9 Best Youtube Alternatives For Watching Videos in 2022

The king of online streaming and watching videos is undoubtedly Youtube. If you are interested in starting your own business, then you can start by getting a llc in california. Any noobie with a google account can easily upload a video to Youtube and that makes this video service even more popular among the internet generation. That does not mean that you cannot try out other cool alternatives to Youtube. A change is good at times especially when you are exploring with different websites. So here are your top 9 alternatives to Youtube!

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9 Best Youtube Alternatives For Watching Videos

Table of Contents

1. Daily Motion

The majority of Daily Motion is owned by Vivendi. In terms of sizes, Dailymotion falls just short of Youtube thereby being considered one among the best alternatives to the video giants. Being available in 18 major languages and 35 localized languages, Dailymotion has more than 300 million active users on a monthly basis which is impressive.

One can upload and share videos directly with ease once they create an account on Dailymotion. This French platform is free and they are hugely supported by ads.  With the help of user groups or tags you can search the videos. There is an option to search for videos via tags too. The features of Dailymotion are also similar to Youtube which is pretty great. This service also has apps for Windows 10, Windows, iOS and Android mobile platforms as well as integration with PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles lately.

2. Metacafe

They are a company that is famous for short-form video entertainment. The reason why Metacafe is very popular as an alternative site is that it resembles Youtube in a considerable number of ways. The main aspect is that it is older than Youtube hence was popular among the older generation. Original videos and sponsored ones from corporate are the main videos of Metacafe.

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Partnerships are what keeps Metacafe alive and allows it to offer exclusive content targeted at different audiences. The move to short videos was made later on by the website and it did prove to bring in more active users though not as many as Youtube. Founded in July 2003, Metacafe has come a long way from being the beginning of online streaming to a solid video website.

3. Vimeo

The first video sharing website to support High Definition videos, Vimeo is one of the top contenders on our list of alternatives. Founded in November 2004, Vimeo focused primarily on short films and movies. The formation of the word Vimeo occurred through the combination of Video and Me but Vimeo is also an anagram of the word movie.

It was basically started as a platform for video makers to promote their film projects. Vimeo has upgraded membership options that let users upload videos without any limitations or restrictions. 4K video support was also initiated by Vimeo at the end of 2014. Users can choose from Vimeo Basic package to Vimeo premium packages based on their entertainment needs.

4. Flickr

A site that is very popular for uploading and sharing of photos with others recently started their video streaming services. Turns out that they didn’t disappoint with that service either. Their recent owners are SmugBug since April 2018. Flickr also has official mobile apps for Android and iOS OS. The signing up is free and you can directly start uploading videos. However, the main drawback is that you cannot upload videos of more than 90 seconds long.

Also, free users do not have much use with this site for uploading videos. They can upload a maximum of two videos and nothing more. Only paid users can upload an unlimited number of videos. They have an ad-free mode also that lets you avoid ads for a year at a fee. Flickr is indeed a great service when it comes to videos but may not be the best alternative to Youtube. Nevertheless, they are worth the shot.

5. Twitch

One of the best video streaming websites for gaming, Twitch has established itself in the category of fame recently. One of the best features that make Twitch stand out is its live game streaming add-on. Whenever you feel like watching gaming videos, Twitch is the ideal site you should be looking at!

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You can keep track of games whenever they are played in real life scenarios. Twitch has tied up with a lot of gaming tournaments and they cover it live once the tournament begins which is a great pass time for gamers. The Twitch service is not restricted to just hardcore gamers alone but also is ideal for casual gamers alike. You can also enjoy commentary along with the tournament matches just like how you would enjoy watching a game of cricket or football. The website is currently owned by Twitch interactive which is a subsidiary of Amazon.

6. Veoh

With an extensive range of video collection, Veoh has all the right to be on the list. Based in San Diego, California, Veoh is an internet television company. Veoh is also the subsidiary of the Israeli company Qlipso. One amazing feature of this site is that it allows you to upload videos without any restrictions on the length of the video. This aspect of the website allows users to find full-length movies without much difficulty unlike other video streaming websites in the list.

The accessibility and user-friendliness of the website are top notch. Any person with basic knowledge can make use of the full potential of the website. High-quality content is something that can be easily found in Veoh due to its unrestricted video upload schemes. You do have to note that Flash player is required to play videos in Veoh.

Visit Veoh

7. Ted Talks

Ever wanted to get inspired by talks by famous people? Then this might be the ideal alternative for you to spend some quality time on. Hosting inspirational speech content by thought leaders around the globe have been the speciality of Ted Talks. Ted’s initial aim was to spread ideas under the tech hood but later expanded under other areas as well. If your number 1 goal is to watch clean and educative online videos for shaping the way people think and about the latest trends, then this streaming site is an ideal choice. Ted Talks also consist of many videos that cover info about the past and future and also about human behaviours and so on.

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The videos in Ted Talks are absolutely free and available for anyone. Some of the talks are humorous at the same time inspirational which can get you glued to the screen for hours. Ted has also won numerous awards in the past ranging from 7 Webby awards and Iphone’s best podcast of the year award. A popular choice among youngsters as well as adults alike, TED is definitely a worthy add on to this list.

8. Pexels Videos

This website is famous for hosting Royalty free creative common licensed free videos. You can use these on your own websites and projects which is an advantage. This kind of stock video streaming sites let you use many different footages basically stock ones for your commercial use.

All the videos in this online streaming site are absolutely free to use both for your personal use as well as for commercial use. Considering stock videos, Pexels Videos stands second to none and is quite reliable. The usability and simplicity helped Pexels Videos gain a pot in our list of top alternatives to Youtube.

9. Mixer

Mixer is pretty young by age and was created in January 2016. A Seattle based live video streaming online website, Mixer is owned by the tech giants Microsoft. Just as in the case of Twitch, Mixer focuses on gaming videos which include live streaming and also playthroughs. Features such as an interaction between the viewers and the streamers are also included in this. This feature makes Mixer stand out from the rest of the websites mentioned. Another interesting feature was the ability to

Mixer online streaming service was named beam before it was acquired by Microsoft. After Microsoft took over, Mixer has been integrated with Windows and Xbox to allow users to stream game videos easily.

Wrapping it all up

We have seen from the list that there are a lot of pretty cool alternatives for video streaming other than Youtube. Youtube is not the only online portal you should be spending time on. Experiment with each of these websites and find out which is more suited to your liking. Sometimes you might like the interface more or the add-ons might even attract you. Eventually, in the end, its all about trying out the various alternatives.

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