Trailer Park Boys Cast Net Worth: Richest Cast Members Worth

The Canadian mockumentary series “Trailer Park Boys” has garnered a global following since its debut in 2001, with audiences drawn to its unique brand of humor and its residents’ relatable, albeit exaggerated, misadventures.

Over the years, the show has not only enjoyed success in terms of viewership but has also become a source of substantial income for its main cast members, reflecting their rise in prominence within the entertainment industry.

The show’s longevity and popularity have undoubtedly contributed to the cast’s financial standing, with the central trio’s net worth, as of early 2024, being equally pegged at $2 million each.

The Trailer Park Boys cast lounges in front of their trailers, surrounded by piles of cash and luxury items, showcasing their impressive net worth

Understanding the net worth of the actors from “Trailer Park Boys” involves looking beyond their earnings from the series itself. It includes their paychecks from acting roles in various spinoffs, such as “Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark,” voice work, public appearances, and various personal projects.

Supporting cast members and those who make cameo appearances have also seen varying degrees of financial success, with the show acting as a platform for other professional ventures and influencing their overall net worth.

For some, this has changed over time due to numerous factors such as investments, business ventures outside of acting, or financial challenges.

Key Takeaways

Table of Contents

  • The main cast members of “Trailer Park Boys” have an estimated net worth of $2 million each as of 2024.
  • Supporting and cameo actors from the show have experienced diverse financial outcomes.
  • Actors’ net worth is influenced by various factors including additional roles, personal projects, and business ventures outside of acting.

Overview of Trailer Park Boys

“Trailer Park Boys” is a Canadian mockumentary television series that first premiered on April 22, 2001. Mike Clattenburg created the show and follows the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Main Characters:

  • Ricky (Robb Wells) – Often the ‘brains’ behind the park’s various illegal schemes.
  • Julian (John Paul Tremblay) – The ‘muscle’ and Ricky’s best friend, known for his black tee and rum and coke.
  • Bubbles (Mike Smith) – The trio’s soft-hearted and bespectacled friend, with a penchant for cats.

The storyline typically revolves around the trio’s schemes to get rich quick, all of which tend to fail in hilarious ways. The show also explores their relationships with other park residents and their run-ins with the law.


  • It started as a black-and-white film in 1999.
  • Evolved into a long-running series with 12 seasons.
  • Introduced several films and specials.

The show has a cult following thanks to its blend of dark humor, improvised dialogue, and lovable characters. While initially focused on Canadian audiences, it has garnered international acclaim and was broadcast on platforms like Netflix.


  • Production Companies: Topsail Entertainment, Swearnet
  • Original Broadcast: Showcase
  • Spin-offs: Sequel series and films, such as “Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark”

Despite its low-budget beginnings, the show has created a thriving franchise, including notable merchandise and fan events.

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Main Cast Net Worth

The main cast of Trailer Park Boys stand in front of a rundown trailer park, surrounded by dilapidated homes and cluttered yards

The net worth of the main cast from Trailer Park Boys reflects their success and popularity from the show. Each cast member has accumulated wealth through their involvement in the television series and various other projects.

Mike Smith (Bubbles)

Mike Smith is known for his role as Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys and has succeeded in various endeavors outside the show. As of early 2024, Mike Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This wealth is attributed not only to his acting but also to his talent in music and other off-screen ventures.

John Paul Tremblay (Julian)

John Paul Tremblay plays Julian, the cunning and smooth-talking member of the trio. Tremblay’s net worth is similarly estimated at around $2 million. His income is largely the result of his longstanding role on the show alongside other business interests that have come from his success on Trailer Park Boys.

Robb Wells (Ricky)

Robb Wells, who stars as Ricky, has experienced fluctuations in his financial standing, with his net worth now at approximately $2.5 million. His earnings come from his iconic role in the series and other acting opportunities that have arisen as a result of his prominence in the industry.

Supporting Cast Net Worth

The supporting cast of “Trailer Park Boys” have contributed significantly to the show’s success and have amassed varying degrees of wealth as a result of their performances.

John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey)

John Dunsworth, who played the beloved character Mr. Lahey, was an actor and a talented craftsman. Although specific figures regarding his net worth during his passing in 2017 are not provided, he was esteemed for his role in the series and various other acting ventures.

Patrick Roach (Randy)

Patrick Roach portrays Randy on the show and has a reported net worth of $500,000. His earnings come not only from his acting career but also from his involvement in the show’s production and other entertainment-related endeavors.

Lucy DeCoutere (Lucy)

Lucy DeCoutere, who played Lucy on the show, is known to have a net worth around $500,000. Her involvement in the series, as well as her roles outside of the show, have contributed to her financial standing.

Cameo Appearances and Special Guests

The hit Canadian mockumentary television series “Trailer Park Boys” has been renowned for its unique sense of humor and its colorful cast of characters.

Over the years, the show has attracted a variety of celebrity guest stars which added a dynamic flair to the series’ storyline.

Notably, Snoop Dogg is among the esteemed celebrities making appearances. He was featured in Season 10 in episodes with titles such as “Propane, Propane,” “Up in Smoke We Go,” and “Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*t,” always portraying himself. His involvement often centered around Ricky’s endeavors to showcase his marijuana crop at Snoop Dogg’s live performances.

SeasonEpisodesCelebrity Cameo
10Propane, PropaneSnoop Dogg
10Up in Smoke We GoSnoop Dogg
10Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*tSnoop Dogg

The inclusion of such celebrities not only heightened the appeal of “Trailer Park Boys” but also allowed the show to cross into different cultural spheres, engaging a broader audience.

