13 Similar Games Like Slither.io That You Must Play Today

Many of us can still remember and love the Classic Snake Game on the popular Nokia phones of old. The competition of who ends up with the longest snake even made the game more interesting. Plus, you must also protect the snake from crashing onto the wall or its tail which will make you focus more attention while playing.

Now things have changed. You can now access the modern version of this same game called the Slither. io which offers a whole new experience and excitement. The Slither.io provides similar fun and engagement like the Classic Snake Game of old. While playing, you need to control your snake; feed on dots and increase in length. But the interesting thing this time around is that you can play the game online with hundreds of other gamers. All of you can compete together for who ends up with the longest snake. Interesting, right?

But like every other game, you will one day get bored of playing the Slither.io repeatedly. And at this point, you may want to try something similar to enjoy the same excitement that the game offers. In other not to waste any more of your time or energy searching for the best Slither alternative, Here are 13 best games like Slither.io you can try when you finally get bored playing the game.

13 Similar Games Like Slither.io

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1. Supersnake.io


Supersnake.io is similar to Slither.io and loaded with adventure. The game follows the same pattern as the Slither.io where you have to eat, grow and do everything possible to survive. You also have to ensure that you collect as much food as you possibly can, in fact, everything, but don’t let the snake hit the wall or its tail.

This fun-filled Multiplayer Online game will make you stay glued to your device once you hit the start button. You will encounter different levels with diverse challenges that make the game more engaging. For instance, you will face spiked walls at some point that may end your life if you are not careful enough. Another exciting feature that this game possesses is that you can shield your snake and make it invincible to attacks. Also, you can play Supersnake.io on any device.

2. Mope.io


Mope.io is another game that is fun to play and a popular Slither.io alternative. In a world populated by diverse dangerous animals, your task in Mope.io is to eat and gain mass. This game is mainly about the evolution of animals, and you must survive by feeding on other animals and food to increase in size and become stronger.

Learn to use new abilities and gather power-ups as you gain points in this incredible game called Mope. But while navigating and exploring the map, avoid any obstacle or bigger animals that are stylishly waiting to consume you. And before hitting the start button, you also have to decide on the animal form you would like to take to the field. However, the game will offer you the opportunity to choose from three different animals such as Chipmunk, Mouse, and Shrimp.

3. Wormate.io


Another incredible Slither.io alternative, Wormate.io is an online multiplayer game that offers you the chance to drive your worm to eat sweets, cakes, and donuts to increase in size. The game provides non-stop adventure and a superior graphical appeal plus an exciting storyline. In wormate, you will have the chance to drive a colorful worm throughout the map and feed on various items until you grow and become like an anaconda.

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While feeding to increase size, keep an eye on predators that are eager to feed on you as well. Also, as you navigate around the map, you will find potions that will cause you to gain various power-ups such as the X2 or x10 mass from meals, including the ability to turn fast. Wormate. io also runs perfectly on any iOS or Android device.

4. Snakepit.io


The Snakepit.io is a browser-based online multiplayer io game that will make you forget about playing the Slither.io. First, you will receive real prizes and award for playing this game. You will also enjoy the adventure that follows as you eat and increase in size to become the king of all the snakes on the map.

You can earn your rewards by eating orbs around the map and collecting stars that you encounter along the way. Once you can obtain at least 50 stars, you can swap them for a $1 Amazon Gift Card when you are ready. Another exciting thing is that the game is available for free and comes with quality graphics.

5. Myfrog.io


Myfrog.io is another exciting game that stands as a perfect alternative to Slither.io. While playing, you have to kill other frogs in the arena to become the reigning champion. Hit the start button to swim in the pond and trap other players in the field. But as you gobble up smaller frogs and grow in size, learn to avoid other traps to keep your frog alive and progress to the next phase of the game.

One thing with this game is that the bigger you are regarding size, the faster you will be able to move and dominate the whole pond. But be conscious of the fact that you are swimming in a dangerous environment. And do everything you can to increase the size of your tadpole.

6. Splix.io


Splix. io is one of the coolest Multiplayer Online games with stunning graphical appeal and adventure. The mechanics of the snake and the storyline makes it fit to be a Slither.io alternative. You will have the opportunity to conquer as many lands that you can capture and become the biggest regarding size.

Your primary goal in Splix.io is to increase the sizes of your blocks. You need to seize as many blocks that you can grab, draw a line around a specific area and return to your land to claim that area. But you have to be extremely careful not to let someone crash into you because that would be the end. However, if you are ready to start a healthy competition with thousands of Splix.io users online, then you need to try out this game.

