Insignia TV Turns On By Itself (This Will FIX it)

You woke up in the morning and heard loud voices in the room. The reason: your Insignia TV automatically turned on and woke you up. While this is something you did not expect at all, this is a common problem across all ranges of smart TVs. There are several issues related to this and we are going to deep dive into them and also let you know the fixes to avoid this problem in the future.

Insignia TV Turns On By Itself

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If your Insignia TV turns on by itself, it could be due to the button that got stuck on the remote or your TV isn’t getting a solid power connection. Another major reason for your Insignia TV turning on could be that you have left the HDMI-CEC (INlink) on. To turn HDMI-CEC off, you need to go to Settings => INlink (HDMI-CEC) => INlink Control => OFF. And that’s it.

Turn OFF HDMI-CEC on Your Insignia TV

HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) is a feature in smart TV’s that allows devices connected to your TV through HDMI ports to communicate back and forth with your TV. What it basically does it give other HDMI control devices some partial control on your smart TV which can let them to switch on or off your TV.

For example, when you turn on your PlayStation or a DVD player, CEC can automatically turn your TV on and switch it to the correct input without you having to grab your other remote.

By default, it makes your life easier by switching on your TV when you turn these devices on. If your Insignia TV is turning on by itself you should definitely look into this.

  • Press the Gear (Settings) icon on your remote
  • Then go to  INlink (HDMI-CEC) => INlink Control => OFF

That’s it. This small thing fixed this issue in most of cases.

If it does solve the problem but you still need to use the HDMI-CEC feature, you need to start disabling this feature one by one on other devices to check which one is sending the random signal.

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Disable Timer Settings

All smart TV’s comes with timer settings that can help you to switch on or switch off your TV. Insignia TV is no different and that could be the main reason for this problem.

All you need to do is to disable the timer setting on your Insignia TV.

Steps to disable Timer settings:

  • Turn your TV on
  • Click on Gear icon on your remote
  • Select System
  • Select Time
  • Press “Sleeper Timer: Off

Also, make sure you disable all other timers such as “Power On” and “Power Off” as well to avoid this problem in the future. If there are any other timers too, please make sure that they are OFF too.

Power Cycle your Insignia TV

This small thing solves most of the issues. While everybody does skip this step, all you need to power cycle your TV. Here’s how.

Simply unplug the Insignia TV plug from the socket and wait for full 60 seconds to fully power cycle your TV.

While you have unplugged the TV, press the power button on your Insignia TV for 30 seconds. Just make sure that you hold the power button of your TV and not your remote. What will it do? Well, it will drain out residual power left in the TV which could be causing your Insignia TV to turn on.

Once you plug in the TV after 60 seconds, that should resolve the issue of TV turning on by itself. If it doesn’t work too, move forward to the next steps.

Loose Power Connection of Your Insignia TV

An erratic power supply to your TV could be the reason for turning it on by itself. All you need to do is to disconnect it first and then connect it again. Make sure that it is properly connected.


This simple fix is reported to have fixed these kinds of issues in many old Insignia TVs.

If you see some problem with the cord or the plug, it is better to go for the replacement before going ahead with other steps. All your power cords and cables need to be in good condition and firmly connected.

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Change Batteries in TV Remote

A TV remote working on a low battery could be sending erratic signals to your TV. First of all, make sure you take out both the batteries from your remote and hold down the power button on your remote for full 20 seconds, nothing less.

After 20 seconds, put the batteries back into the remote and turn on the TV. You could also try replacing the batteries to be double sure. If you run into the same problem after a few weeks, it means you might need to update the firmware or contact support for a permanent solution.

Disconnect From Wifi

Insignia smart TV’s connect to numerous other hardware devices like smartphones, Alexa, Google Home at home. Ironically, these devices could be sending signals to turn on your TV by accident.

If your TV has a built-in casting ability, that could be even turning on your TV while you watch a video on Youtube.

A simple for this problem is to disconnect it from Wi-Fi for a few days and then wait for a few days to see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t then get it back to Wifi and keep on disconnecting other hardware apps one by one from Wifi to see which one is causing the TV to turn on by itself.

Factory Reset Insignia TV

Factory reset is yet another option to get rid of this commonly occurring problem. What it basically does is to put your TV back in the install mode. This will wipe out all the settings and changes that you have done over the period.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Turn your TV on
  • Click on Gear icon on your remote.
  • Select System.
  • Select Advance System Settings
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Factory Reset Everything

This will turn off your TV and then turn it on and will display the initial configuration screen.

Once you are on this screen, it means all the settings, configurations and downloaded apps have been wiped out and you need to do the same things again.

Note: Do not do a factory reset if you do not want to go through the same process again. Or do it as your last step once you are done with all other steps.

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Loose Power Supply Cords

A loose power cable on the back of your Insignia TV could also be switching on your TV. Make sure you pull out the power cable from behind and leave it unplugged for at least 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, make sure that the cable is snugged in. again, make sure that the power connection is not loose. You obviously don’t want it to switch on the TV again.

Even if it doesn’t solve your problem, it is actually good to make that your power codes aren’t loose at all.

If this too doesn’t work, the next is to contact Insignia customer support and ask for assistance.

Insignia TV support and Warranty

If none of these measures work, you should contact Insignia’s customer support system. This is your last and the only step to fix your TV from this problem.

Customer support’s phone number is 1-877-467-4289.

Daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT

You can also email them here.

You can call them and troubleshoot the problem online. If that doesn’t help they will assign an engineer and he will visit your home to fix the issue.

The cost of the service again depends on the diagnosis. If some part needs replacement, then the cost is definitely going to be higher.

Before calling the engineer, you need to check if your TV Is under warranty. Unfortunately, Insignia offers only a 1-year warranty on all its TV products line.


There has been a lot of issues going with the Insignia TV’s and this is one of them.

The good thing is that we have a few fixes that you can try to avoid this problem of TV turning on by itself.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Disable Timer Settings
  • Unplug Your TV from the Wall
  • Button on TV Remote is Stuck
  • Issues With Loose Power Connection
  • Change Batteries in Remote
  • Disconnect from Wifi
  • Factory Reset Insignia TV
  • TV doesn’t have Latest firmware

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