matches, videos from interviews with professional boxes, the latest boxing ratings, and more!

However, Boxing Schedule app does not only provide information regarding boxing events. It also offers numerous videos to help wannabe boxers learn different boxing skills and techniques, even without any assistance.

6. Boxing 4U

Boxing 4U

Like every other sport, boxing has rules and techniques. And even if you are not planning to be a professional boxer, you can still learn the various tactics and rules of the game. Learning them will help to improve your understanding of the sport, too. So, if you hope to enhance your knowledge of the various boxing techniques, then the Boxing 4U is one of the best apps you should have installed on your mobile device.

Boxing 4U let you learn various techniques of boxing. Another impressive thing about the app is that you can practice the techniques on your own, too. These include techniques like uppercut, footwork, ducking, blocking, among others. And each of them is also demonstrated using videos and images to make learning a breeze.

7. Punch Coach

Punch Coach

The first thing you will like about Punch Coach is its design. The app is well-designed and super easy to use. As the name implies, Punch Coach is designed to help develop your skills in boxing, particularly on the best ways to punch. So, even if you aren’t planning to become a professional boxer, but would like to build decent muscles, this app is for you!

The thing is shadowboxing, or punching bag training can sometimes be a tedious exercise. But with some assistance, you will never find any reason to complain or not practice. However, the Punch Coach app can help make your training more engaging and exciting. The app lets you associate numbers to different punching techniques to make exercise a breeze.

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8. Real Boxing – Fight Game

Real Boxing – Fight Game

All training without action can make you lose interest in the game. So if you want to practice your skills and techniques, even if not in the real world, the Real Boxing app is the best application to have installed on your mobile device. The game comes built with a high graphical quality that makes it more engaging to play. But there is more to this app.

It does offer one of the best boxing app experiences among the numerous options out there. Plus it supports multiple players and provides an intuitive control option for improved gameplay. Use different punches and combos to take your opponents down. This app also gives you a chance to train before participating in any competition by engaging in mini-games.

9. Kickboxing Exercises

Kickboxing Exercises

The Kickboxing Exercises is more than just an app to let you workout. It teaches and helps improve your understanding of the various kickboxing tactics as well. These include timing, sparring, defense, feinting, among others. It can also help improve your coordination, confidence, and strength in no time.

The Kickboxing Exercises app is another powerful app that can help you get fit and powerful in no time. If you are interested in burning a lot of calories, then this app can help you achieve your aim. The app is also designed to make the workout fun and effective, too.

10. Boxing King – Star of Boxing

Boxing King – Star of Boxing

The Boxing King is undoubtedly one of the best boxing apps to have installed on your mobile device. It comes built with superior 3D graphics for better engagement and gameplay.  You are also going to put your boxing techniques and knowledge to test. It offers you an opportunity to combat with the best fighters around.

So, get your punching skills and techniques right, prepare for combat. Engage the best boxers and win your way to the top. Victory over others unlocks several bonuses, including higher quality fighting gloves. The game is also free to download and play.

11. Boxing Timer

Boxing Timer

The Boxing Timer is the best-timed workout application you will find out there. It is highly customizable and let you tailor your workout plan to achieve maximum benefits from your workout sessions. The app is also incredible for high-intensity boxing exercises.

The app is also not only customizable but flexible. You can create time for rest between intervals, sets, and warm up period with it. It comes designed as a workout timer, HIIT timer, circuit timer, Tabata timer, boxing round timer, and many more. You will also get detailed calories counter-reports from this timer too.

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12. Real 3D Women Boxing

Real 3D Women Boxing

This boxing game is fun to play. It features different countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, the Philippines, China, among others. And you can choose your fighter’s country, as well as the opponent. The game also lets you choose the difficulty levels to have fun.

The Real 3D Women Boxing game is well-designed with stunning graphics. But the only drawback is that the controls are pretty tricky. However, the game is still highly addictive with great graphics.

13. Mega Punch

Mega Punch

Boxing is a highly engaging sport. So you need to have similar experience even while playing a boxing game. Mega Punch is a wise choice for this. The app comes designed with quality graphics and features to let you enjoy boxing to the fullest. Punching effects are cool, and you can play the game offline too.

You can recruit new fighters, unlock more clubs as you progress and be the best among the other opponents. With a high score, you can top other opponents and become the best boxing game player in town.

14. Boxing Training to Learn

Boxing Training to Learn

It is possible to learn boxing even without a coach. The Boxing Training to Learn app is designed to let you achieve that. The app enables you to participate in simple exercises to burn calories. If you also want to be a boxer, you can develop your understanding and skills via this app too.

This app also gives you proper practical training as if a real coach is training you. You can learn a combination of different techniques and build your skills in no time. The numerous videos offered by the Boxing Training to Learn app, also makes learning the art super easy for beginners.

15. Boxing Skills

Boxing Skills

It is not possible to get into the ring with little or no knowledge of boxing. You need to develop your skills to be able to confront your opponents and come out victorious. The Boxing Skills app is among the top apps to learn the nitty-gritty of boxing.

With this app, you will learn the various boxing techniques from beginners to advanced levels.  The app is also super easy to install and play. Another impressive thing about this game is that you can learn all the top tips in boxing to better your boxing career once you decide to go into the art.


These are the best boxing apps out there. They include games and apps designed to let you practice and build your boxing skills in no time. Boxing is quite an engaging sport. And these apps make it super easy for beginners to learn the art even without a coach. So if you are seeking the best boxing apps for iOS and Android devices, then you can make your choice from this collection.

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