13 Best Stretching Apps For Android and iOS Devices

Are you here to look for the best stretching apps for Android & iOS devices? If yes, then you are in the right place. We bring you the top fitness apps built to make your workout sessions more enjoyable and beneficial to your body. After using them for a while, your range of motion and flexibility will improve. Of course, isn’t that what you want?

Stretching exercises let you stretch and work on specific muscles and tendons. You will experience comfortable toning and enhance your muscle’s elasticity. However, to make sure each muscle in your body is worked on, we bring you the best stretching and fitness apps for Android and iOS devices. Let’s check them out one after the other.

13 Best Stretching Apps For Android and iOS

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1. Start Stretching

Start Stretching

Are you looking forward to enhancing your flexibility and shutting off stress from your tired body? Start Stretching is one of the ideal apps for you. The app is available for iOS devices and comes packed with features to let you enjoy every bit of your workout sessions.

This app is great for beginners looking to start their fitness journey, but anyone can use it, too. You can also perform your workouts alone or in the company of your friends. In addition to that, the app comes designed with a timer so that users can decide how long they would like to exercise and get a notification when time is up. All the stretches are also clearly defined. Hence the exercises are straightforward to understand and follow.

2. Stretching Stickers

Stretching Stickers

There is nothing like starting a stretching contest with your friend. The feeling is great, and a competition like that can motivate you to work harder. So, if you are up for some contest, consider installing the Stretching Sticker app on your mobile device right away. The only thing is the app runs on iMessage.

Besides that, the Stretching Stickers is one of the best stretching apps out there, and one you will enjoy using. It is free and let you access various stretching stickers. Another incredible thing is you can discuss different stretching poses with your buddies and show them your favorite positions. You can also challenge them to a stretching contest anytime. The app is available for iOS devices and is free to use.

3. Stretching & Flexibility Plan

Stretching & Flexibility Plan

If your stretch plan is to focus on enhancing your flexibility and prevent injuries, the Stretching and Flexibility Plan app is the app for you. You will find tons of powerful and impactful stretches on this app, which are easy to perform. Users can also pick a workout program from the app or create their custom workouts themselves.

Using this Stretching & Flexibility Plan app, you can tell the muscle most affected before and after each workout session. The app also comes installed with a timer to let you decide how long you want to spend on your workout sessions. You can also listen to your favorite music while working out too. The Stretching & Flexibility Plan app is also available for iOS devices.

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4. Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching & Flexibility

The Stretching & Flexibility app is another top-notch stretching app like the one earlier mentioned. And whether you are looking to relieve tension, pains, or improve flexibility, you will find the app useful. It lets you discover how vital stretching daily is and the benefit your body receives when you engage yourself regularly.

This app also gives you access to different stretching exercises. You will also find compelling and effective morning warmups and sleeping time exercises to perform. Another impressive thing is the exercises on this app are suitable for all age group, including male and females. It also contains stretching exercises which target all muscle groups. The app is available for iOS devices. It comes built with features such as the ability to track calories, workout reminder, and the option to record your progress as you training daily.

5. Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercises

Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercises

For those who enjoy exercising at home but needs a little push from a coach, The Flexibility Training and Stretching Exercises app is an ideal option for you. The first thing you will like about this app is the voice coach. It will make you feel there is a human coach around to instruct, monitor your progress, and motivate you to push harder.

The app also comes loaded with high-quality demonstration videos so that you can understand the processes better. It is also suitable for all age range and great for male and females. Another exciting thing is the app works offline. And this means you can stretch your body wherever you find yourself, using the app.

6. Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Our sedentary lifestyle is causing more harm than good. And it is easier to blame it on busy schedules. But simple exercises like stretching shouldn’t take hours to perform. So, irrespective of how busy you are, you can always find time to stretch your body. As little as 10 minutes per day is even enough to boost physical fitness. So, if you are eager to lay your sedentary lifestyle to rest, then get the Stretching Exercises app.

There are sixty different daily training exercises on this app, designed for beginners and all age group. The impressive thing about this app is that each task comes with text and instructional videos to guide you to perform the right stretches. The app is also simple to use. All you have to do is follow the virtual instructor. It is also available for Android devices.

