13 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) in 2022

Are you desperately in search of the best Grammarly alternatives? If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether you are an academic professional, student, blogger or a paper editor, Grammarly is one of the writing tools you would certainly need at some point.

Grammarly can help take care of different types of errors in your writing. It also does it quickly and easily too. Also, suggestion this tool offers will not only help to improve the quality of your paper but writing skills over time. So, Grammarly it’s excellent if you can afford it. It has a free and premium plan too, only that the price of the premium plan is way out of many users’ budget.

Though has a Grammarly free plan, it is limited feature-wise. It can also fix only critical or minor errors. But, if you are on a budget and want a similar tool like Grammarly, check out the list below.

13 Best Grammarly Alternatives

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1. Hemingway


Hemingway is a popular tool like Grammarly, designed to improve any piece of writing. But it is not as feature-rich as Grammarly, but a great alternative when Grammarly is out of reach. Hemingway focuses on providing an update on the readability of your work, which is relevant for any piece of writing whether it’s a blog post, email newsletter, essay or thesis paper. A high readability score means that even non-native English speakers can read and understand your writing with ease.

However, Hemingway not only displays the readability score of texts, but offer suggestions on how to improve it. These might include fixing of passive voices, and phrase alternatives to use, among others. Just copy and paste your entire text on the platform; it would highlight areas you need to work on to improve readability score.

2. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is another Grammarly alternative that doesn’t need much introduction. It has tons of useful features, and you can also use it to check for plagiarism as Grammarly does. ProWritingAid is also popular among authors, expert essay writers, students, copywriters, and blog owners. It has a user-friendly interface and quite simple to use.

You can change language option to US or UK English on ProWritingAid, anyone that suits your targeted audience. And like Grammarly, it can edit all writing style such as academic, business, blog posts and more. Also, regarding pricing, ProWritingAid is more budget-friendly compared to Grammarly.

3. Jetpack


A Jetpack is a unique tool designed to fix spelling and grammar mistakes in any written paper or article. The tool is feature-rich and customizable. In other words, you can configure the proofreading feature to get the result you seek. These include features like hidden verb, clichés, complex phrases and more.

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The thing is once you thick the box for any of the feature, it will check and highlight the errors for you to fix. But on Grammarly, there is no option to configure the proofreading feature. Grammar issues are automatically on detected Grammarly and suggestions are offered accordingly. Furthermore, Jetpack can handle all proofreading tasks, and it can even do it better than many Grammarly alternatives out there. WordPress users who have the Jetpack plugin installed on their site will find this tool useful in many ways.

4. WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke is another budget-friendly Grammarly alternative that you would enjoy using. It can edit your text thoroughly and quickly too. This tool will not only identify grammar errors your writeup. It can suggest changes which can help to improve the quality of your paper as well as your writing skills over time.

No matter the grammatical blunders your paper has, WhiteSmoke can fix them. It also explains errors so that users would understand their mistakes and avoid repeating the same thing in the future. Furthermore, WhiteSmoke also runs seamlessly on any device and operating system. You can have it on Android and iOS devices to proofread your papers or articles on the go.

5. CorrectEnglish


It is a bit difficult for most non-native speaker to write in English language without commit grammar errors, even native speakers can make grammar mistakes too. CorrectEnglish is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to help users fix grammar and spelling errors. And it does so with ease. When you install the software on your Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, you will receive instant recommendations when writing, to help improve the quality of your paper or article.

CorrectEnglish also offers students and academic professionals other incredible benefits besides fixing spelling and Grammar issues. For those who are struggling to format their papers in APA, MLA or Chicago styles, you can have them sorted out on CorrectEnglish with a simple click.

6. Typely


Every writer knows what it means to be precise in article and paper editing tasks. But unfortunately, not all proofreading tools ensure precision, particularly the free ones. Some can even raise a false alarm and offer suggestions that when initiated can transform a written article or paper from bad to worse.

However, Typely is different in that regard. It is one of the most precise free proofreading tools out there. The only drawback the tool has is that users can only check a maximum of 50,000 characters at once.

