15 Best Tattoo Design Apps For Android & iOS To Create Your Own Tattoo {2022}

We bring you the best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps will enable you to make the right decisions regarding the ideal tattoo to have on your skin. In others, you can check out how different tattoo designs look on your skin before finally meeting the tattoo stylist.

The thing is making decisions on the ideal tattoo design to have can be a bit challenging. But if you can use any of the tattoo design programs out there, you will have the capacity to make the right decision and even appreciate the art the more. In this post, we will look at the best tattoo design apps to have on your mobile device. Read on.

15 Best Tattoo Design Apps For Android And iOS

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1. Tattoo Designs HD

Tattoo Designs HD

The Tattoo Designs HD is a must-have tattoo design app. It comes loaded with tons of high-quality tattoo images which you can use as wallpapers or have them saved straight to your image gallery for later use. The app is a one-stop-shop for tattoo designs. It contains hundreds of tattoo designs that will blow your mind away.

The Tattoo Designs HD app also features tattoos in different categories, making it easier to search and find your preferred choice. And be it religion, romantic images or tattoos of specific creatures, you will find them on this app. Plus you won’t encounter intrusive ads like other similar free tattoo design apps out there. And the app is also available for Android devices.

2. Tattoo For Photo

Tattoo For Photo

If you like the idea of publishing your pictures online with different tattoos, then get the Tattoo for Photo app now. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Plus it’s a breeze to use, compared to many tattoo design apps out there.

The tattoo collection on this platform is enormous. You will find diverse colors, and designs such as love, dragon, fish, tiger, and many more. What’s more, you will have access to myriads of frames and stickers to help you personalize your photos. And you can also choose a photo from your phone’s gallery, add message button and many more.

3. Tattoo My Photo 2.0

Tattoo My Photo 2.0

Having your skin tattooed in reality isn’t an easy decision to make. You have to be sure that the tattoo design or style you have chosen is perfect for your look and skin. Once that ink comes in contact with your skin, it would be an arduous task to get it off. So, make the right decision now with the Tattoo My Photo app.

The app features numerous tattoo designs. And, you can have any of the tattoos superimposed on your photo to be sure it is perfect for you. Plus you can also size, adjust, or place the tattoo design anywhere on your photo too. And erase any part of the tattoo design you feel is horrible too. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

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Are you eager to have that tattoo design superimposed on your skin? If yes, then check to know if it would suit you before you go ahead with it. The Inkhunter app will enable you to choose the ideal tattoo design to have on any part of your body. Be it your arm, back, face, or anywhere, it will help you to make the best decision.

The app is simple to use and effective too. It uses AR (Augmented Reality) to let you see how diverse tattoo designs would look on your skin before visiting the salon. It would project the tattoo on your skin’s surface so that you can see the outcome before making your final decision. The app is also ideal for professional tattoo artists and personal use. Plus it’s available for Android and iOS devices, too.

5. Tattoodo


Whether you are looking for a tattoo design or own a tattoo salon, the Tattoodo app is a must-have tattoo design app. The app helps to bring together a large community of tattoo artists and those hunting for tattoo designs. It also contains leading tattooists from different parts of the world and offers those who like the art an opportunity to appreciate the creativity of the various tattoo designs.

Tattoodo is available for Android and iOS devices. And it’s also one of the best tattoo design apps for those seeking to publicize their tattoo business, get clients or improve their skills. Plus if you are looking for tattoo designs or artists, you will find them here and connect with ease. You will also come across trending news and latest tattoo designs on this app, too.

6. Tattoo Maker

Tattoo Maker

Are you eager to start a career as a tattoo artist or want to have fun designing your tattoo? Whatever your decision is, the Tattoo Maker app is a wise choice for you. The app will enable you to draw any tattoo design of choice on your picture. Be it your name, symbol, or any design you want.

The Tattoo Maker makes designing tattoos on images easier. It is simple to use and effective too. All you need to do is take a picture or pull one from your gallery, then start creating your favorite tattoo design on the image. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

7. AR Tattoo

AR Tattoo

Another top tattoo design app to have is the AR Tattoo. It’s designed to suit the modern-day needs of tattoo lovers. The app uses the augmented reality technology and lets you try different tattoos on your skin to know how good each would look on you.

The AR Tattoo app is similar to INKHUNTER. It is also available for Android devices. The app is free and comes loaded with tons of images you can use. Plus testing the design on the skin is simple. All you need to do is to mark the area you would like the tattoo to appear on your skin, choose a tattoo design, and point the phone camera on that spot. That’s it.