7. Warmup Exercises

Warmup Exercises

Warming up is necessary during pre and post-workout. Even athletes usually warm up before engaging in their routine training exercises for their respective sports. It is also suitable for non-athletes too. But to get the body prepared for action, you need to perform the right stretches. The Warmup Exercises app offers over 39 warmups as well as stretching exercises that will benefit your body.

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Each warmup and stretching exercise also targets a specific muscle group in the body. So, all your muscles will benefit from this app, given the different tasks it contains. The app also comes with easy-to-understand audio, video, and text instructions. In addition to that, it includes three different stretching and flexibility plans. The Warmup Exercises app is also available for Android devices.

8. Back Exercises – Healthy Spine & Straight Posture

Back Exercises

These days, people often complain of back and neck pain. Why won’t they? All most people do, given the nature of their job, is work long hours without minding our postures. They forget most times that sitting that way for hours can cause neck pain and back pain, over time. Poor postures mainly when we sit places too much stress on our spines. And this leads to discomfort and backache over time.

But the Back Exercises app is there to address this issue. The app comes with 90 different back stretching exercises, designed to help you develop a strong back and healthy spine. The simplicity of this app is also second to none. You will find text, audio, and video instructions so you can train without a coach. The app is available for Android devices. You can also set reminders, create personal workout programs, and many more.

9. Stretching Routines

Stretching Routines

You can move from a sedentary to an active lifestyle with a simple stretching exercise done routinely. Your health and physical fitness will also improve drastically. However, the only sacrifice you need to make is finding the best stretching app. And with apps like Stretching Routines, your search will be over. Only other apps, this app comes built for all physical activities, not only stretching.

The stretching Routines app is suitable for warmup and muscle strengthening. It is also useful for physical education training and gymnastics. The app is available for Android device and contains exercises designed for different parts of the body. Another impressive thing about this app is that users can create their workout routines and save for later use or send to friends.

10. Simplestretch


The Simplestretch app is one of the best stretching apps out there. It comes loaded with numerous stretching exercises, designed to help improve your health and physical fitness. The app offers tons of comprehensive and balanced stretching routines to let you enjoy all the incredible benefits every time you work your body. For preventing injury, pain management, or enhancing mobility, the Simplestretch app remains a wise choice.

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The app is available for Android devices and is simple and straightforward. Each exercise comes with a description which you can follow to perform the ideal stretches. Sound vibration and progress bar are also among the numerous features the app has. But keep in mind that everything that makes stretching exercises enjoyable is present in this app.

11. Office Stretches Reminder

Office Stretches Reminder

Are you spending too many hours behind your desk? Is working in the office promoting a sedentary lifestyle and taking a toll on your body? If yes, then start engaging in simple but effective office stretches. All you need is a reliable app to make this happen. The Office Stretch Reminder app fits the bill.

This app offers tons of exercises designed to help you protect your spine. The tasks are also simple, as each of them comes with pictorial descriptions and instructional texts. The brain behind this app is to help you perform the right stretches to build that strong back you have always wanted. The app is available for Android devices.

12. Stretch Timer

Stretch Timer

Do you enjoy stretching your body but growing tired of focusing on counting the number of stretches each time? It’s time to take your workouts to another level. With the Stretch Timer, you can stretch your body and focus on other things at the same time. The app has a pleasant chime and is simple to use.

For instance, if you plan to stretch for 35 seconds, you can set the Stretch Timer to notify you. It will then play a sound when it gets to the time set by you. The app makes stretching more enjoyable. Instead of counting how long you have been stretching, you can focus on your TV and let this timer handle that.

13. WeStretch


WeStretch is another incredible stretching app out there. It comes designed with tons of exercises you can perform conveniently, anytime, and anywhere. You can also stretch while doing your house chores or working at the office. WeStretch is also free and is available for Android devices.

Plus with this app, you don’t need to acquire any workout equipment, classes, or gym. It comes with simple but practical exercises, approved by a certified physiotherapist. The app’s artificial intelligence also makes the entire process more engaging.


Now you know the best Stretching apps for your Android and iOS devices. They are also not only simple to use but effective. If you lead a sedentary life, you can still maintain your fitness with any of these apps.

Another incredible thing about these stretching apps is that you can perform the stretches and workouts anywhere and anytime. You also do not require equipment, gym, or classes to stretch your body or boost physical fitness. Now choose your preferred fitness app for stretching to give your body what it deserves.

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