13 Best Ludo Game Apps For Android

Are you eager to land the best Ludo game for Android? Look no further! There are tons of options out there, but that shouldn’t scare you. On this platform, you will find top Ludo game apps out there that are worthwhile -all thirteen of them!

Ludo is a strategy board game played by either 2 or 4 persons. It is a game for any age group, whether kids or the elderly. It is beneficial for kids and can help to improve their counting skills. For grownups, Ludo game is a great option to idle away time. The game is so engaging that it can make people forget about their worries, blood pressure or other pressing issues.

Ludo also called Petits Chevaux or Le Jeu de Dada (France), Fei Xing Qi’ (China), Parkase or Parchís (Spain), pachisi (India), and Ludo (Nigeria), is a game that requires a bit of skill like strategy, counting, and tactics. And, instead of playing it the old traditional way where a board is used, Ludo game now runs seamlessly on mobile devices. It also has similar experience and gameplay as the one played on a board.

So, if you want the best Ludo games for Android, check out this list.

13 Best Ludo Games For Android

Table of Contents

1. Ludo King

This cross-platform multiplayer Ludo game is one of the favorites of top Bollywood stars. It is a feature-rich Ludo game with terrific gameplay. The game supports multiple devices such as Android, desktop, and even iOS devices.

Another thing you will like about this game is the competition. You can compete with your Facebook buddies. The game also supports an offline mode where you can compete alone (with a computer).

Ludo King is a complete game and one of the best in the Ludo gaming options. You can even answer calls while playing and resume after the call. You will also get the opportunity to chat with friends in real-time and make new buddies while competing. The game also has a user-friendly UI.

2. Ludo Game

The Ludo game is the king of all board games. It is a mind game suitable for all age groups (kids, adults and the elderly). This game is also free to download and runs smoothly on Android devices too.

The Ludo game can accommodate 2 – 4 players. You can also compete with others or make the computer your opponent. In this game, you have to choose a specific color (red, blue, green or yellow) to begin your Ludo journey.

But movements are determined after casting the single die. Another thing that sets this Ludo race game apart is the fact that it is free to download and features a user-friendly interface.

3. Ludo Neo-Classic

The first ever Nepali Variant, Ludo Neo-Classic is one of the best must-have Ludo games for Android users. The game is user-friendly and features both modern and classic designs.

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This game is guided by a set of rules which are both local (Nepali and Indian) and international. But you will have the privilege to customize the rules however you want, how sweet!

Ludo Neo-Classic is also lightweight and fast. It doesn’t consume much storage space when installed. There is also a multiplayer option where all four players can compete together. The single-player mode allows you to compete with a computer. Above all, the game is engaging and straightforward.

4. Ludo Party

Ludo Party is one of the best Ludo games for Android that guarantees many hours of fun. This feature-rich game has got a terrific 3D graphics and scenes that will keep you glued to your device for hours, if not for an entire day.

You can also play Ludo Party with your next door neighbor or people from other parts of the world. It also has an AI ( Artificial Intelligence) that helps you get going whenever you fail to make a move within a specific period.

Ludo Party has a strong network communication structure, one you may find on other real-time multi-player Ludo games. When you encounter a poor internet connection while playing,  the game lets you return to the scene you were before the network problem started.

5. Ludo Master

Ludo Master is also one of the best Ludo games for Android even though it is a new member of the Ludo family. It features a user-friendly interface and its super entertaining.

This Ludo game looks simple at the beginning but gets tricky as it progresses, mainly when you compete with other top Ludo Master players. But impressively, you can play with up to 6 players.

So, if you are looking for an exciting Ludo game every single member of your family can participate in; try this classic Ludo Master game.

6. Ludo Club

Do you care to be among Ludo star players and compete in one of the best Ludo games for Android in the world? Try the Ludo Club. The game allows each player to climb up the ladder, particularly by earning more points via more wins.

With strategy and luck by your side, you can defeat other Ludo Club challengers to become the King of Ludo in this exclusive game. The game is also uniquely designed to lower data usage to let users spend many hours online without fear of data.

