15 Alternative Sites Like Rabb.it To Watch Movies and Listening To Music

Are you a movie lover looking for the best sites like Rabb.it? Guess what, your curiosity has landed you in the right place.

There is so much you stand to benefit from Rabb.it if you genuinely love watching movies or listening to music. You will not only get the chance to enjoy your favorite music or stream movies. You can also share them with your loved ones. Interesting, right? That’s why Rabb.it has remained a top choice for movie lovers all these years.

The technology of Rabb.it is one of a kind. The platform even supports other top entertainment platforms like Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, among others. And irrespective of the country you find yourself, you can watch movies and TV series with friends, family, and your spouse.

But then, you might get tired of Rabb.it one day. It’s a normal thing that happens to every human. But before that time comes, check out these incredible Rabb. it alternatives that offer the same features or even more.

15 Alternative Sites Like Rabb.it To Watch Movies

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1. MyCircle.tv

This platform has what it takes to top this list. It has an intuitive interface and let users do many incredible things together. First, you can watch movies, TV shows and any content you find interesting, with family, friends, and spouse.

MyCircle.tv is entertainment personified. In addition to videos, you can also listen to different kinds of music with other users whenever you desire. Another impressive thing about this Rabb. it alternative is that you can chat with other users while watching movies or listening to songs. Call it a movie-streaming and social media platform, and you won’t be wrong.

2. SnapTop

What makes SnapTop a highly sought after platform among movie lovers? Is it because it allows a user to watch any movie of their choice with other users together? Not only that by the way. SnapTop also gives access to quality movies that makes the whole movie-streaming thing fascinating.

Watching movies on this platform will make you feel like you are in a cinema. You will have access to HD movies and a great collection of the latest in the entertainment world too. In addition to the above features, watching movies on SnapTop is free. You can also access the platform from any browser too. So if you are ready, create an account and start enjoying.

3. Togethr.TV

If you are eager to know why Togethr. TV is on this list of best alternative sites like Rabb. it, pay a visit and see for yourself. The website is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. You can also watch movies, YouTube videos or any media content you want with others, on this platform.

The only thing that can also prevent you from falling deeply in love with this platform is when you have poor internet service. Impressively, you can also download the software on your Windows device for easy access to videos whenever and wherever you find yourself. Guess you like that? Then get started immediately.

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4. AndChill

Get your device ready; now sit on a comfortable couch AndChill. An impressive name right? AndChill is another video-streaming platform that will leave you speechless. The platform is well-designed and features tons of exciting contents you surely won’t get tired of watching.

You can get others to share movies and video-contents with you on this platform. And the process is as simple as anything you can imagine. All you need to do is to create a room and invite your friend or spouse that you would like to watch movies with on the platform. But if they are already available, search for them using their room name. It’s as simple as that.

5. Watch2Gether

As the name implies, Watch2Gether comes designed with features that make it possible for you and your friends to have fun watching movies together, irrespective of geographical location.  Just create a room and invite whoever you want to join you. It’s free and easy. You can also share the link of the room you created for others to partake.

Watch2Gether gives access to a variety of top quality contents from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even SoundCloud. What’s more? You can also go shopping with your buddies on Amazon, via this incredible platform. And don’t forget to listen to music too. It’s one of the offerings you can enjoy on Watch2gether for free and of course, one that makes it one of the best Rabb.it alternatives out there.

6. ShareTube

ShareTube is also an incredible platform where you can watch different kinds of videos. Unlike many other sites like Rabb.it, ShareTube gives access to an extensive collection of videos that will keep you entertained for long. And the majority of content you will find here are also exciting and engaging. Try them out.

Create a room and then proceed to invite your friends or relations to join you. You can also join rooms if you already have a room name. The platform also has a user-friendly interface, one of the best you will ever find among other video-streaming sites on the internet.

7. Blatube

Another incredible Rabb.it alternative that belongs to the “Tube” family of video streaming platforms is Blatube. It offers tremendous video-streaming experience and let users share contents with their friends and relations with ease too.

