15+ Best Sites Like Solarmovie – Alternative Movie Streaming Sites Like Solarmovie {2022}

Finding the best sites like Solarmovie would be time-consuming and tasking. The thing is Solarmovie has set a high standard that not many movie streaming platforms can match. But to make things simple, we have managed to handpick some of the top-rated alternatives like Solarmovie. The alternatives to Solarmovie include YesMovies, Fmovies, Vumoo, Streamog, 123Movies, Movies4K, Movie Watcher, Rainier Land, Haloa, YIFY Movies, CMovies, VexMovies, Yomovies.

However, the picture quality and features you will find on Solarmovie are awe-inspiring. Anyway, that’s why it’s one of the favorites of most movie lovers. But then, it will get to a point you will be extremely tired of using Solarmovie and want a change. So, when that time comes, these are the best Solarmovie alternatives you should try out.

15+ Alternative Sites Like Solarmovie

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1. StreamingSites

Streaming Sites

StreamingSites.com reviews the best streaming sites. Watch free series, TV shows, cartoons, sports, and premium HD movies on the most popular streaming sites. You can find all top streaming sites by quality. Instead of looking for individual sites for watching online movies or your favorite TV shows, you can log in to Streaming sites and watch your preferred movie online.

StreamingSites does not only offer reviews of online movie and TV streaming services, though, it also provides insights into some of the best music streaming sites, live TV providers, sports streaming services, entertainment news outlets, movie review sites, and useful software that can help make your online movie and TV viewing experience as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

2. YesMovies

Whether you are from the United States, India, China, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, or Europe, YesMovies has got you covered. The site is designed to reward movie lovers, and it’s free to access. Impressively, you will find high-quality content that will keep you engaged for as long as you can handle.

Find movies in different genres, top IMDb, and country. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, then hit the request button to let YesMovies know you want them to add a movie to their collection. But have in mind that you will encounter a few ads on the platform. But don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with annoying popups.

3. Fmovies

From Cinema collection to old school movies, Fmovies has quality content that will satisfy your appetite for movies. The simple interface of this platform makes it super easy to navigate too. But have in mind that you might have to deal with some ads, they are not intrusive though.

Movies on Fmovies are free to watch. You won’t have to pay a dime or register an account. Finding videos here is also a breeze. You can sort them either by their genre, country, alphabetical order, most watched or even year of release.

So, if you are looking for a complete Solarmovie alternative to watch full movies and TV series, then you may likely fall deeply in love with Fmovies. Check it out now!

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4. Vumoo

Another top quality Solarmovie alternative is Vumoo. The only significant difference which isn’t a drawback though is how Vumoo is organized. You will only find two icons to access media files (movies and TV series). But mind you, Vumoo is content-rich. Visit and see for yourself.

Streaming quality of this platform is also not bad at all. It’s almost like Solarmovie’s. Another thing is you don’t have to sign up or pay a fee to access contents on this platform. Vumoo also provides between 2 to 3 services to offer better entertainment to their visitors without letting them move to another site. Overall, it’s a great movies platform that is qualified to be on this list.

5. Streamog

Streamog is another great Solarmovie alternative where you can watch movies in English and French version. The site is a breeze to navigate and has loads of exciting contents for the viewing pleasure of their visitors.

Another area where Streamog has a higher rating is the loading speed. It loads faster, and this makes watching movies online a breeze. You will have access to stream the latest Box Office movies on this platform. And, on the other hand, locating movies on Streamog is a breeze.

6. 123Movies

If you need a reliable and fast platform to watch movies, 123Movies fits the bill. But mind you, Ads on this platform are a bit intrusive. But that will never prevent you from getting the quality of entertainment you seek.

123Movies is easy to navigate and stores an extensive list of HD quality movies. Plus you will also have access to recent films on this website too. Another remarkable thing is access to the platform is free. Search for movies based on release date, country or genre and start enjoying. You can also request for any film you know is available but cannot locate on 123Movies.

7. Movie4K

Visiting Movie4K to stream movies is like going to the cinema or purchasing the film itself. The platform is a legal project, designed to give movie lovers a chance to access top-rated movies for free. From comedy, adventure to action, you can search for contents under different genres.

The streaming speed of this platform is also awe-inspiring. On the other hand, Movie4K let users choose the quality of video they would like to stream, from 1080p to 360p. You can also search for movies of your choice using the release year. What’s more? You also don’t need to register to stream movies. Just visit the platform, click on any film of your choice, and that’s it.

