13 Best Alternative and Similar Sites Like Humble Bundle For Every Game Lover

Humble Bundle is a platform for every game lover or people that buy digital contents occasionally. If you regularly purchase packages of games, e-books or software products with irresistible discounts, this website will make you happy. You will find an extensive collection of digital contents here too. Humble Bundle started by offering only games. But now, various digital materials have been added. The platform also serves across multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, OS X and a host of others.

However, Humble Bundle is, no doubt, a great platform. But you will be glad to hear that other alternatives are just as good as the Humble Bundle for buying digital contents. So if you are looking for different options, you have come to the right place. Check out the 13 best sites like Humble Bundle.

13 Best Alternative and Similar Sites Like Humble Bundle

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1. Indie Gala

Indie Gala is one of best Humble Bundle alternatives, no doubt. The platform is super easy to navigate. It also has loads of goodies that will tempt any gamer or digital content buyer.

In addition to having an attractive interface, Indie Gala offer reasonable bundle rates that are incredibly low. You will find deals like a bundle of 10 games with ridiculously lower price tags if you are paying for all of them. You can also buy a single game, but the price would be a bit higher than when you are buying in bulk.

Freebies are also available on this platform most times. So watch out for them. But the rates for bundles are tempting when buying in bulk.

2. Steam

Steam is another incredible Humble Bundle alternative established to let users experience entertainment in another dimension. Besides games, this platform enables you to have access to software, hardware, including videos of all kinds.

You will also find irresistible deals on Steam. In most cases, the discount could be as high as 75 per cent off the actual price point. You will also discover games that are free to play on this platform so that you can keep your fingers busy even if you don’t have the financial capacity to buy one.

Interestingly, Steam also offers incredible services for social networking, digital rights and other mouthwatering offers. Also, rest assured that you will have every one of your digital needs met on this platform. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for excellent deals on the platform too.

3. GOG

Good Old Games in short form “GOG” is another entertainment platform that is almost like the Humble Bundle. You will not only find incredible deals on GOG. The platform also has loads of digital contents that will interest you.

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GOG gives you access to games and videos. The platform also has the option for people to turn in games. Hit the “submit game” icon, and you are good to go. If you are also looking for the best deals, you will surely find hundreds of them on GOG as you navigate through the platform.

You will also enjoy searching for games; it’s super easy. And even if you don’t have a game in mind that will be entertaining, check the recommended section. You will most likely find a game that will quench your taste.

4. GamersGate

GamersGate is also an irresistible site like Humble Bundle, offering tons of exciting games that will keep any gamer glued to his or her device. This video game distribution platform also offers video games supported by different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and OS X.

GamersGate also offers digital strategies that can be of great benefits to gamers. On top of that, you will also have access to mouth-watering discount rates, up to the tone of 70% off the original price. GamersGate is also becoming a go-to platform for digital contents, particularly for games. It’s also becoming a hit like Steam.

5. Daily Indie Games

This platform is also like Humble Bundle in many aspects. You will find incredible deals that will enable you to acquire exciting games on the cheap. Like many similar platforms on this list, you will discover games in a bundle of 10 games. And guess what, the prices for these bundles will not leave a hole in your wallet.

You should also consider keeping an eye out for incredible deals. You will find plenty of them here on a daily basis too. But have in mind that payments are not refundable. So before splashing the cash ensure to check the content carefully and be sure you are paying for what you want.

6. Lazy Guys Bundle

The name of this Humble Bundle alternative can make anyone lose interest to visit the platform. It’s called Lazy Guys Bundle, but not lazy in the area of the quality of content it has. You will find top quality games here. If you are also patient enough, you may land incredible bundles at a ridiculously low price point.

In short, some of the bundles can be as low as $3, awesome, right? But you still have to keep an eye out for mouthwatering offers and deals. Also, you don’t need to be a lazy guy to enjoy this platform. The website is quite easy to navigate, though.

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7. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is ahead of many Humble Bundle alternatives on this list. And if you are wondering why, take a look at the number of contents, quality of publishers and overall website design. You will find the world’s best game publisher on this platform such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom and more. In short, over 450 different publishers are available on this platform.

You will also encounter different deals on the platform upon visiting. But ensure you often visit so you won’t miss out on any deal. In addition to offering discounts up to 50% for single content, Green Man Gaming is also accessible in over 185 countries.

8. Uplay

First, Uplay’s services are available across diverse platforms. These include Xbox, Nintendo, PC and PlayStation. It’s also a digital distribution company involved in digital communication serves and rights management.

Following the release of Assassin’s Creed, Uplay came into existence. But that aside, one of the impressive things about this platform is the discount rates and offers. Using the Club discount, you can even reduce deals further by 20 per cent. Plus the platform has over 370 games in store for you. So, you can visit and choose the one that fits your need. Their support is also top-notch. You can say they offer one of the best supports in the business.

9. Origin

Origin is a fantastic platform put together by Electronic Art, a famous gaming company headquartered in California, USA. Electronic Art came onboard in 1982, so you can see that the company has decades of experience under its belt. Origin also proves the quality that the tech giant brings to the table with a captivating interface that is super easy to navigate.

Origin is established to aid the digital distribution, online gaming, as well as digital rights management. Also, before making use of the website, you must register and sign in to have access. After that, you can download games to your computer using the Origin Client. It is that simple.

10. Bundle in a Box

The name of this platform sums it up. It’s a Humble Bundle alternative that offers one of the cheapest packages you will ever find out there. In addition to its reasonably priced bundles, Bundle in a Box also deserves an accolade for its intuitive interface. Even non-tech savvy looking to become a regular game player won’t have a hard time making use of this platform.

You will also find an incredibly long list of games in different genres on this platform. These include Sci-Fi, action, RPG, puzzle, adventure, fighting and any other type of games you have interest in playing. There are also reviews for each game on the site to help gamers with knowledge of various games before making a purchase.

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11. Groupees

One thing that makes most people prefer to visit Groupees is because of the diversity of the contents the platform offers. You will not only get the privilege to buy games in large quantity, or bundles. Other things like music tracks, eBooks, and comics also exist on the platform too.

You may also find incredible deals on Groupees that would be too good to let go. For instance, you can find deals such as a US dollar for ten games, 11 soundtracks, and eBook. Your only concern should be to watch out for offers and take advantage of them as they unfold. Also, signing up is as easy as anything. You can do that in a heartbeat.

12. Fanatical

Whether it’s PC, Linux or Mac games you are looking for, Fanatical has got you covered. It was previously Bundle Stars, but now Fanatical. And it’s no doubt a fantastic platform to buy bundles at giveaway prices.

A large chunk of the proceeds this platform makes goes to charity. Their bundles also contain more games than many platforms on this list. Also, Fanatical offers incredible rates for their packages. Some can even have an incredible 99% discount. The platform is quite popular, and have sold millions of copies since inception.

13. Itch

Itch is a top-rated site like Humble Bundle with amazing deals. The platform has diverse contents ranging from books, comics, soundtracks, games and game assets. Impressively, you will also find great discounts on this platform for different game genres.

Itch also offers free games in different genres too. You can check the “Free games” section to make your choice. You can also search for games based on their prices on this platform too. Also, Itch offers games from top-rated developers like Ubisoft, EA and a host of others.

You will also find games from upcoming developers too. The platform gives game developers a chance to dictate how they want to sell, fix their prices or decide what they want their page to look.


These are best games like Humble Bundles that will let you have access to top digital contents. They also contain games from top-rated developers around the globe. Bundle rates offered by these platforms are also irresistible. You may also decide to check each of the platforms before making a choice too. Or find the one that has the best rates for bundles.

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