Top 13 Best Twerk Apps For Android & iOS

We bring you the best twerk apps for Android and iOS to work that booty! Remember that twerking is not just a dance move performed to entertain people. It can also be a massive workout that could cause you to shed those extra fats.

You might be thrusting your hips twerking, but the rest of your body isn’t left out. So, twerking is a full-body workout. But then, when you see people twerking so well, don’t assume they are born with the ability. The thing is being a perfect twerker requires constant practice. Now guess what, there are fantastic apps that can cause you to start twerking like a pro. Let’s go over them briefly.

Top 13 Best Twerk Apps For Android And iOS

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1. Taddy Twerk 3D

Taddy Twerk 3D

The Taddy Twerk 3D is a cool app that runs seamlessly on iOS and accessible on Apple iTunes. The app is free to use and is one of the best twerking simulators out there. The main idea behind this game is for you the player to shake your butt to the rhythm of the incredible twerking songs to earn yourself some coins.

The controls of the Taddy Twerk 3D app are all simple. All you are required to do is swipe the booty and watch the display. You can choose a man or woman in this game. You can also pick from a range of sexy outfits to ensure that your dancer appears unique.

2. AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl

AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl

The AR Hologram is another best twerk app. But this one runs on Android devices only. And if you are looking to have fun, either by twerking to the beautiful twerk dancing girl or just watching, this is the app for you. The fantastic thing about this app is that the faster your phone moves, the more the hologram would twerk.

The game is highly entertaining and addictive. It is also not difficult to understand or play. Just start the game, point the camera of your mobile phone to any direction and watch the beautiful girl twerk creatively.

3. Twerk Me

Twerk Me

If you want to watch yourself twerk or feel like laughing all day, then Twerk Me is one of the best twerk apps you should consider installing on your device. The app runs on iOS devices, simple to use, and lets you have loads of fun. All that you need do is take a picture. Then you can fit it in the body of the twerker on the app.

The image can be your face, friend’s or pet’s, as the case may be. Then once you have it integrated, tap to watch you twerk. The app also lets you choose the song and the body of the twerker you would like to integrate your face into. And impressively, you can share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, or other social platforms to make others laugh.

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4. Hot Twerk Video

Hot Twerk Video

Hello twerkers, it’s time to get nasty! If watching beautiful girls twerking will get you all fired up; then the Hot Twerk Video is the right app for you. The app features some of the hottest and dopest twerk videos from 2018 and beyond. It also receives weekly updates, which is something that should interest those looking to practice or watch new twerking styles consistently.

So, the regular update is an indication that you will get access to fresh contents daily. And another impressive thing is that the app runs on the Android devices too.

5. How to Twerk for Beginners

How to Twerk for Beginners

How would you feel to have the best booty twerker in the whole of Los Angeles, Nicole Steen, as your instructor? Truth be told; you won’t be able to describe the feeling until you burst into action. The How to Twerk for Beginners app ranks high among the best twerk apps for android devices and those looking to start twerking like a star in no time. Plus the twerk videos you will find on the app are taught by Nicole the twerker in chief.

This twerk app treats twerking as a sport, which it usually is. And as a sport, one needs to practice regularly to get better. The app will expose you to the how-tos, why, and best way to twerk.

6. Twerk Meter

Twerk Meter

Have you learned about twerking well enough and believe you are now the best among your peers? If yes, then bravo! But don’t assume until you compete with others from around the globe. The Twerk Meter app lets you compete with other twerkers to know who the twerk monster in town is. What you need do is put on your twerking outfit, turn on the app, and slip the phone into your back pocket.

The app calculates how fast you can twerk and scores you against thousands of other twerkers. You will also pick up some rewards along the way for your unique twerking skills and display.

7. Videos Twerk

Videos Twerk

Do you feel unhappy when twerking dance scenes on music videos don’t last for long? You are not alone! But the good news is that if you want to start enjoying quality twerk videos for entertainment purpose or practice, then Videos Twerk is the app for you. You will find crazy twerk dances from some of the finest dancers in the entertainment industry, which you can use to practice and enhance your twerking skills.

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Another thing that makes the Videos Twerk app unique is that it receives regular updates. So, rest assured you will be getting fresh contents to feed your hungry eyes every single day. The app also runs on Android devices.

8. Twerk with Rebusatte

Twerk with Rebusatte

What better way to learn how to twerk than learning from top twerkers? You can use games to enhance your twerking skills. But there is a different form of energy, motivating, and focus when you watch others dance and twerk. And the motivation could even increase when you watch people who have the same body size as you twerk nicely.

That is what the Twerk with Rebusatte app is all about! It’s one of the best twerking video apps for Android that gives access to tons of high-quality videos. You will find loads of videos on different songs from famous music stars like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Ariana Grande, and others.

9. Twerk Queen

Twerk Queen

Twerking is fun, entertaining, and is also a massive workout activity. You might be shaking that booty to your favorite song and at the same time burning those extra calories. It can be that intense. And the Twerk Queen is the app to make that happen. The app comes loaded with a healthy dose of twerking videos to make sure that you enjoy every of your fun or workout sessions.

The Twerk Queen App will give you access to the best twerking videos sourced from the internet. And most of the videos contain fitness tips to help you have your hourglass shape or slim body back.

10. Learn to Dance

Learn to Dance

If you are not only interested in twerking but other dance types, this app will be ideal for you. You will find incredible twerking lessons, belly dancing, salsa, hip hop, and different dance styles out there. And interestingly, the videos are of high quality and enjoyable to watch. The videos are also targeted at beginners.

Hence even a novice that can’t dance can quickly become a pro. And this is because of the simplicity of the videos on this app. The app is also free and runs on the Android device. The only primary concern is that the ads can be a bit intrusive. But that’s what is mostly experienced with free apps you know.

11. Brazilian Butt

Brazilian Butt

The Brazilian Butt is not just one of the best twerk app but an ideal fitness training app. It is designed to help those looking for a bigger behind aka booty to have their wish. All you need to do is download the app, pay attention to the videos, and practice the exercises.

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The app gives you access to three different types of fitness videos, all in HD quality. But have in mind that the first one is free, but the second and third are paid videos. So if you are looking for that big and attractive Brazilian booty, then “work it out” with the Brazilian Butt app.

12. KDance – Music & Dance App

KDance – Music & Dance App

Are you highly interested in learning how to dance but don’t want to splash big bucks on a dance academy or find a dance tutor? If yes, then the KDance app is for you. The app runs on Android and iOS devices, and it also serves as a music and dance app.

The KDance app will allow you to learn different dance moves without even leaving your home. These include dance like hip hop, bachata, afro, belly dance, Bollywood, salsa, and others that involve twerking your booty. You can also look for professional dancers, choreographers, and deejays, dance teachers who are more than willing to help you improve, on this app too.

13. Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness is an app that makes the workout fun, engaging, and enjoyable. You will have access to over 400 different video guides to help you dance your way into a slimmer, attractive, and sexy body, which you have always craved. The app runs on the iOS device and is not free.

However, even though the Dance Fitness app isn’t free, rest assured that you will get your money’s worth in a hundredfold. First, the app is not just simple to use but features tons of dance workout fitness and songs that will keep you motivated and stimulated to get into action.

Wrapping it up

So, these are the best twerk apps for Android and iOS devices. Some of them contain loads of visual contents to help you learn the best way to twerk. Others are just for entertainment and for you to laugh away your worries. Twerking is fun, enjoyable and can also serve as an intense workout to help you get back that perfect body you have always craved. So, now that you have seen the best apps for twerking, you can go through the list and make your choice. If you have been using any of the app, you can share how much you have gained since you started using it.

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