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7. Ginger


If you’re searching for a reliable Grammarly alternative that can handle any of your writing, whether assignments or blog post, try Ginger. It is one of the best proofreading tools suitable for students, academic professionals, bloggers, and any writing project. It detects errors quickly and also runs seamlessly on various operating systems and browsers.

Ginger is also super easy to use, and edits in WordPress, emails, social media and Microsoft Word. But then, this tool does not only help with proofreading blog posts, emails, essays or assignments. It can also translate your writing to 40 different languages too.

8. SlickWrite


SlickWrite is another top Grammarly alternative that can help you fix spelling and grammar errors like a pro. Plus it’s a tool that any writer would find useful. You can write on the text editor directly or copy and paste texts on the platform to get your proofreading task done with ease.

Like Grammarly, SlickWrite also gives you access to associate words, dictionary or thesaurus definition of words to help improve your work. Furthermore, this tool can help improve the readability of your paper or article, which is something noteworthy.

9. OnlineCorrection


If you don’t have the budget for Grammarly, another tool that can serve as a great substitute is OnlineCorrection. This platform is free, and you don’t need to download any app to start using it too. Just copy and paste your text on the platform to start editing your paper.

OnlineCorrection can help fix grammar errors and typos, punctuation, duplicate words, and style of writing. And though it doesn’t provide in-depth proofreading as Grammarly does, it still fixes critical issues that may destroy the quality of your paper or article. You can also choose different dialect to edit your work accordingly, which includes American English, UK English, New Zealand English, South African English, and Australian English.

10. PaperRater


Another top spelling and grammar checker is PaperRater. It has a simple interface, and it’s also super easy to use. Furthermore, PaperRater has a free and premium plan. But keep in mind that the free option has some limitations regarding features. On the free program, users are only allowed 50 submissions per month, and it’s not also ads-free. So if you are a heavy user and need quality output, then the premium option might be of better value to you.

Unlike Grammarly that offers downloadable app and web option, PaperRater is only accessible online. And to use this platform, all you need to do is to visit the site, sign up and log in whenever you want to edit your paper or article.

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11. SentenceCheckup


SentenceCheckup is one of the best Grammarly alternatives you can access for free. Another incredible thing about this tool is that users need not sign up or install on their browser extension to proofread texts. All you need do is to visit the site, copy and paste your entire text, and after that, click the Checkup icon to fix your paper.

SentenceCheckup also allows users to edit their papers in both American and British English. It also has two options which are “checkup” and “deep check.” But impressively, the deep check option takes you to another editor, Ginger, which is also a great tool to use. The tool can also help you check and correct run-on sentence, sentence fragment, spelling and grammar errors.

12. GrammarLookup


You can fix spelling mistakes, style, punctuation and other grammar issues with this AI-powered tool with ease, isn’t that awesome? GrammarLookup might not be as feature-rich or as superior as Grammarly, but it’s a tool you will surely find useful.

However, the speed at which GrammarLookup proofreads text is fantastic. Another incredible thing about this Grammarly alternative is that it is entirely free and you don’t need to sign up to continue using it. The tool also offers two options to fix errors which are “Lookup” and “Deep Check,” but clicking on the latter redirects you to Ginger, another fantastic proofreading tool.

13. Typosaurus


Typosaurus is an incredible tool that’s also different from other sites like Grammarly. This platform isn’t for students, but bloggers or those who have their businesses online. You are also not required to install the software on your device. But there’s an option to add to your chrome browser, wherein you can check spelling and grammar mistakes in your site with just one click.

In other words, if you have your articles already published on your website, this tool can help to bring errors or typos to your notice with ease. It can also scan your entire site quickly, and it is entirely free to use, at least for the time being.


Alright, these are the best Grammarly alternatives out there, at least for the time being. Other tools may come into the picture later on, but these tools are the best alternatives to the heavyweight proofreading tool, Grammarly, at least for now. So, now that you have this list, you can start fixing your paper or articles by first choosing the platform that is most suitable to you.

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