Top 10 Best Android Apps To Earn Quick Cash in 2022

Android Apps practically dominate the modern world of smart phones and stupid people. We have apps for everything from doing the most basic calculations to understanding rocket science. So do we have apps that can earn you money too? The answer to this question is also affirmative with many apps offering its users chances to earn some quick bucks by doing one or the other task or activity.

These apps vary in terms of the tasks they want the user to perform which may range from watching a video on YouTube to completing an opinion survey. But there also some apps apart from allowing to earn some quick money also allows you to do what you usually do and some inspires you to do what you want to do and has never done for lack of inspiration.

The following are ten great apps you can surely rely upon to earn quick cash in 2022 :

Top 10 Best Android Apps To Earn Quick Cash in 2022

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Not many apps provide to you the luxury of balancing money making options and increasing your fitness and health. But PACT does and this brings this app to the top of the list. The apps as the name itself suggests is a pact between you and the developers of the app to exercise routinely. The user of the app has to pledge a certain sum of money first and has to achieve the milestones that you have set up.

If the milestones are not achieved the amount pledged is forfeited and if the milestone is in fact achieved the user is rewarded for that week’s exercise regime with 0.1 to 1 or 2$. The app also confirms whether your diet plan is proper and in accordance to the milestone you have set up. The verification of the meal is done by another user and you will verify the diet plan of someone else. Thus the app makes sure that it is healthy and in conformity with your fitness regime.

The app ensures you are exercising by asking you to turn on GPS or accelerometer  when jogging or running, by requesting videos and photos of you eating your dose of “healthy vegetables” etc. Even though the app does not provide you the opportunity to earn lots it does help to keep you in good shape and in good health which is more wealth than any other  apps out there provide.

Key Features:

  • Earning money through exercise.
  • Cross verification of diet plans by different users.
  • Verification of exercise routine through GPS etc.
  • Forfeiture of money in case of non-conformity.

Download: PACT


Cameras and Selfies are all the rage now, with an average selfie maniac clicking 25 selfies in a day. It is in times like these where people are obsessed with capturing pictures of themselves moment by moment that we need great photographs. Photos that serve the primary purpose of how photography came to be important, which is preserving memories and fabulous moments for eternity.

FOAP is an android app that acts as a market place for photographers capable of taking amazing photos. The photos are put on sale and gets sold for 10$ each. Out of this the photographer gets 5$ and the rest goes to the app developers. It is a great platform many people out there to make use of their talent and also earn some money in the process. The app also has a Foap Mission which provides the opportunity to sell photos to brands like Mastercard at prices starting from 100$.

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Key Features:

  • Market place for photos.
  • Access to big time brands.
  • Feedback from other expert photographers to hone your skills.
  • Easy and user friendly interface.

Download: FOAP

3. Bitwalking

Walking is good for health. But this fact has never been a good enough incentive to make people actually walk instead of being a couch potato and eat chips all day long. But what if you get paid to walk? That’s exactly what Bitwalking does. The app pays a user for walking and each step he takes is a step towards a Bitwalking Dollar. The app measures the number of steps taken and every 10,000 steps will earn the user a BW$.

It is estimated that even a sedentary inactive person takes 2000 to 3000 steps a day, which means that even people such as that or even worse than that gets to earn a dollar every 4-5 days just by walking and to the active person out there this app is an absolute gold mine with the opportunity to earn more than a dollar a day just by going about your business.

Key Features: 

  • Get paid for walking.
  • The more you walk, the more you earn.
  • Relatively new app and developer, working for further robust development.


4. ESPN Streak For the Cash

This is the app for any real sports lover to make huge money out of. This app requires a user to make predictions on sporting events such as who will win, by what margin they will etc. Doing so successfully in a streak till the month end will give you cash rewards. The largest streak will be rewarded with the most cash. The sporting events involved in the app for a user to predict on is many with NFL, Basketball, Soccer leagues etc.

The user is not obligated to make predictions everyday and hence the streak can  be secured by abstaining from any predictions in cases of tough match ups. The prizes that can be earned can go up to as much 2500$ a month or more up to 50000$ grand prize for the longest streak, which incentivises any person interested in the app to sign up for the ESPN account. Overall it is a great place to test one’s sports knowledge and to have interactions with other sports geeks.

Key Features:

  • Earn money through predictions.
  • Communication with other Sport Geeks.
  • Requirement of a ESPN account.
  • Puts Sports knowledge to the test.

Download: ESPN Streak For Cash

5. True Balance

Losing track of your balance money and losing money by calling too many people or using too much data is an everyday occurrence  for most people. Easy recharging is yet another hurdle. This is what True Balance helps its users do apart from being a powerful money earning app.