Blatube offers an extensive collection of movies, videos and different kinds of media contents. So, it’s a complete platform designed to keep you and your sidekick engaged for many hours. Give it try, and you might end up being addicted to the platform for life.

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8. Let’s Gaze

If you have a partner or friend that lives far away, you can strengthen your relationship by sharing a movie with that person. Think about it. It might just be the recipe that can keep you both happy and get the friendship going even though you both are far apart. That’s what Let’s Gaze offers – an opportunity to connect friends irrespective of distance.

You can watch your personal media contents with your friends via Let’s Gaze too. It mustn’t be from the platform alone. Another thing that this platform offers is that you can make video calls, which is quite impressive. So, invite your friends and get started.

9. SyncPlay

If you want a video-streaming platform that supports many languages and let you watch movies, TV series, among others with your loved ones, then try SyncPlay. It supports languages like English, German, Russian and Italian. So,  language difference won’t be a problem for you and your friend from any of these countries.

As the name implies, SyncPlay synchronizes media players in a way that allows users to watch media contents with others far away. It’s also free software you can download straight to your Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems.

10. Rave

Rave is all in one platform. In short, it is one of the best Rabb. it alternatives and a platform that will get you addicted to movie streaming. It is so simple to understand and navigate. Plus you will also get the chance to stream movies and different kinds of videos with your buddies who are hundreds of miles away.

In addition to movies, Rave also gives users the privilege to listen to music to their heart’s content. The platform is designed to keep users like you happy, and also grant you the entertainment you deserve. Again, you can chat on this platform while streaming videos too.

11. TogetherTube

If you seriously are looking for an alternative platform like Rabb.it that can match your communication and video-stream needs, then you can try TogetherTube. First, this platform has a chat feature built-in for easy communication while watching videos with friends.

And in addition to that, TogetherTube also let users create rooms and browse other active rooms. You can also join any room to take the fun to the next level. In the room, there are options for everyone to cast their votes. And the video that records the highest vote will be the next in line to be played.

12. Sync Video

The first thing you will like about this site is that it is entirely free. But then, there is a request for users to make some donations, though voluntarily. If you are head over hills for YouTube and Vimeo media contents, you will enjoy using Sync Video.

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The Sync Video is also one of the most straightforward Rabb.it alternatives among the myriads of video synchronization platforms out there. And if you are using Mozilla or Google Chrome browsers, you will find it easier to create rooms or watch contents that are compatible with the browsers too.

13. TubiTV

The first thing you will like about this platform is the extensive list of movies it has. Then secondly, it offers high-quality video contents that you can watch to your heart’s content. TubiTV is free for everyone looking to burn the little time they have on movies.

So, if you are looking for great contents that will take those dull moments that you sometimes spend thinking about past experiences that still hurts away, then visit TubiTV, and you will never have any reason to regret your actions.

14. Juicebox

Friends can develop stronger bonds when they listen to their favorite songs together, not just movies. If you’re in this category, then you have to try Juicebox. As the name implies, Juicebox is one platform that will grant you the opportunity to listen to juicy songs from the finest artists in the music industry.

Another impressive thing about this platform is not the extensive collection of songs it has. Neither is it the latest songs you will enjoy. But the fact that one can also listen to music simultaneously with others makes this platform unique. In other words, instead of watching movies with your friends, you will get the chance to listen to songs you both cherish.

15. Wavelength

The brain behind this platform is to give friends a chance to reunite even though they are far away. And what better way you can keep in touch or remember the good memories than watching movies or listening to awesome tunes together.

On Wavelength, you can create a room and invite your friends and relations to join. Distance isn’t a barrier too. After creating your room, never forget to add your favorite videos or music so the fun can begin. On the other hand, you can decide to join an already existing room if you please.


If you are yearning for some bonding time with your friends, these Rabb.it alternatives will surely make your day. Try them; don’t be shy! Let your friends know you care by sharing your favorite movies, video clips or music with them.

These are similar sites like Rabb. it. Some even offer something more. So, if you are looking for the opportunity to watch movies or listen to different kinds of music with your buddies, then these are the best platforms for you at the moment.

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