10 Best Software Apps for Android 7 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest beautiful update in the world of Android smartphones. It has improved the visuals from the previous two versions of Android and provided with a lot of new customization options. Along with all this Nougat has brought major changes to obtain functionalities that we could only get from using custom ROMs or third party skins and apps. It can considered to be the best, fastest, hardest and strongest yet update for the Android operating system.

Along with the updates in Android operating system, the apps are also updating themselves to be compatible with the latest OS. Most of the new apps are well-designed with the great interface with the help of the new OS. In recent years Google play store has been exploded by huge numbers of apps. When you go to search an app on the play store you will find tons of apps and games there. Yet, there are various modes to short like featured apps, editors pick, top free, top paid etc. but still you will not able to decide the perfect one for you from the massive list.

This is why we are here to provide you the list of handpicked apps that are most suitable for latest Android nougat. Here is the list of latest apps which are perfectly designed and curated according to the latest need of OS.

  • Spotify

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Spotify is a great source to get free music streaming. It consists of a huge library and can be easily synchronized between all kinds of devices. The radio provided by the app is updated regularly with options like ‘mood’ and ‘discover’ to present fantastic melody to your ears.

The Spotify app is totally free and only rely on adverts which are shown on every three or four songs. But it can considered to be good for such useful and comprehensive service. It simply works on the fact that more you use it, the smarter it will become.

  • SwiftKey Keyboard


Well, everyone is in search of best Keyboard app for decades. And considering it the best, it has been most used the app on any smartphone that provides the best balance of usability, speed, and features.

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SwiftKey keyboard was once a paid app but now it’s free. It is able to learn your writing habits and makes auto predictions. The best part is that if the user is habitual to type in multiple languages then SwiftKey automatically detects he wants to type in and so that user don’t need to switch the language options.

  • Duolingo


Learning languages can be helpful in many ways but learning them in smarter ways makes it more convenient. Duolingo is such kind of app that can run on the Android Nougat and gamifies the language learning system.

Duolingo makes the language learning more engaging so that you can get a more basic understanding of that particular language. It is the most practical way to get introduced to the new language and also to improve the existing skills.

  • Evernote


The note is meant to be easy and quick and this is totally considered by the makers of Evernote. Evernote is a handy app that lets you create written notes and also supports voice memos and lets you share files with your contacts. Along with all these features, it allows you to access the reminders from a number of different devices.

It is certainly the best feature filled productivity tool and best-looking app for latest Android Nougat.

  • Greenify


Greenify is a wonderful app for android devices that can enhance the battery life and device performance. This app lets you restrict which apps are working in the background and lets you make them hibernated automatically. Hence it can help your device even when your device is locked.

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It is an ultra-powerful tool that comes with responsibility also. It simply makes it an easier task to stop the useless apps that are running in the background.

  • Dashlane


Many people find it hard to manage their passwords. Here is a brilliant solution for them. Dashlane is an incredible app that makes it easy to log in to any website that requires a password. Once you are successfully created the Dashlane account, you can simply add all your existing passwords and logins so that Dashlane will autofill the login fields automatically when you visit that site next time.

  • Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle

Amazon kindle is a free source of books backed-up with large digital libraries. As amazon has begun to sell all its eBooks online and eBooks are one of its primary products. It is absolutely good news because Kindle is an ocean of reading material with both free and paid eBooks with the perfect interface.

  • PicsArt


Whenever we consider about the image editing we might think about the Photoshop or something critical software like that. But PicsArt is another edge app that provides tons of image editing options with great powerful tools.

The app interface is very easy to handle and one can apply any kind of filter and other adjustments in no time.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the great tools that can provide storage as well as backup services. With easy saving features and automatic backups, Google Drive has become an excellent solution for those who want to save their data to the cloud and share them with their loved ones.

Google Drive is actually a cloud service but it completes almost all needs of users related to the office services. The drive provides access to your files from everywhere. You can create a new presentation, spreadsheet, and documents from your Android Smartphone.  It will not be able to replace all office utilities but surely it can create a great competition.

  • Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is an excellent app for emailing purpose. Inbox is a totally new move for email which makes managing emails less laborious. Once you get used to it you will enjoy this easier inbox for sure.

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The best part of this email service is that it categorizes the emails in various categories which are also known as bundles. These bundles are named as shopping, promotion, finance and low priority mail. By the help of these bundles, we can easily find out the high priority emails easily.


The new updates of Android come with new modifications and some special features. Nougat is also provided with a number of features and enhanced its customization to the highest level. One can achieve the desired styling and functionalities easily and directly with it. The apps are the heart of Android smartphones and for Nougat the apps have customized their interface and functionalities accordingly.

All the above apps are essential apps for any Android nougat users as they complete the basic needs of any smartphone. They are capable of solving from easy to critical tasks with little or no effort. We have made a dig on the internet to search for a viable option and perfect apps and then curated this list. But in case you already have figured out some other app that needs to be in the above list then you can convey your thought to us by the comments section.

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