15 Wonderful Sites Like Rabbit For Movie Lovers

Rabbit or Rabb.it is a must-visit platform for movie lovers. The site brought families together and allowed families to watch movies and chat in real-time. It connected people and made movie-streaming more attractive.

It is possible to chat with families and friends while watching the same movies. That’s one of the innovations Rabbit brought. Again, you will find loads of content to enjoy or as long as you want. However, the site is no more. The shocking thing is, Rabbit didn’t have any legal issues whatsoever. Investors only felt the need to withdraw their monies and that also contributed to the downfall of the site.

Anyway, now that you are here looking for an alternative, we can’t just leave you high and dry. That’s why we took the liberty of conducting this research and point you to 15 wonderful sites like Rabbit. Check them out below!

15 Wonderful Sites Like Rabbit

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1. Watch2Gether

If you are seeking a complete Rabb.it or Rabbit alternative, you will be happy with Watch2Gether. As the name implies, the site’s mission is to strengthen the bond between two or more people. It also offers tons of opportunities to have fun. You can watch movies, go shopping or listen to your favorite songs together with your friends.

Watch2Gether is also a breeze to understand and use. Your task is to create a room and invite your friends, relatives, or spouse to share that special moment with you. You can even send them the link via mail or any other means. Furthermore, this site lets you watch content from diverse platforms. These include YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and a host of others. Plus, it is also free to use.

2. Twoseven

There’s no feeling greater than the one you develop while watching a movie with someone you care about. That alone makes the film more exciting and engaging for you both. However, Twoseven is that kind of platform that makes you have all the excitement and share these special moments with your pals and spouse.

Instead of a movie night out, you can sit at the comfort of your home and watch movies with whoever you want. Twoseven also supports webcam that enables you and your partner to watch each other react while watching a movie. It also has support for premium platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, among others.

3. Netflix Party

It’s party time! Do you feel like turning your next birthday party into a movie night out with your entire classmates or group of friends? Just say yes, and Netflix Party will help you achieve your dream. You can watch the latest blockbuster movies with as many friends as you want. This platform eliminates the expenses and stress of driving to a cinema to watch videos with your pals on a special day.

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The only thing of concern is that Netflix Party is available to only Netflix users, and there’s more. It is only supported on the chrome browser. But then, the features are contagious. It doesn’t support webcam or audio. Nevertheless, you and your group of buddies would have access to tons of emojis and GIFs to use while chatting in real-time.

4. AnimeParty

There’s no need guessing what the site is all about. You should know the content by just looking at the name. AnimeParty is the platform for anime lovers. Therefore, if you are always looking out for the next anime content and series, then AnimeParty is a must-visit. The site’s sync playback is pretty awesome.

Just like Rabb.it, AnimeParty lets you create a private and invite your friends to enjoy your newly found and interesting anime content with you. The site is also free to access only that it doesn’t support webcam and even audio.

5. Metastream

Mainstream is a Rabbit alternative with enhanced features. These features help to make stream and watching movies jointly with your friends, relatives, and spouse worthwhile. In addition to real-time chats, Mainstream offers timestamp markers. The platform also supports a host of websites for playback.

So, if you don’t want to fun to come to an end so soon, you have the power to make it happen. Just browse to find your favorite media content and have it added to the queue. You should also not forget to share that movie with your loved ones. All it takes is to share your friend link for them to get involved.

6. Airtime

Airtime is another top-rated platform that lets you watch your favorite movies with people that matters in your life. It comes as an application you can install on your Android or iOS devices conveniently. If you are also playing a video streaming watch party, Airtime is the app you should have installed on your smartphone.

It comes with features that make watching movies with a group of people enticing. The app also supports up to 10 persons in one single room. And during an interaction, you will have different options. This includes chatting by sending GIFs, short videos, images, texts, sound reactions, and many more.

7. SyncLounge 

If you are making use of Plex and fancy the idea of playing your media contents without flaws, SyncLounge is a wise choice for you. It’s a must-visit platform for Plex users. The platform features chat support, and you can stream the Plex library with ease.