Ludo Club is also quick and easy to play. It runs seamlessly on 2G, 3G and 4G networks too.

7. Ludo Classic

Get ready to revisit your childhood days with this classic Ludo game. Remember when you used to play Ludo on a wooden board? Of course, you cannot forget the smell and color of the wooden board so soon.

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The designs of the wooden board, tokens, and die of this game are out of this world. Enjoy improved visual experience while playing Ludo. The game can also accommodate up to 4 different players.

You can also play Ludo Classic online and offline. In the online mode, you can play with people from different parts of the world. All you need do is logging via Facebook, Google Play or as anonymous.

8. Ludo Online (Mr. Ludo)

Ludo Online A.K.A Mr. Ludo is one of the best Android Ludo games out there. While playing, you will come across cool emoticons that express all your frustrations and happiness, leaderboard and other impressive features that make the game worthwhile.

This game lets you play Ludo in different environments, ranging from a wacky outer space to a tropical Island – up to six unique environments. The game also supports an offline mode. Plus, the online way works seamlessly on a 3G network and Wi-Fi.

There are many things that will please you about this 3D multi-player Ludo game. One of them is that even if your internet connection fails while playing, you can continue from where you stopped before the incident when your internet connection normalizes.

9. Ludo 3D Multi-player

The Ludo 3D Multi-player app takes Ludo game to another level. It is a unique game that contains different unique characters such as snowman, bear, croc, and platypus. Play with friends online or alone.

This game can accommodate 2 – 4 players. So, you and your family members or friends can all have fun and even take turns while playing. Impressively, the game also supports up to ten different languages. These include English, German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, French, and others.

So, if you are looking for one of the best Ludo games for Android to try out, give Ludo 3D Multi-player a try. You obviously won’t regret it.

10. Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is one of the best Ludo board game to play. Quality of the graphics is impressive, and the interface is user-friendly. Plus, you can play Ludo to your heart’s content even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Invite your buddies to compete with you online. You can compete with at least 2 or 4 players. Create a private room and invite people you want to compete with to join or wait for opponents to be assigned to you automatically.

You can also chat with players and send them cute emoticons. Ludo Bing allows that. Another incredible thing about this game is that it also works on all data connections such as 2G, 3G, and 4G.

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11. Ludo Championship

It is no surprise that Ludo Champion has over 5 million downloads, the game is worth it. The graphical appeal of this game is stunning. Plus, it also supports 16 different languages. So, if you want to put an end to boredom, then Ludo Championship is a must-have.

This game features an incredible battle mode. And you can earn more gold in this mode too. But if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, ensure to use your items judiciously.

You can download and enjoy this game on your Android device. But it also runs seamlessly on tablet PC too. So, if you are tired of boredom and need something to keep you engaged, get Ludo Championship right away!

12. Naija Ludo

The Naija Ludo is another fantastic Ludo game ideal for kids and adults. The game features three colorful boards and an online multi-player mode and lets you compete with friends from other parts of the world.

The Naija Ludo game also has an offline multi-player mode where players can compete with each other too but via Bluetooth. The multi-player mode via Wi-Fi is also supported by the app and can accommodate at least two players.

Another incredible thing you will like about Naija Ludo is the fact that it supports four difficulty levels. These include easy, normal, and hard and advance, which allows players to progress smoothly and play to their strength.

13. Parchisi Star Online

Placing the Parchisi Star Online board game on the last part of this list does not mean it is the worst of Ludo games. Parchisi Star Online is rated one of the best and has equally received hundreds of downloads from Ludo lovers around the world as proof.

This game is free to play and runs on Android and tablet. You can also chat and send out cool emojis while battling it out with your buddies.

So, if you are free and like to have fun, try Parchisi. The game supports 2 – 4 players. So, you can play with friends and relatives whenever you please.


Finally, you have seen the best Ludo game for Androids, a tough choice to make though. All of the Ludo games here offer something unique. So, it is difficult to say one is the best of them all. You can read the description to have an idea on which to choose. So, download and start playing right away! Play Ludo on your mobile device to your heart’s content.

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