15 Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS To Hide Your Real Location

Good news! You are about to figure out the best 15 fake GPS apps for Android and iOS devices. These mock GPS apps can prove useful in many occasions. However, GPS is generally designed to reveal the location of a user. It can help rescue teams locate a victim. And when embarking on a hunting trip, enabling GPS on your device can prove useful, particularly when you need help from others. Google, Facebook, and other applications typically request users to enable GPS on their devices, too.

However, the work of the fake GPS app is to change one’s location. For instance, it can trick people into believing that you are in Japan while you are at home in India, mocking them. But it’s all fun, and that is how these apps work.

15 Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS To Hide Your Real Location

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So if you are looking for the best fake GPS location apps for your mobile device, here is a great list for you!

1. Fake GPS Location Changer

Fake GPS Location Changer

The Fake GPS Location Changer is one of the most popular mock GPS apps out there. It has a simple interface and is super easy to use. With just one click, it can automatically overwrite your original location. You can also choose any location in the world via this app, which is terrific. So if you are planning to gain access to an app that won’t work due to restrictions in your current location, Fake GPS Location Changer can help break the deadlock.

This application is also free to use and works on Android devices seamlessly. Plus you can even choose your location directly on the map.

2. GPS JoyStick – Fake GPS Locator

GPS JoyStick – Fake GPS Locator

The GPS JoyStick is one of the best Fake GPS apps out there. Surprised how it got the name “JoyStick?” Don’t be! The app’s Joystick makes it super easy to change location in any country of choice. It also has a user-friendly interface. And you can change your location wherever you point the joystick.

This fake GPS is also fun to use and comes designed with a superior algorithm that empowers it to deliver realistic GPS values. So the good news is other apps restricted to your original location won’t be able to detect your false location when start making use of the GPS JoyStick app.

3. Fake GPS Location App – iCubemedia

Fake GPS Location App – iCubemedia

This fake GPS location app is a product of iCubemedia and runs on iOS devices. So, Android users, you can check out other incredible options on this list. The app is only designed for iPhone and iPad devices.

The iCubemedia fake GPS location app is free to use but loaded with features. The interface is quite simple for users to navigate, and you can change your location to any country or city of choice, too. The iCubemedia fake GPS is also reliable. And once you change to a false location, you can share your new location with friends and family via this app, too.

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4. Change My Location – Fake GPS App

Change My Location – Fake GPS App

The Change My Location app is another incredible fake GPS app that runs seamlessly on iOS devices. It works like a charm for spoofing locations, particular on social and dating platforms. You can hide your original location and claim you are from somewhere else.

You can use this app to trick your friends into believing that you are somewhere else. Even if you are dealing with someone who is not that easy to convince, you can still have your way. The app lets you take screenshots of your mock location and share with your friends to convince them.

5. Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location

The Fake GPS Location app stands as one of the best prank and location spoofing apps out there. It also runs on iOS devices alone. On this app, you can change your location with ease. Just go through the list of places you would like to prank your friends or family members with, and hit the change button. USA, London, Japan, China, name it; anywhere you want to go! The app also gives you access to the history of the fake locations used for reference purpose.

Impressively, the app lets you add a picture to your fake location and share with people that matter to you. And the good news is everyone would believe you are telling the truth unless revealed to them by you.

6. Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360

The Fake GPS 360 is another great app you can use to prank your friends on various social media platforms where GPS location can be enabled. Make them believe you have moved to the United States of America or any other dream country while you are still in India or your place of residence.

This app is fun to use and comes loaded with features that make everything about your false GPS location look real in the eyes of your friends and relatives. You can even geotag old pictures or the ones you forgot to turn on location on before taking them. The app also runs on Android devices.

7. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

The Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer is another popular app designed to create phony GPS location. With this app, you can prank your dearest friends on social networks, and convince even the most difficult person that you are somewhere else without them doubting you.

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The app lets you change location on the go. And you can easily geotag photos you initially forgot to enable location on before snapping. If you are also looking for an app to spoof your location in games like Pokémon go and other entertaining games, the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer free app is a wise choice.

8. FGL Pro


The FGL Pro is a favorite app for Android device users. It is designed to help users fake their location and convince people to believe they are somewhere else. You can prank your friends or trick other applications that you are in another location via the FGL Pro.

Impressively, this app is free. But it has incredible features that you can find only on premium fake GPS apps. The app comes built with features like speed changer, joystick simulator to make changing GPS location a breeze.

9. Spoofer Go

Spoofer Go

Though the Spoofer Go is not a free app, it sure has some incredible features and offers great value for money. It is available for iOS devices and enables you to change to any location you want, as long as it does exist on the official map.

If you are also planning to test location on a new app, Spoofer Go is a great option to try out. You can overcome restrictions on several apps with this fake GPS app. It also has a simple interface that makes everything looks super easy.

10. VPNa


The VPNa is an incredible app that let you teleport to anywhere you want so that you can prank your friends on social networks. The app is free to use and runs on Android and iOS devices. The features of the VPNa also make it fun to use. It also has a simple interface and changing location is a breeze on the app, too.

This app works like a VPN and a powerful one at that. You can claim any location you want or hide your current location. You can also save location for later use on this app, too.

11. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run

The Fake GPS Run is a simple app that anyone can set up and use, even individuals who are not tech savvy. The app can automatically overwrite your original GPS location, and provide you with a fake one. The idea is to prank friends and other apps on your phone dependent on GPS location that you are somewhere else.

The Fake GPS Run is also for Android devices. So if you are using iOS devices, you can try other options on this list.

12. Fake GPS Location – Hola

Fake GPS Location – Hola

Break the geo-restriction on your app, particularly dating platforms. Win more friends and dates! This Fake GPS Location works like a charm and is one of the numerous tools that make creating mock location a breeze.

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The Fake GPS Location by Hola also runs seamlessly on only Android devices. And it is also super easy to install, setup and use. It is also one of the best free fake GPS apps that is reliable to use.

13. Location Faker

Location Faker

As the name implies, Location Faker is an app designed to enable users to fake their original location when the need arises. The app runs flawlessly on Android devices and is also very reliable. It is also one of the few apps that can provide the best location faking services, too.

You can pretend to be anywhere you want to be via this app. Just search location on the app or long press any location of choice on the map to teleport to your new location, and prank your friends.

14. Find Location – MagicPocket

Find Location – MagicPocket

Find location is an app that lets you change your location and pretend to be somewhere else. You can switch to another location and share to your loved ones. The app is user-friendly and features an advanced artificial intelligence function that makes it super easy to search location from different parts of the world.

The Find Location by MagicPocket will also allow you to set your actual and fake location. Plus it runs only on iOS devices too.

15. Fake Location

Fake Location

The Fake Location app is a feature-rich app designed to run on iOS devices. This app enables you to set your real location and also change to any fake location of your choice. Another impressive thing about this app is that you can show the address of your false location to convince people to believe that you are somewhere else.

You can use this app to share your fake location to friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Tinder. You can also add pictures to make it look real, even while you are at home, laughing at your pranked friends and relatives.


So, these are the fake GPS apps for Android and iOS devices. Most of them are free, while some are paid apps. You can go through the list and make your choice. Choose an app that meets your needs and can help you create a false location with ease.

It’s time to have fun! Prank your friends and family members. You can use these fake mock GPS apps to change your location to any country of choice. So, which of the phony GPS apps on this list have you tried? And how did it go? You can share your experience in the comment section below.

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