True Balance as the name itself suggests displays to the user the data and money balance he has left and how much balance was used up during last call or last session of internet usage. This information allows the user to understand how much money and date he is spending on something and thus allows him to cut down such expenses thereby allowing him to save up some money through a period of time.

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It also is a recharge app with a very easy user interface. Looking at the money or recharge earning aspect of this app, there are two ways to earn. Either by referring the apps to your friends and earning 10 Rs per successful referral or by doing various tasks such as installing different apps etc. This money you earn can be used to recharge the balance in your phone.

Key Features: 

  • Earn money by referring and doing tasks.
  • Ascertain actual balance and manage expenses.
  • Recharge balance using the money earned or using other banking facilities.

Download: True Balance

6. Cash Pirate

Cash Pirate is a favorite money making enjoying a Top 10 position in any list of Money making apps. Cash Pirate provides a great avenue to the users to earn money easily by downloading and trying free apps and games by referring the app to other people by completing survey and watching videos etc.

The distinguishing factor about this app is the efficient and incentivising referral system it has. A user will get 10% of the earnings of their referral and will also get 5% for  the referrals made by the person you referred. Thus it allows the user to earn good money just by making sure that they refer the app to people who will make good use of the app. This source of earnings compounded with the other sources like doing free product trials can bring good amounts of money into the user’s wallet.

The money is in the form of coins in the app and the user can withdraw these coins into Paypal, or as gift cards or recharge amounts when the coins reach a number of 2,500. Overall this is the best app to use if your objective is only making money through the app.

Key Features:

  • Efficient and distinctive referral system.
  • Many avenues to make money.
  • Recharge, gift card and Paypal integration for money withdrawal.

Download: Cash Pirate

7. Tapporo

Tapporo is a app very similar to Cash Pirate and uses the same mechanisms that allows a user to earn money, which is downloading apps, watching videos etc. The key distinction between Tapporo and Cash Pirate is the referral system. Tapporo’s referral system only provides the user with 0.6$ per referral and does not pay you on the basis of the earnings of your referral.

Hence, it offers the user a guaranteed sum once the referral is successful. However when compared to the money making capability of the referral system that Cash Pirate provides, it takes the back seat even though Cash Pirate entails a risk of not earning anything through referrals. Overall this app can be used to make money easily.

Key Features:

  • Earn money by watching videos, using apps etc.
  • Earn 0.6$ per referral.

Download: Tapporo

8. Slide Joy

Slide Joy is a app to earn money with a very simple concept. The app does not require the user to watch videos or download apps etc but instead place trending news or ads on the lock screen of your phone. The user is not expected to do anything else and can open his phone as usual by sliding his finger across. He can get more information on the said news or ads by sliding left, get other news by sliding up and can open his phone by sliding right or see notifications by sliding down.

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The app provides the user who rents out his lock screen carats which can be redeemed as cash or money through Paypal and gift cards of prominent brands. The carats can also be used to donate to charity directly from the app itself. Hence this app provides a very hassle free means of earning money.

Key Features:

  • Earn money by renting out lock screen to trending news and ads.
  • Get more information of trending news.
  • Redeem carats provided by the app as money through Paypal or Gift Cards.

Download: Slide Joy

9. Receipt Hog

We all buy things regularly and we pay for it too. But can we be paid for buying things. Yes we can and Receipt Hog does so. The only condition being the need for a receipt of such payments. The receipts that the user gets from various places such as shops, cafes etc is scanned by the app and on the basis of the said receipts the app provides the user with coins which can be redeemed as Amazon Gift cards or through Paypal.

The number of receipts will determine the amount of coins a user gets. The app also provides the user with short surveys which can also be used to get coins and also allows the user the feature of spinning a virtual slot machine and winning sweepstake prizes to earn extra money apart from the ones owned through the receipts.

Key Features:

  • Get paid for getting and storing receipts with the app.
  • Virtual Slot Machines and Sweepstake opportunities to earn extra coins.
  • Redeeming coins through Paypal or Amazon Gift cards.

Download: Receipt Hog

10. Panel Place

Panel Place is a famous platform for online surveys. The surveying platform also has a android app which can be used to complete surveys and thereby earn money out of it. The app requires you to log in to your Panel Place account or sign in through Facebook. Once logged in the user can choose the surveys he wants to do by joining different survey panels and give information and opinions to well known brands which use the platform the conduct market research and understand market needs.

The amount of money that can be earned differs from survey to survey and most of them are high paying ones. This money so earned can be redeemed by the user either by converting it into cash, vouchers or into gift cards. The survey platform being a reliable and well known one thus makes the app a reliable money earning app.

Key Features:

  • Access to many high paying surveys.
  • Recognized and well Known surveying platform
  • Redeeming the money earned as Cash, Vouchers or Gift Cards.

Download: Panel Place

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