15 Best Alternative Sites Like LiveLeak To Enjoy Watching Videos Online

LiveLeak is a platform that has redefined and taken video streaming to another level. Everyone is happy with the platform and how it operates.

If you are looking for a platform to continually watch music videos, news, viral videos and other entertaining contents, LiveLeak has got you covered. What’s more? The platform also gives you access to find out about the latest Bollywood gossips and much more.

But LiveLeak isn’t the only platform to offer such services. Tons of other platforms do the same thing. So, if you are highly curious and don’t want to miss out on any hot news, then it’s ideal you acknowledge the other sites that are similar. So without much ado, here are 15 best sites like LiveLeak that will grant you the same enjoyment and fun.

15 Best Alternative Sites Like LiveLeak

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1. YouTube


Who doesn’t know YouTube? Well, if you don’t, then be glad you are here. YouTube started operation in 2005 and has grown to become one of the top video-sharing platforms in this niche.

Besides being a platform to read the news or watch stunning videos from different parts of the world, you should also know that tons of people are making a living out of YouTube. Everyone can sign up for an account on YouTube and post videos. And you can also share everything from sports, celebrity gossips, viral videos, science, films, and many more.

But if you are only going to use YouTube for fun and not to upload videos, sign up to any YouTuber’s channel or follow one to get constant contents to watch.

2. MyVidster


If you are looking for best sites like LiveLeak, try MyVidster. This platform is bursting with goodness and contains tons of awesome videos that will keep you glued to your precious device for many hours.

MyVidster is a social video sharing and bookmarking site. But the platform is not as popular as YouTube and a couple of LiveLeak alternatives you will come across. But the good part is everyone can sign up and create their video collections. You can also get the Video Bookmark for MyVidster to collect and download awesome videos from the site too.

3. Flickr


Who doesn’t know the LiveLeak alternative called Flickr? If you know YouTube, you probably should have heard about Flickr too. The platform started in 2004, a year before YouTube. But surprisingly, many don’t know that besides photos, one can post videos on the platform too.

Now, here is the deal; you can share videos on Flickr. In short, you have the opportunity to share videos as large as 1 GB on this website. The process is also similar to uploading photos. You will find awesome videos and pictures on this platform. It also can function as a social media handle too.

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4. Metacafe


If you need a platform where you can locate incredible videos with just a push of the button, then Metacafe is one of the best sites like LiveLeak to try out. The platform is similar to LiveLeak in every way. And one impressive thing you will like about it is the organization.

Videos are categorized into different sections for easy navigation. And it’s a welcome development for their users to save time and energy. Categories include comedy, video game, news, art, sports, pet, outdoor and many more. Just click on the icon at the top left corner to unveil them and choose where your interest lies.

5. Vimeo


If you want to watch quality videos and consume fresh contents on a daily basis, join Vimeo. It’s one of the best sites like LiveLeak bursting with quality videos to feed your itching eyes. Video quality ranges from 4K to the Ultra High Definition ( HD) class.

Vimeo is well-organized just like LiveLeak and other top-notch video-streaming platforms on this list. And just like YouTube, you can even follow other users to get updates and watch their videos on a regular basis.

But in as much as the platform is free to join, have in mind that they also offer a paid plan too. It’s a plan you won’t regret it if you have the financial capacity to go for it. The premium plan also gives you the privilege to watch movies too.

6. DailyMotion


This video hosting and sharing platform, is increasing in popularity gradually. The platform started in 2005, and it’s available worldwide in 18 different languages. This site is easy to navigate. You will also find an extensive list of quality and entertaining videos.

Upon visiting the site, you can click on the “Explore” icon to unveil quality contents to feed your eyes. You will have access to the latest news, sports, and trailers from the finest creators, channels and brands on DailyMotion. The videos are not in any category, but you are inevitably going to enjoy every second you spend on the platform.

7. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video

If you want to take a break and feed your eyes with quality videos that will make you laugh, then visit Xfinity Video. The video quality you will encounter on this platform will excite you too.

