15 Best Apps Like Snapchat For Photo Editing and Instant Text Messaging

Assuming you are searching for the best apps like Snapchat, what would your choice be? Snapchat is one of the go-to apps when it comes to photo editing and instant text messaging. Plus its auto-destructive feature is also priceless. At least many who enjoy editing photos online know just how of superior and useful this app is. It also has tons of incredible features and tools for photo editing, too.

However, Snapchat not only allows photo editing with cute filters and stickers. You can also share your transformed photos with relation around the globe. But then, Snapchat still lacks in some areas which are a serious concern for many.

So if you wish to try out other new apps that offer similar or as much fun as Snapchat, then go through this list of best Snapchat alternatives and make your choice.

15 Best Apps Like Snapchat

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1. Instagram

Instagram has some incredible features you may also find on Snapchat such as the ‘story’ and ‘live’ function. And currently, it belongs to the social media heavyweight giant – Facebook and has over a billion users too.

Impressively, this photo-sharing application runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. You can also access your account on your PC with ease. But then, there are some features Instagram has that you can’t find on Snapchat. An example is the video features. And you can upload any amount of videos or photos you want via this app too.

2. Dust Messaging

Dust Messaging has some edge over many Snapchat alternatives. It offers the best protection for user’s data and ensures every single message sent to a user’s Smartphone disappear 30 seconds after opening it. In other words, any message you receive doesn’t get stored on the platform’s server. So your privacy is well protected with the app.

You can also send personal messages and photos via Dust Messaging with ease. You can even send them out all at once. The app is well built and user-friendly too.

3. Masquerade – MASQRD

This Snapchat alternative offers impressive effects and masks that will transform the way you look into something mysterious. It will let you have crazy fun and gives you the privilege to turn into anything you want – Zombies, Panda, and others.

Besides sharing photos, MASQRD also allows users to share live videos of themselves too. But it does it incredibly well. You can wear any mask you want why broadcasting yourself live to your friends and relations. And now, the app is officially Facebook’s property and so allows direct broadcast to Facebook.

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4. Wickr Me

Wickr Me gives you access to features you may not find on Snapchat or other social apps on this list. You get to control who accesses your contents and also how long you want them to remain online. The app also has fully encrypted voice calling, and memo features too.

User privacy is a top priority for Wickr Me. Hence, your contact list or messages are not stored on the server of Wickr Me. Another impressive thing about this Snapchat alternative is that it lets you interact in a private group comprising of up to 10 members. You can also communicate with your friends on a one on one basis. Plus you also do not require email or phone number to register on the platform.

5. YouCam Fun

If you want a unique app that can turn your iOS camera into a highly creative photobooth, then YouCam is the ideal app for you. It will grant you access to tons of fun backgrounds, real-time video effects, and fantastic photo filters.

As the name implies, YouCam Fun lets you create outstanding fun selfie photos or videos within a twinkling of an eye. You will also find an incredible number of animated and motion stickers to transform your images. Indeed, the app has got crazy AR filters which offer more creative options.

6. Like

As the name implies, Like is an app one can easily fall for given the myriads of features it has. You will have the opportunity to not only create impressive videos but share them with a large community comprising of people from different parts of the universe.

Up your creativity with over 300 special effects! Like is a unique video maker that gives you access to a large community of youth and social influencers in the social media world. It also features a unique 4D special magic effect that offers different options such as pass through, Lilliput, Rocket and many more.

7. Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the universe going by the number of active users it has. It is also somehow related to Snapchat, but not entirely anyway.

The Facebook story, a feature of the Facebook platform is similar to the one on Snapchat. You get to post a video or photo that expires and disappears within 24 hours. You will also have access to an in-built camera app that let you take pictures; apply stickers and special effects like Snapchat, too.

8. Yubo

Yubo is another powerful Snapchat alternative that allows users to interact with strangers from around the world and make new friends. It’s an app that has registered over 15 million signups and counting. You can chat with ease, send pictures and cool stickers to your friends and loved ones via Yubo.

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With this app, you can go live with up to 10 people during the same period and also have a one-on-one chat with a special friend in your private chat room. You can also add new friends to your circle with the swipe feature to expand your contact list.

9. Snow

Snow is an instant message with many possibilities. It allows users to share their funky images and short video clips with other members of the Snow community who are using the app. You will have access to myriads of stickers, emojis, and smiley to add to your photos. The built-in editor will enable you to achieve that with ease.

This app has got over 200 million active users and runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS operating systems. It also offers tons of special beauty effects that let you create a superior version of you. Snow’s AR markup feature is also incredible. It also has tons of stickers, and new items are being added daily.

10. Snapseed

This app not only has almost the same name as Snapchat – both apps share several similar features too. Snapseed is one of Google’s products. And it’s a top photo editor with myriads of tools and filters that can transform any image.

Snapseed has up to 29 different tools and filters such as healing, structure, brush, perspective, HDR and many more that you will enjoy using. It’s an app that gives you lots of options to tweak your photos the way you like. You can rotate, adjust exposure automatically or manually and perform other tasks on your photos via the app.

11. Imgur

There are several reasons Imgur is named a top Snapchat alternative. You can take funny pictures and create funky GIFs and memes with the app. Imgur is also user-friendly and features an interface that is super easy to understand.

Another thing that stands this app out from the crowd is the list of memes it has. These include trending memes, old memes, funny memes, and other special ones that make chatting fun. Imgur will also allow you to create GIFs with sounds like a regular video.

12. Clipchat

Clipchat is a fantastic instant messing app that has taken the way people interact on social media to another level. You can have a one-on-one chat with your friends. But this is done through recording and sharing of short video clips. An impressive feature newly added to this app is that users can now add friends from Facebook. Group chat is also possible on this app.

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You will never experience privacy issues when using Clipchat because any video you send disappears automatically after the receiver opens it. The app also runs smoothly on Android and iOS operating systems.

13. Viber

If you are looking for a free Snapchat alternative that lets you send messages and call others from any part of the world, try Viber. The app currently has over a billion users worldwide and allows users to make crystal-clear phone calls too.

Viber is completely free to use. And you can download and install on Android and iOS devices too. All you need is data or Wi-Fi and a reliable internet connection to make stunning audio or video calls. You can also self-destruct your chats whereby your texts will automatically disappear after a certain period.

14. Face Swap

This Snapchat alternative is out of this world. It will let you take a picture of yourself and implant it on another person’s body with ease. Its augmented reality is as good as the one you will find on any similar app on this list.

You can also take pictures and transport yourself into any scene you like via the Microsoft Face Swap app. Just take a selfie, pick any scene online or from your camera and you are done. You can also go ahead and change your clothes to something else.

15. Boo

This app is incredible and combines numerous features in one. You can chat with friends via text messaging or send short video clips the way you like. The app is also user-friendly and lets you express yourself in many ways too.

You can accept friend requests to grow your contact list. It’s up to you to make the decision. The Boo Play option of this app will also give you access to exciting games that can keep you engaged for hours.


If you need the best apps like Snapchat, look no further. The apps on this list will meet all your needs. These are incredible apps that have taken instant messaging, voice, video calls and photo editing to another level. You will also get numerous options and features that you will find useful. So go through the list and make your choice.

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