13+ Best Whiteboard Animation Software To Create Stunning Animated Contents in 2022

When you have access to the best whiteboard animation software, you can create stunning animated contents. In this post, you will discover some of the great tools used by experts for this purpose which you can also use.

The animation videos you find on television commercials, educational YouTube videos, product explainer videos, and other animated video marketing clips are made by individuals through the use of whiteboard animation software.

And excitingly, you can create these videos if you can commit yourself to learn how to use the tools. Check out top whiteboard animation programs that can help you create stunning animated contents .

13+ Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Table of Contents

1. AdobeAnimateCC

If you are seeking whiteboard animated software to create bitmap and vector-based animated contents such as web, apps, and games, you will enjoy using AdobeAnimateCC. As the name implies, this software is one of the products of Adobe, a popular tech figure that has designed numerous online products across diverse niches.

Although this whiteboard animation tool isn’t free, it gets the job done, which is enough to inspire anyone to keep their hands into their pocket. You will be able to create ads, apps and media contents that can move on any screen. Not only that, but AdobeAnimateCC also lets you publish your work quickly so you can engage your targeted audience. You can sign up for the AdobeAnimateCC free trial to use the app before paying the monthly subscription fee.

 2. VideoScribe

If you are not familiar with VideoScribe, then it is likely you are new to the whiteboard animation niche. VideoScribe is among the best whiteboard animation software out there, and it’s one you cannot exclude from this list. The software also makes whiteboard animation a breeze, and you can start creating animated contents in no time via VideoScribe even if you are a beginner.

This highly versatile whiteboard animation tool also allows users to do many things. You can select an image, change the background of music or type your text. The tool lets you create tons of videos within a matter of minutes. And there’s also an option for you to share your contents immediately via social media to reach out to people. But keep in mind that the tool is not free. But the monthly subscription is reasonably priced.

3. Camtasia

This software is another terrific whiteboard animation tool and one that you can count on for simple and complex jobs. If you are looking for whiteboard animation software that can create professional-grade videos, you can get the job done with Camtasia satisfactorily. The software is comprehensive and feature-rich. And it also has all the typical facilities you would ever need to get your animation tasks done comfortably.

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Camtasia also offers users access to over 500,000 videos, images, and audios, but you would require the TechSmith subscription to access them. You can also create diverse personalized themes for your business or personal needs. And the software also comes with useful features like screen recorder, audio effects, annotations and more.

4. Animaker

If you are looking for a freebie whiteboard animation tool, gather here because there is good news for you! But hey! This animation tool is not entirely free. The thing is it’s a lot budget-friendly when compared to other similar programs out there. Animaker is also a user-friendly web-based program you will love, mainly if you are a content marketer. It does infographics, whiteboard, and other incredible things.

Animaker offers the feature to click, choose, drag, drop, edit and play. It is also a breeze to use. The program provides six video styles, and you can create up to 720 different varieties of media contents with it too. And as a web-based program, you don’t need to download or install anything. All you need to do is to create an account and start working on your content.

5. Powtoon

Powtoon is one of the top whiteboard animation software that can turn on your creative skills. But that depends on if you are ready to take the plunge. Powtoon is super easy to use. And you can create animated contents for just anything. If you have an upcoming presentation, you can grab the attention of that demanding boss with an exciting, easy to understand and informative animated content created by you via Powtoon.

For education purpose or personal use, Powtoon also stands out from the crowd. Another remarkable thing about this software is that users can access webinars or materials that can help to enlighten them more on how to use the tool. Powtoon also offers beautiful templates to let you get started with any animation task with ease.

6. Explaindio

Explaindio has become a sought-after whiteboard animation program for many reasons. It runs seamlessly on Windows and Mac operating systems. And it is also user-friendly. You can create professional-looking animated contents with this tool in a heartbeat. And it is not as complicated as other video animation tools out there, which is the best part.

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This software will also grant you the opportunity to customize your content as per your needs. Be it 2D and 3D animation, Explaindio let you create stunning content from scratch too. And being advanced animation software, Explaindio can also enable you to create high definition quality videos for your marketing campaigns or other uses.

7. Moovly

Do you want to create animated contents online? If yes, try Moovly. It’s a tool you will find useful for a whiteboard animation. If you have an upcoming presentation, this tool can help you create excellent animation content. You can even create a tutorial or an advert for your marketing campaign with this tool.

Moovly is only available online. So, you do not even need to download or install anything. All you need do is to signup for an account and access tons of templates to create stunning media contents. Its drag and drop GUI are simple to use. And you can edit your work right from the browser.

8. TruScribe

TruScribe is one of the best platforms that give access to media professionals that can breathe life into any marketing strategy that requires videos. It is also the only brand that is using neuroscience, at least for now. It makes use of the scribology method coupled with hand-drawn animated video option that can turn your marketing campaign around if that’s your target.

In a nutshell, this animation platform is more than what you have ever imagined. The professionals running TruScribe are highly skilled and can make your videos memorable. Price is also based on your requirements and scope of the project.

9. Vyond (GoAnimate)

Vyond previously called GoAnimate is one of the best tools you can count on when it comes to creating stunning media contents. You can create cartoon stories, animated infographics, anime story videos, and any media content you want with this tool. Another impressive thing about Vyond (GoAnimate) is that users can customize animated contents to match hundreds of occupations, concepts, and industries.

Impressively, you can also record or add your voice to a video you create with Vyond or essential audio files for your contents. You can also get access to free materials, sounds and more when you visit the library.

10. MySimpleShow

If you are looking for whiteboard animation software to create stunning contents to motivate a team, serve as educational material for students, train employees, or support your marketing campaign, MySimpleShow is one of the most comprehensive whiteboard animation tools you should try out.

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However, the only thing that can stand as a drawback is the subscription fee. It is a bit on the high side but not a deal breaker considering the numerous things you can do with this tool. Impressively, you can add audio to your presentations and perform other things with this tool. Visit the platform to create your first video for free to figure out how good it is.

11. TTS Sketch Maker

If you want to create superior animated videos without paying heavily to hire a professional, TTS Sketch Maker can help make your wish come true. It’s a cool tool designed to help individuals and businesses that need animated contents to save time and money.

TTS Sketch Maker is top text to speech software that features lovely voices of both male and female. Again the voices included are in English, Spanish as well as 14 other popular languages. And, the software runs seamlessly on Windows and Mac operating systems, and let you create stunning videos in a matter of minutes.

12. VideoJeeves

Another top whiteboard animation tool that helps you create stunning videos is VideoJeeves. It is one of the freshest video animation software that can turn your marketing campaign around. The animated content this tool creates is of high quality and also highly engaging.

Tutorials, promo videos, guide, advert, training videos, name it; VideoJeeves can handle everything to your satisfaction. It is a great tool that you will enjoy using as it can meet your needs.

13. Renderforest

Renderforest is another cool tool that can help you create stunning explainer videos, corporate scribble videos, and presentations for work or school. The software also has a budget-friendly price tag and can get your whiteboard animation tasks done satisfactorily. It also offers access to an extensive collection of templates to help users to create smooth videos without wasting time.

About the subscription, Renderforest has a free version which is quite suitable for beginners to use. But an upgrade will give you access to other premium features you can use for more demanding whiteboard animation tasks.


So, these are the best whiteboard animation software at least for now. Technology changes, so with time, we can expect to find other incredible whiteboard animation software alternatives that will replace them. But then, these can handle any level of whiteboard animation tasks you throw at them satisfactorily. So, it’s up to you; choose any tool on this list that matches your needs to create stunning contents that will serve their purpose.

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