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These strategic cameos have helped “Trailer Park Boys” sustain its cult-like following over the years, even as it transitioned from traditional television to internet-based distribution.

Factors Influencing Net Worth

Several factors impact the net worth of the “Trailer Park Boys” cast members”. Their earnings from the show are just the beginning. Here are some key factors:

Diversification of Roles:

  • Acting: Consistent roles in the series and spinoffs.
  • Writing: Credits for creation, writing, and development.
  • Producing: Profits from involvement in the show’s production.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

  • The stars invested in Swearnet, an internet streaming network.
  • Merchandising related to the show’s brand.
  • Sales of DVDs and show memorabilia.

Contracts and Royalties:

  • Syndication deals determining ongoing income.
  • Contract negotiations affecting per-episode earnings.
  • Royalties from streaming services and sales.

Public Appearances:

  • Paid appearances at conventions and events.
  • Fees for interviews and media engagements.

Investments and Financial Decisions:

  • Personal investments outside of acting.
  • Real estate holdings.
  • Financial management skills influencing wealth accumulation or loss.
ActorNet Worth Estimate
Robb Wells$2.5 million
John Paul Tremblay$2 million
Mike Smith$2 million
Tyrone Parsons$10 million
Lucy Decoutere$500,000
Patrick Roach$500,000

Note: These figures are estimates and may not represent the actors’ current financial status.

Business Ventures Outside Acting

The cast members of “Trailer Park Boys” have extended their reach beyond the screen with successful business endeavors that complement their acting careers.


Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay co-founded Swearnet, a subscription-based web service that provides uncensored comedy. This venture showcases content from the “Trailer Park Boys” characters and creators, offering an alternative platform for their humor and creative output.

Liquor and Beer Promotions

The trio has also been involved in liquor and beer promotions, tying in their on-screen personas. For example, they have developed and marketed their own whiskey brand, tapping into the show’s cultural connection with their fan base.


Merchandising has been another successful avenue for the cast. They have capitalized on their brand by selling “Trailer Park Boys” themed merchandise, ranging from clothing to collectibles, further engaging their audience and expanding their revenue streams outside of their traditional acting roles.

Charity Work and Personal Projects

The cast of Trailer Park Boys has not only made a name for themselves through their beloved characters but also various charitable endeavors and personal ventures.

Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith have participated in numerous charity events, leveraging their fame to help others.

Robb Wells, for example, has been involved in fundraising activities, including support for animal welfare. His dedication to philanthropy showcases his different side, contrasting with his on-screen persona.

John Paul Tremblay pursues personal interests that echo his entrepreneurial spirit displayed in the series. He is known for participating in community-related events, underlining his commitment beyond the screen.

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Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, often aligns himself with music-related charities. His passion for music translates into support for arts programs, emphasizing the importance of cultural development.

Aside from their contributions, the cast members collaborate on special projects to raise funds for various causes. They understand their influence and use it to make a positive impact.

Below are a few of their initiatives:

  • Charity Auctions: Auctioning memorabilia to raise money.
  • Personal Appearances: Attending charity events to draw in crowds and donations.
  • Collaborations: Working with other artists and charities to amplify their outreach.

Their projects often intertwine with their charity work, reflecting their genuine desire to give back to the community and support meaningful causes.

Financial Challenges and Controversies

In television, financial stability can be as unpredictable as the storylines. The stars of Trailer Park Boys are no exception to economic fluctuations that can affect an actor’s net worth.

Robb Wells, known for playing Ricky on the show, experienced a noticeable decline in net worth, dropping from $3.5 million to $2.5 million between 2019 and 2023. The factors behind this downturn are not publicly disclosed, leaving room for speculation.

The financial aspects of a show like Trailer Park Boys come with challenges and controversies. Actors and production staff must navigate the complexities of revenue streams from syndication, merchandise, and other ancillary sources.

Alongside these potential earnings are the obvious and hidden costs associated with creating such content. This can include:

  • Production expenses
  • Marketing
  • Legal disputes

Moreover, the cast has faced their fair share of controversies which could impact their marketability and subsequent earnings. Legal issues or public relations mishaps can cast a shadow over a show’s success and the personal finances of its actors. The entertainment industry often sees a correlation between an actor’s reputation and their financial health.

Cast Members’ Net Worth Over Time

Tracking the net worth of the main cast from the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys reveals changes reflecting their careers’ evolution.

Initially running from 2001 to 2007, the show’s success led to movies and additional seasons, impacting the cast’s financial standing.

Robb Wells, playing Ricky, is known for fluctuations in his net worth.

He recently experienced a decrease from $3.5 million to $2.5 million, as of 2023. However, the detailed reasons behind this dip are not public knowledge.

John Paul Tremblay, the actor behind Julian, has also seen changes.

Although he has a reported net worth of $2 million, this is modest compared to larger American television figures. Despite this, it’s a notable sum, reflective of the show’s cult status and his role’s popularity.

Mike Smith, who portrays Bubbles, shares an equivalence in financial status with Tremblay.

As of 2023, each possesses a net worth of $2 million. Their value remained consistent in recent years, maintaining their positions at the higher end among their peers.

Here’s a quick summary:

Cast MemberNet Worth in 2023
Robb Wells$2.5 million
John Paul Tremblay$2 million
Mike Smith$2 million
Lucy Decoutere$500,000
Patrick Roach$500,000
Tyrone ParsonsNot Specified

Other noteworthy cast members like Lucy Decoutere and Patrick Roach have each accumulated a net worth of $500,000, signifying their key roles’ impact on their fortunes.

These figures are current as of early 2024, underscoring the continuing influence of the Trailer Park Boys on its cast’s financial trajectories.

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