Xfinity Video has a free plan and a premium option that involves a subscription fee. You also have to choose from a wide array of categories where you will find exciting videos to watch. Be it lifestyle, TV, finance, sports, entertainment. You can also check for available TV listings available and watch TV online from the comfort of your home.

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8. DTube


Upon visiting DTube, you will think its own and ran by YouTube. Both platforms look too similar, but they have differences also. While DTube allows adult content and other stuff, YouTube’s has strict rules against them.

DTube is a great platform that let you enjoy incredible live stream experience. You can also watch videos and upload contents at will on this platform. But you have to sign up for an account. Another thing that makes this platform one of the best LiveLeak alternatives is the regular contents it receives. You will never be short of videos to watch.

9. BitChute


BitChute is another top LiveLeak alternative on the list of video-streaming platforms. The platform comes loaded with tons of quality contents that will entertain you for a whole day or even longer. In short, there is something for you in every category, be it sports, anime, animation, politics, travel, music and even education.

Another impressive thing about this platform is the nature of the videos it contains. You will find top quality videos that are entertaining to watch and new contents are always available whenever you are ready — just register and sign in to get started.

10. Veoh


If you are someone that likes nothing but quality videos, one platform that will impress you is Veoh. It’s a platform for individuals looking for a user-friendly video hosting platform to share or watch videos.

Everything about this LiveLeak alternative is adorable. You will spot the difference when you compare with other platforms too. It has quite a lot of categories that you will surely enjoy. Be it horror, comedy, adventure, movies, anime and different niches, Veoh has content for every group to keep you entertained.

11. Funny or Die

Funny or Die

This platform brings comedy to your home. It contains contents that will make you laugh and crack those ribs. You will find top quality funny videos here, some from your favorite celebrities and other unfamiliar faces.

Funny or Die is singly about comedy. And impressively, it has a beautiful and clean interface that makes navigation a breeze. So, take some time out and signup on this platform to regularly receive newsletters, so that you can keep up to date with funny things that are happening in different parts of the world.

12. Tizmos


There is time for work and time for play. That’s how the world we live in operates. And now that homeschooling and informal learning is gaining weight, one has no other choice than to play along. Whether you are a parent or teacher, you will find Tizmos useful.

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Tizmos is a bit different from other LiveLeak alternatives in the manner in which it operates. If you are a teacher, you can use the platform to build a page with links to useful videos and visual resources that will help your students. The idea is to keep them engage and protected from spending time on other things whenever they visit the web.

13. AOL


How would you react to a situation whereby a man attempts to travel across the Atlantic ocean in a barrel? Of course, you may have doubts, but that’s one of the millions of crazy videos that one can find on a daily basis from a platform like AOL.

However, many of AOL’s visitors don’t know that the web-based search engine (AOL) offers other unique services. Well, so now that you know, you can get started. You will find loads of entertaining videos on this platform, including news from established and upcoming celebrities across the globe.

14. Rediff


Rediff is one of India’s most excellent entertainment platforms, providing all kinds of videos for the viewing pleasure of people from the region and the rest of the world. You will find leading videos on this website and an excellent opportunity to stream movies too.

There are many impressive things about this platform, and one of them is the interface. It’s user-friendly and easy to locate contents. In short, you can even spend a whole day going through the many videos you will find on Rediff. They are tempting. Everyone is also entitled to upload videos on this platform. Just register and get started right away.

15. Stupid Videos

Stupid Videos

If you are ready to laugh to your heart’s content and handle shock when you encounter crazy stunts on a video, then you are free to visit Stupid Videos. As the name implies, this platform contains loads of crazy videos that will keep you glued to your device.

If you enjoy hilarious and funny things, you will find this platform amazing considering the tons of contents it has in that niche. You will also find funny videos from standup comedians on this platform too.


So here you have it, the best sites like LiveLeak to stream, upload and share exciting videos with your friends, families and to also entertain yourself. Interestingly, all the platforms on this list receive regular updates, hence are rich in content. You will also enjoy great entertainment when you visit these platforms. So, go through each of them and pick the one that appeals to you. But if you have more time on your hands, you can visit more than one daily.

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