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8. Tattoo Booth

Tattoo Booth

Have you been dreaming of how that new tattoo design would look once inked on your gorgeous body? Don’t waste your precious time thinking about it. Let the Tattoo Booth app answer your questions. The app is available for iOS devices and is also a breeze to use.

You will first pick your preferred tattoo design from an extensive collection comprising of over a hundred tattoo designs and 18 different colors. The next step is to choose an image from your gallery, add your tattoo design, save or share to Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms.

9. Tattoo Pictures

Tattoo Pictures

Sometimes, it is good to feed your eyes with incredible tattoo artwork instead of placing them on your body. That way, you will appreciate the creativity and hard work invested in each tattoo design more. The Tattoo Pictures app will give you access to tons of various tattoo images from the finest artists in the industry.

You can use the pictures from this app to pimp your mobile device. You can also obtain some inspiration from the extensive collection of tattoo designs and ideas the app has. Get access to tons of high definition images. The app is also available for iOS devices.

10. Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese Tattoo Designs

The Japanese tattoo Designs is a cool app that can offer you some incredible Japanese tattoo ideas. You will come across historic Japanese tattoos that will transform your look entirely. These include images of geisha, koi fish, yakuza, samurais, dragons tattoos, and many more.

But have in mind that the Japanese Tattoo Designs does not have the editing function that other similar apps have. It just has a collection of various Japanese tattoo creations to give you a unique idea for your design.

11. Tattoo for Boy 2019

Tattoo for Boy 2019

This app is called “Tattoo for Boy 2019.” But in the real sense, it would serve beyond 2019. The app is loaded with tons of breathtaking tattoo artwork. These ranges from dragon design, phoenix, love, sexy girls, and other crazy tattoo design ideas.

Get access to over 500 incredible tattoo design stickers to transform your photos into something spectacular. And don’t be surprised when people start using your tattooed photos as their wallpapers because of how good these tattoo design will make them look. The Tattoo for Boy app is also available for Android devices.

12. Virtual Artist Tattoo Maker Designs

Virtual Artist Tattoo Maker Designs

Do you want others to think you are a real tattoo artist? Try the Virtual Artist Tattoo Maker Designs, and you will be amazed. You will discover how creative you are after playing the various tattoo design games on this app.

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The brain behind the game is to let you experience the feeling of creating tattoo designs. You will have the opportunity to sketch, draw, and even color numerous tattoo designs on the body of customers to improve your skills and understanding of the art. So, it’s one of the best tattoo simulator games you will enjoy playing.

13. Tattoo Master

Tattoo Master

Hey, are you obsessed with tattoos? Take your love for the art to another level with Tattoo Master, one of the best tattoo design games out there. This tattoo game app is available for Android devices and is fun to use.

You will get the chance to design your tattoos from scratch. You will have the chance to choose tattoo designs for your customers and ensure they fit perfectly. The app also lets you share your artwork with friends so they can appreciate your creativity.

14. Inksquad


The Inksquad app is a must-have for tattoo lovers and artist. It helps to connect tattoo artists with those who need their services. And if you seek a particular tattoo design on any part of the body, Inksquad let you find the right artist that can meet your needs.

The app features an ever-growing community of handpicked tattoo artists. It also helps you locate top tattoo salon near you. And if you are a tattoo artist, you will also find this app enjoyable to use. It let you post new tattoo creations, increase your followers, gets customer feedback, and also chats with prospective customers with ease. So, it’s an excellent app that makes it easier for tattoo lovers and artists to connect. And it’s available for iOS devices.

15. Tattoo Me

Tattoo Me

Tattoo Me is another photo-editing application that lets you digitally superimpose any tattoo design of choice on your photo. The app comes loaded with hundreds of artwork. It is also simple to use and available for iOS devices.

The Tattoo Me application let you figure out how different tattoo designs look on your skin before you finally approach a tattoo salon. And once the new tattoo is superimposed on your image, you can share on Facebook, Twitter to astound your relatives and friends.


So, these are the best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS devices. With these apps, you won’t have a problem choosing a tattoo design to have on your skin. If you are a tattoo artist, you will have access to incredible tattoo ideas that will help to enhance your knowledge and creativity. And if you like tattoo wallpapers too, you will still enjoy using these apps.

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