8. Movie Watcher

If you need a reliable and trustworthy movie streaming platform, try Movie Watcher. The platform is not only secured but also has incredible movie streaming speed you will love. Another thing is the site itself. It is well-built and straightforward to navigate. Compared to many other Solarmovie alternatives, Movie Watcher stands out.

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You will also have access to top quality movies here too. And you can get the latest releases, both TV shows and movies, all for free on Movie Watcher. Another thing you will find remarkable about this site is the ratings for each film. It will help you in making your choices faster.

9. Rainier Land

One of the sites most underestimated is Rainier Land. And it’s surprising that many movie lovers haven’t started flocking this platform in droves. Rainier Land has top HD quality movies across different genres. In addition to that, the site is also straightforward to navigate.

Rainier Land is a perfect Solarmovie substitute in every aspect. Remarkably, you will even find all the first rated movies of the IMDb here. What’s more? Besides benefiting from the recommendation option, you will see the description for each video boldly written, to give you insight about the said movie.

10. Haloa

What genre of film do you seek? Is it action, crime, adventure, or animation? Name it. Haloa has everything you need and more. Yes, more. The platform is one of the best Solarmovie alternatives in all ramifications. It has top quality movies.

Also, when you place your mouse or cursor on each movie listed there, you will have myriads of information regarding the said movie. These include IMDb rating, minutes, country, genre and description of the film. Haloa is also a high-quality site, well built and has loads of contents too. It’s easy and free to use.

11. YIFY Movies

This platform is one of a kind. You will have access to download top quality movies in 720p, 1080p as well as 3D quality. The interface is also super cool and attract. But you have to sign up to have full access to the website.

Also, registration on YIFY Movies is quite easy. And sensitive information will also not be requested from you during registration. Also, if you are looking for a movie streaming platform where you can download and watch movies to your heart’s content, then pay a visit to YIFY. It’s free, fast and easy.

Also, if you figure out that a site isn’t opening, use “best Yify proxy sites” to search and find the original movie.

12. Los Movies

Are you seeking access to the latest movies online for free, constantly? Visit Los Movies, one of the best Solarmovie alternatives. The site is user-friendly and well-designed that even a first-timer won’t have any problems using it.

Los Movies has loads of content. And that is one of the factors that impress movie lovers about this platform the most. In addition to that, you can even find movies with subtitles, and all made for your viewing pleasure. And regarding streaming, you won’t have any problem with Los Movies.

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13. Cmovies

Upon visiting Cmovies, you will conclude that it’s a premium movie streaming site. But it’s not a premium platform where you get to pay before accessing content. Again, it has a user-friendly interface which makes it similar to Solarmovie. Plus it is feature-rich and if you have excellent internet service, watching movies on this platform is a breeze.

However, you don’t need to register or download movies to watch. Just visit Cmovies online and search for content via genre and country. Also, you will find movies in HD, SD, and CAM here too. Search for top IMDb media contents or request for a film you can’t see on the platform.

14. Vexmovies

At first glance, you may think that Vexmovies does not contain media content. But guess what, it’s rich in content. Dig deep, and you will be surprised at the myriads of the latest movies Vexmovies has to offer.

The thing is the design is simple, but the platform comes loaded with things that will keep you entertained. To watch a movie on this platform, click on the film, next is the play button. Then click on it to start watching your favorite movies. Or you can carefully search and select the movie of your choice on the dashboard. It’s up to you to decide.

15. Yomovies

Yomovies also has a broad selection of movies, and the quality of media contents is impressive. Movies are also in diverse categories such as Hollywood movies, Punjab movies, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, Telugu movies, and +18 movies, among others.

Furthermore, Yomovies grants users the privilege to stream and download contents without registration. You can also access TV shows, top IMDb contents and know what’s trending in the movie world. Overall, it has all the qualities that the best Solarmovie alternative should have.

16. MydownloadTube

If you want to take your adventurous life and love for movies to the next level, then make MydownloadTube your home. It’s not just a movie platform but also contains exciting games to give you complete entertainment. In short, the site is all about having fun. And, it’s loaded with exciting movies to provide the sort of show you seek.

Again, another thing that sets MydownloadTube apart is the simple interface. It is so easy to navigate or find contents on the platform. You will also see the latest updates of new additions displaying on the platform so that you will have the necessary information about the movies available.


Identifying the best sites like Solarmovie won’t be easy because there are myriads of movie streaming sites out there. And the best in this case also means a platform that can stand the test of time. However, these best Solarmovie alternative platforms have paid their dues. So, rest assured that you will find top-quality content and watch movies to your heart’s content on any of them.

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