11 Best Canva Alternatives to Create Magnificent Images

If you find out about Canva from online business owners, many will tell you that they know a thing or two about the graphics tool. Since inception in 2013, the graphic design tool, Canva, has had over 2 million users and still counting. And what interest users the most about the software is the fact that it is free and can help to create quality images and provide one of the best graphical solutions.

But graphic designers and webmasters always want more, so the search for a suitable Canva alternative is understandable. Canva is an incredible tool with superb features. But there are tools out there that give a fierce competition and can provide users with something a bit different. Creativity is what makes graphic design or an image more captivating.

If you are looking for a new and different approach design platform other than from the traditional Canva no need to worry, there are plenty of design platform alternatives available in the market that are able to do what Canva can do or even better.  Check out these 11 incredible Canva Alternatives that makes photo creation and editing a breeze.

11 Best Canva Alternatives to Create Magnificent Images

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Let’s start with GIMP. You probably recognise it as an image editing tool, but GIMP is much more than that. Using this tool, you will have access to features similar to what the Adobe Photoshop editor provides. Plus, GIMP is also free.

Another inspiring thing about this cross-platform image editor called GIMP is that you can have it installed on GNU/Linux, Windows and other operating systems. And being an open source image editor, it has high customization potential and incredible plugins that would ramp up your productivity.

Photographers, graphic designers and illustrators can leverage the power and creativity of GIMP to change images to unique creations. You can also manipulate images, use diverse code languages to adjust the framework of the pictures and choose premium colours from the list available on the colour management tools. But the only thing that can make most people prefer other alternatives outside GIMP is that you have to download and install it on your PC before using.

2. Adobe Photoshop


Adobe is a popular name as far as online business is concerned. So their tools always stand out from the crowd. The Adobe Photoshop is one of the best graphic design tools for photographers and designers looking to give their images a professional touch. However, Adobe Photoshop isn’t free, so be ready to splash the cash. They have different packages, so make your choice based on the size of your wallet.

Unlike Canva, Adobe Photoshop CC is supported by Android, Linux, iPhone, and iPad. And besides image, Adobe Photoshop also features cutting-edge tools that make video editing possible. It has unmatched features that any professional photographer or graphic designer would need for successful image manipulation.

But the Adobe Photoshop is a bit complex. It has tons of features that might seem a bit confusing to a newbie. The only exciting thing is that, just as Canva and other image editing tools, you can find video tutorials on how to use the Adobe software with ease.

3. Snappa


Snappa is an incredible Canva alternative. And one of the things that makes it the go-to image design tool is that it can serve all purpose and makes graphic design a bit simpler for beginners. In fact, you do not have to be tech-savvy to explore Snappa to create a visually appealing image.

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You can create the kind of images you want using pre-built templates or set dimensions, using this tool. Once completed, the next task would be to edit, as well as add the effect you want. But have in mind that using Snappa, you can create that perfect design that Canva and other top quality image editing tools can offer you

There are hundreds of fonts, shapes and vectors users can have access to on Snappa. Fonts are over 200 while vectors and shapes are more than 3,000. Again, Snappa has a similar feature like Canva where you can resize your images automatically, thus converting them from one dimension to the other. The tool also offers a free plan, but you have to migrant to the pro plan to have access to premium features which is compulsory once you exhaust the 5 downloads given to free version account holders for each month.

4. DesignBold


DesignBold is one graphics tool that seems like Canva but offers something a bit unique. The interface is not only similar but as simple as Canva, making image creation a breeze for experts and newbie. Plus, it offers a free plan like Canva. Just that upgrading to the pro plan will give you access to features like; uploading of custom fonts, downloading of transparent PNG, custom colour palettes and more.

Also, with the free plan on DesignBold, you can have access to an upload limit of 5MB, while the pro plan offers an upload limit of 20MB. Having an extensive collection of stock photos also puts DesignBold ahead of other tools like Canva and a couple of others.

Of course, they have agreed with DepositPhotos. com, a famous site with a high reputation in the stock photo niche, to give users access to their images. So for a token, you can access tons of stock photos inside your DesignBold account with ease. It has 40 million premium stock photos, images and vectors all at your disposal.

In addition to the numerous features that DesignBold has, you will also find new templates that will make whatever you are creating stand out from others. With DesignBold storage is unlimited, you can make and design unlimited projects and save them without worrying about space.

5. Piktochart


Infographics are captivating and can also make readers spend more time consuming your content. This idea is what webmasters are using to grow their websites and businesses. And you can take advantage of it to improve yours, too! Piktochart is different from Canva, in that it focuses solely on creating quality infographics.

Piktochart is the go-to tool for infographics webmasters. It has incredible features and tons of infographic templates that make the job easier for both professionals and beginners. In fact, even if you do not have access to materials on how to use the tool, you can still find your way around and create the kind of design you have in mind.

One of the things that makes this infographics tool a Canva alternative is the free plan it offers. But like other tools, the pro plan is where you can have access to the top features and templates. And, even if you have never done infographics before but fancy having them on your website, you can do so right away with Piktochart.