 7. Limax.io


This game offers you the chance to become the biggest slug in the arena. And even if you hate slugs personally, you won’t dislike the colorful ones you will encounter in this Multiplayer Online game. Limax.io is an adventurous and fun-filled game that can replace the memory you have of Slither even though they are both similar.

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Be ready to kill others and consume them to grow fatter and fatter. Have in mind that you can only grow fatter in this game as against others games that let you grow longer and longer. There are also several, colorful slugs available for you to choose from, so pick your preferred color and get busy. The game is also developed with HTML5 and therefore should run effortlessly on any modern browser. It is also available for you to enjoy for free and you can play on your computer system or an Android device.

8. Agar.io


Agar.io is a game that took place in a Petri dish. And as the player, you will have to act as a cell. Your aim in this Massive Multiplayer Online video game is consuming all the dots and small cells you come across to increase your size. But you must also be extremely careful while feeding on other cells because there are large ones that will attempt to feed on you.

The Agar.io is free to play, and you also get the chance to compete with millions of other gamers across the world interested in this awesome game. Also, you will become better and better as you play the game from time to time. And you can even score high and have your name written on the scoreboard of the Agar.io video game in no time. The game is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also play online.

9. FlOw


FlOw is another classy Slither alternative. It is a game that gives you the chance to pilot an aquatic organism in a surreal biosphere. You will start as a small organism and feed on others to grow. You also have an opportunity to choose one from five different creatures that are available in the game.

The storyline of the game is fantastic, so is its graphical quality. You will have to immerse yourself in the deep blue sea and feed on other smaller organisms to gain mass. FlOw also has a multiplayer mode which offers you the opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. The multiplayer mode allows over four players to use the same screen and play at the same time.

10. Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater

The Dots Eater is a Massively Multiplayer Online game that requires quick reaction and an ability to come up with a good strategy. You need to strategize on how to complete various tasks and move up to the next phase of the game. Your role is to act like bacteria and feed on other player’s bacteria to increase your size.

This MMO action-packed and puzzle game is similar to Slither.io and will keep you glued to your device the same way the latter does. And even if you had played Slither numerous times and gotten used to it, Dots Eater Battle Online will make you forget about the memory you have of the game. You can also access the game for free, and it runs smoothly on Android devices.

11. Osmos


Osmos is fantastic physics-based gameplay with stunning graphics that takes the fun of io games to a whole new level. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online video game that runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux, OnLive, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as Android devices. And if you are a fan of Slither.io, you will not find it difficult to also fall in love with Osmos.

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Your task in this MMO game is to consume other smaller motes and increase in size. But as you explore the massive map, have at the back of your mind that other motes like you have the same task to feed on other motes and may consume you as well. So stay away from the bigger motes that can destroy you. Do not collide with the boundary or other massive motes while in motion. Another interesting about Osmos is that it has over forty-seven different levels filled with a lot of excitement and bonuses to keep you busy and well entertained.

12. Dogar.io


Dogar is an exciting game and one of the best Slither.io alternatives out there. Even though the storyline is different from that of Slither’s, you will never regret the time you spend playing this game. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Puzzle game loaded with adventure and action that will keep you busy all through. The game is also developed with HTML5 and therefore should run correctly on most browsers.

Like Slither, you will also move around and be always busy in Dogar.io. But as you run around the open world, you have to be careful of other dangerous users that can hunt you down once they find you around your space. Feed on other blobs or every single thing you encounter that is smaller than you but guide yourself to ensure others do not eat you. You can also access Dogar online and on Windows operating system.

13. Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush

This game is about space. Your mission is also to absorb smaller asteroids and planets so yours can increase in size. But as you pilot your space-rock throughout the universe and absorb others smaller objects that come your way, you also need to avoid the bigger planets that can cause damage to yours. Also, even though the storyline and plot of Cosmic Crush are different from Slither, both games offer similar excitement that will keep your fingers busy for hours.

Cosmic Crush runs smoothly on an iOS operating system. You can also access the game online, and it is available for free. The graphical quality is above average, but the game itself is loaded with action which is one of the most important things.


Slither.io is one of the best io games on the internet and one that a good number of gamers have played at one point or the other repeatedly. But like every other game, a time would come where you would get tired of playing Slither all the time. Then, finding an alternative will be the most important thing on your mind. However, there are tons of Slither alternatives that promise a lot of excitements.

But identifying the right one to play is one of the issues that gamers encounter which is a common thing. For this reason, for took out time put together a comprehensive list of the 13 best games like Slither.io that will offer you similar experience and entertainment.

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