SyncLounge lets you watch media content with your family and friends. You can also watch movies with your pals for free. The only drawback is that it doesn’t support audio messages or webcam, which isn’t a big deal because you are getting it for free.

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8. Kosmi

A whole new experience of digital hangout! That’s what Kosmi comes designed to offer you. There is so much you can do with your friends. Distance is also not a barrier. You can watch movies, play your favorite video games and see who comes out tops. You can also chat with your friends via this platform.

The beautiful thing about Kosmi is that it doesn’t require any form of installation, so your data is saved. Plus, you can also start watching movies or playing video games with your friends instantly. In other words, no signup is required because you can gain access to view your favorites. There’s also a virtual card table, tons of games, and features waiting for you to explore.

9. TogetherTube

The name says it all. TogetherTube is a platform that takes the engagement that watching movies together with other persons offers, to another level. This Rabbit alternative comes packed with features you cannot resist. One of them is a voting system that allows everyone in the room to have their say.

Voting will help to decide the most critical content that should be played next. TogetherTube also gives you the chance to alter your room settings as you please. You can choose to block out other persons from voting on a video or change the room name to whatever you want. And if you also want to binge-watch popular TV series or movies, TogetherTube is a wise choice.

10. Kast

Let’s say you plan to host your entire class to a watch party, involving over a hundred people. How do you plan to go about this? Most watch party platforms don’t support more than ten or fewer persons in a single room. Meaning, they are not going to be useful to your plans.

Anyway, that’s were Kast comes along. You can share movies, TV series, and video games with over a hundred persons with ease. It offers features like screen capture, testing, voice, and unique video chat technology. All these are for users to have fun to the fullest.

11. MyCircle.tv

Here is another platform that grants you a unique opportunity to create a virtual room for you and your pals. You can watch any film you want or listen to music with your friends that aren’t even nearby. However, if you don’t fancy the idea of creating a new room, you can request to join existing ones too.

This platform is designed to make the life of its users easy. You don’t need to sign up, pay a fee, or register to gain access. You can also get media content from platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even Soundcloud. Another exciting thing is that you can also upload your content to the site to enjoy with others in your virtual room.

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12. ShareTube

YouTube lovers, here is a unique platform for you to enjoy media content with your friends. However, ShareTube has one drawback, which many wouldn’t consider as a problem. It is only limited to YouTube content and users.

ShareTube also doesn’t support webcam and audio. But you can chat with friends and anyone you wish while watching media content on YouTube. Talk about how interesting, specific contents are. Analyze previous football matches and how your team fared with your close friends.

13. AndChill

If you think you have seen it all, pay a visit to AndChill right away. You will be amazed by the quality and hilariousness of contents on this page. From memes to comedy, everything is wrapped up in this platform for your viewing pleasure.

The interface of this platform looks fabulous and attractive. The only thing of concern might be the fact that it doesn’t support audio text or webcam. You also cannot download the media files from the platform, unlike Rabb.it, that supports such a feature.

14. Rave

Rave comes designed with features that make connecting with people seamlessly. You can connect with individuals from other parts of the world, including those you haven’t even met. This app runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

You can watch movies and music videos together with your friends. Distance is also not a barrier with Rave. The platform lets you interact with the people you are sharing your media content with via various means. You can send texts or chat your friends up via voice notes. You can also perform these actions while feeding those precious eyes of yours with the latest media you cherish so much.

15. Parsec

Sometimes, your focus or interest might not be to watch movies or any other media content. Playing a video game might be much more relevant to you and your friend. Anyway, whenever it comes to that, Parsec is one of the best platforms you should visit.

You will find the finest of arcade games on this platform. What’s more, you can play whatever game you like with your friends, even if the game doesn’t feature the multiplayer option.


We have come to the final stage of this list of wonderful sites like Rabbit. They come designed with features required to watch movies, music videos, audios, or play games with friends. Even if your friends or relatives are far away from you, these platforms make it possible to watch movies together while chatting at the same time. So, if you are planning a watch party or want to watch your latest collections together with your friends and relatives, then check out the sites on this post right away.

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