Top 10 Free MP3 Download Websites of 2022

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!” Most of us are familiar with this dialogue Albus Dumbledore says in the Philosopher’s Stone. It expresses the feelings most of us have towards music. We often find comfort in songs when we can’t find refuge elsewhere. It nourishes, warms and often heals the soul.

Access to music has never been so easy as in the modern era. There is no more the need to collect records or CDs with the songs from your favorite artist. Your favorite song let it be a 20 year old classic or a recent hit that you just can’t resist, is all but a click away with many sites offering the content to you. Some of those sites might be paid offering you premium content that other sites do not. But most sites out there are in fact free and offer almost every track you will need.

The following are the top 10 free mp3 download websites you can use to get the music you love for free. The list starts with the site that gives the most content to the ones which relatively give much lesser.

Top 10 Free MP3 Download Websites of 2022

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1. Mp3 Juices


Mp3 Juices is without doubt is the frontrunner when it comes to downloading free mp3. The site has 7 sources, out of which two being YouTube and Soundcloud are major music databases. 4shared is another important source for this site. It allows a user to stream the content online and also download without any hassles at all. The site is also free from most ads that you see on other sites and has a very simple user interface composing of a search bar using which you get the tracks you want.

There is no categorization or listing of songs displayed on the site because it relies on the database of the other mentioned sources. No extra software has to be downloaded for downloading the songs and no account creation or logins are required as well. Overall with the number of tracks it provides and also because of the user friendly interface it should be your go to destination.

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Website Link: Mp3Juices

2. YouTube + Any Good Video Converter


YouTube. I doubt that there will be much people on the net who hasn’t heard of YouTube or who hasn’t used it. YouTube as we all know is a large depository of videos and songs. But why is it in the list for Top 10 free mp3 download sites then?. It is so because YouTube can be used to download free mp3. To do so you just have to use a Free video converter (there are plenty of those) and copy the YouTube link onto the site.

The site will convert the video into mp3 format and you have what you need. This is a great way for downloading mp3 as YouTube has a large database of songs of all genres. There is also not much ads except the ones you may come across in the convertor’s site. No logins or registration is required and it is also a very simple method to download the songs you love.

Website Link: YouTube

3. Mp3Clan


Mp3 clan is a easy to use website that offers users with a large collection of music tracks. It has a upgraded log in feature that requires an account. But the registration is not required for a user to download the music he wants which can still be downloaded freely. The site does not have a online streaming option.

The site does not require the user to use any other subsidiary software to download the track. It is quite user-friendly and has categorized the music track into different heads majorly based on the genre of the music. There are no ads on the site and the download process is fairly simple with one clear download option.

Website Link: Mp3Clan

4. Mp3Skull


Mp3Skull is a well known website that is used by many users to download their favorite songs. It has a large collection of songs from different genres and across different languages. Apart from mp3 it also provides videos and movies. The search bar allows a user to search for specific songs he may want.

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The download button will lead to a new tab opening with an ad. No subsidiary software is required to download the track and streaming feature is available. No registration also is required to gain access to the songs. It gets a position below Mp3Clan because of the ads leading the user to new tabs and others websites, whereas Mp3Clan having a similar large collection does not do that.

Website Link: Mp3Skull

5. Mp3Fusion


Mp3Fusion is the next important go to destination for music lovers. With a collection rivalled and surpassed only by the sites already mentioned, Mp3Fusion offers the user a very simple powerful and efficient interface which does not promote ads, which allows streaming and which effectively categorizes the music on the site into various logical heads to allow easy access. Even though there is a login option is present, the user does not have to login to download or stream the tracks. No extra software is required to download the music.

Website Link: Mp3Fusion

6. Instamp3


Instamp3 is a site that provides a user with a large collection of songs. The site does not provide any categorization and only displays the recent searches. The user thus has to rely solely on the search bar. The site does not require registration and login and online streaming is possible. The songs can be downloaded easily without having to rely on any other website. The major drawback is the pop up ads that pops up when you click on the buttons of the site. Apart from that it is a great site to download music.

Website Link: Instamp3

7. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a prominent mp3 download site with a large collection spanning a number of languages. The site allows online streaming and also selectively allows the download of the most of the tracks. For songs which you can’t download from Soundcloud directly, websites like 9Soundcloud downloader can be used.

The site does not have ads displayed on it and the songs can be downloaded only after you register for a free account and log in to it. It features a lower position in this list even though it has a large collection because of the need for registration and also because some songs are not downloadable without relying on a different website.

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Website Link: SoundCloud

8. BeeMp3


BeeMp3 is a good place to go searching for music. The site offers a decent collection of songs which is categorized in terms of the starting letter of the song or the name of the artist. There are no ads on the site and no login or registration is required to download music. No other software is also needed to get the songs that you love. It also allows online streaming.

Website Link: BeeMp3

9. Seekasong


Another website with a good collection is The site has a very user-friendly interface and has multiple layers on categorization based on different criterions. There are no ads on the site and most songs on the site can be streamed. The site also does not require additional software to download the music and no registration or login is required. The collection is however not every expansive and does not provide prominent tracks of other languages apart from the mainstream language of English.

Website Link: Seekasong

10. Jamendo


Jamendo is a site that offers great content under a very simple categorization based on Genre. The collection is not very expansive and does not cover multiple languages that some of the sites mentioned above does, but it is still very decent. The song can be downloaded only after registering a free account with the site and the user is logged in. There are no ads and no other software is required to download the songs. Streaming is possible and registration is not required. The collection is not very expansive and prominently consists of English music.

Website Link: Jamendo

Most tracks on the internet are available for a user to download on all or any of these sites. These sites along with other free sites out there ensure that there is no dearth of good music and that access to music is easy and affordable to all.

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