6. Fotor


One of the things that make using a tool like Fotor exciting is the interface. The interface is easy to navigate and is a good Canva alternative. And, if you are used to Canva, you will also not have challenges with Fotor.

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You can use Fotor to create images from scratch. Just choose your preferred dimension, and build pages using shape elements and texts on the tool. On the other hand, this image editing tool has captivating templates that you can use if you are not comfortable using blank canvases.

Once you start using it you’ll realize how easy it is to create excellent and stunning images. The image dominates majority of the screen with the editing tools conveniently located so as to allow you to edit your image with grace and ease. The color correction functionality utilizes sliders, you can immediately see how the colors affect your image as you move the slide making editing a smooth process.

Fotor is a great tool, and there is no doubt about that. But it needs to upgrade its library of elements to be at the same level as other image creation tools like DesignBold and Canvas.

7. Stencil


No other image editing tool can double your online or social media engagements like Stencil. And on top of that, it offers numerous collections of templates in over 41 various sizes. Stencil is a super easy tool that any person, even those without a technical background can use comfortably. It will give you access to more than 2,300 Google fonts, 1.5 million CCO stock images and more. In fact, this graphical tool is an excellent Canva alternative that has captured the interest of tons of users. Other features it offers consist of more than 100,000 quotes and 800,000 icons.

Stencil has won the hearts of many online business owners and graphics designers. In addition to the fact that it is simple to use, Stencil also comes built in a way that you can upload your preferred fonts with ease, which is what many users would prefer, given the increased popularity of customised handwriting fonts these days. You will also have the liberty of giving your graphics a personalised touch whenever you settle down to create your images.

Stencil also offers a free plan to users. But you can only develop 10 images every month with that plan, which might not be ideal for businesses with high social activities. However, the paid plan as of the time of writing this post is $9 for one month of use and will give users access to more features on the platform.

8. PicMonkey


If you are looking for software you can use to create outstanding logos, photos and social media graphics then, try PicMonkey. The tool has all the features you could ever want, even for a demanding design project, as it can handle any design project. You will also enjoy access to a vast array of stock images, design elements, templates and lots more.

Again, PicMonkey is simple to use, just like Canva. But one thing that makes it completely user-friendly is the free tutorials offered to help budding graphic designers and webmasters to take their skills to a whole new level. Also, you can access this online image editing tool directly from your web browser or through the mobile app version.

The built-in features and tools in PicMonkey make the task of photo editing a breeze. If you are eager to apply a simple filter on your image or enhance a couple of details within a picture, you can do so with ease even if you are a technical person. However, have in mind that access to the software is not free. But, you can start with the trial version and then proceed to a monthly paid plan to continue using it.

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Also have in mind that PicMonkey is more concerned with photo editing, not like Canva that offers complete graphic design options. Although you can add vectors and text, the majority of tools on the platform, are created for you to adjust colours, exposure and other areas that need editing. So it is not a complete Canva alternative but does the job of photo editing perfectly.

9. FotoJet


FotoJet is a unique online application built for graphic design, photo editing and photo collage. And one of the fantastic things about the software is that you don’t need to download it or register to gain full access. It makes graphic design a breeze and gives budding graphics designers the chance to create designs like Pros.

FotoJet comes with thousands of power image editing tools and resources that make graphics design tasks exciting. Plus, you can access over 300 templates if you are not ready to start the design process from scratch. And even without any professional experience or skills, you can comfortably design posters, invitations, cards, banners, flyers and social media graphics in short time.

10. Youzign


Youzign is one of the design tools that can make you forget about Canva and many others. You can use it to create social media covers, graphics for ads, kindle covers, blog graphics and eBook covers, coupons, flyers, memes and even business cards in a short time. Plus, it is cloud-based software which means you can have access to it irrespective of your location, so long as you have an internet connection.

Whenever you forget to save a design after you finish working, you can continue from where you stopped the next time you have access to the platform. Also, Youzign also provides tons of shapes and icons in different niches that makes it possible for you to complete a design task without spending the little time and energy you have searching for resources elsewhere.

11. Pikiz


If you are looking for a tool that can let you create and share your viral images anywhere or with anyone on the internet, then Pikiz fits the bill. It is one tool that can take your image marketing strategy to the next level, by offering you access to features that will enable you to create visually appealing images.

The dashboard of this tool is quite simple to navigate, plus you will have the opportunity to track the performance of visual contents you created to identify the one that has the highest impact and produce the best result. The software also offers access to free images, impressive fonts, stickers, shapes and more.

Wrapping it all up

Canva is, no doubt, a prominent graphics design tool that offers incredible features. But, some software can give you a different output or feel than Canva. The thing is the graphics design world is judged based on creativity. And, a graphic designer would hardly make an impact when the individual does not showcase his or her creative skills.

However, tools here are incredible Canva alternatives that can add something new to the output and make your image marketing effort or strategy more successful. So, if you are tired of using Canva, why not make up your mind to try other options?

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