20 Alternative Sites Like Fmovies to Watch Movies and TV Series Episodes in 2022

Hey! Are you in search of the best sites like Fmovies? Search no more! Here is an incredible list of Fmovies alternatives for you. Amazingly, they are all free movie platforms to watch or download movies, how sweet!

If you enjoy watching movies online, then you will like Fmovies. The platform is a top choice for movie lovers across the globe. One thing that sets this free movie platform apart is its data. It has tons of free high-quality movies and updates its database regularly.

However, Fmovies is great, but there are other incredible alternatives out there that contain a plethora of data like the platform. So, if you are ready to explore, then these are the top Fmovies alternatives you should try out.

20 Alternative Sites Like Fmovies to Watch Movies Online in 2022

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1. YesMovies


From the latest TV series to movies from industry finest like Bollywood and Hollywood, YesMovies has everything in store for your viewing pleasure. It’s a platform designed to give movie lovers a chance to watch movies to their heart’s content.

YesMovies site has great layout too, which makes it super easy to navigate and find contents without wasting too much time. It also contains high-quality movies in different genres. The only drawback associated with this platform is the ads that pop up occasionally. But don’t forget it’s a free website, and they have to pay some bills to keep the platform going somehow.

2. Vumoo


Vumoo has everything to be among the best movie streaming sites and a great Fmovies alternative too. It is one of the top quality platforms to find and watch high-quality movies and TV series. From action, drama, horror, to romance, the platform has videos in every genre.

Another impressive thing about Vumoo is its interface. It is quite simple to navigate. Hence you can find and start streaming movies in a heartbeat. You can also search for movies by their year of release on this platform too. Plus it has fewer ads that pop up most times.



Another best free movie streaming platform like Fmovies is MKVBAY. It’s a platform that comes loaded with contents from Hollywood to Bollywood, and the freshest of movies and TV series in both industries for that matter.

Regarding the quality of content, MKVBAY has different ranges. These include 300mb, 720p, and dual audio 1080p movies. Another impressive thing is that all the films on this platform are available for free.

4. HouseMovies


HouseMovies is another top movie platform like Fmovies. It is free, simple and loaded with contents. From serials to the latest movies in the industry, you will find any video you want on this fantastic free movie streaming site.

You will also find movies in almost all the genres and in HD quality in HouseMovies too. That’s why it is called an online cinema, and one of the best platforms to find top movies free. It also has a simple interface but contains a few ads too.

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5. 123Movies


From old to the latest blockbusters, 123Movies has all in store for you. It has an extensive collection of movies and an easy-to-navigate interface. And, you can search for movies according to genres, countries and release year.

If you also don’t know which movie to choose, 123Movies had made things super easy for you. You can find and watch what others are watching on the internet with ease. Click on the “Most Viewed,” “Most Favorite,” “Top Rated,” or “Top IMDb” icons to get started.

6. WatchMoviesFree


Another superior Fmovies alternative is WatchMoviesFree. As the name implies, the site is entirely free to access and offers better user experience than most free movie streaming platforms out there. You can search for movies in different genres, country and release year.

WatchMoviesFree also gives updates on upcoming movies to help movie lovers to be in the know. But what is more amazing about this site is the quality of contents they have. So, if you are eager to watch high-quality contents, try this platform.

7. SolarMovie


A time spent on SolarMovie is worth it because the site has got all the bells and whistles you need in terms of movies. You will find top-rated IMDb movies that will satisfy your appetite for the film here. From top TV series to the latest of movies, SolarMovie has it all.

Also, if you are visiting the platform and don’t have movies in mind to watch, SolarMovie can make things easy for you. Just click on the “Top Viewings Today” or “Top Rating” icon to find out what’s popping.

8. MovieDDL


There is no denying that MovieDDL is one of the best sites like Fmovies out there. But keep in mind that the platform does not store movies on its database. Instead, links are provided for interested users to download content from the source directly.

Another fantastic thing about MovieDDL that makes it lovable is the regular updates it gets. It is an indication that the site is a healthy one for movie lovers. Plus it’s also super easy to navigate.

9. EuroPixHD


If you enjoy HD quality movies, EuroPixHD is the place to be. The interface is user-friendly, and it has movies in any genres you want. You can also check the “top 50″ icon to find high ranking movies in the industry to feed your starving eyes.

With all the quality oozing out from EuroPixHD, the platform is still completely free. Also, you will encounter ads which can be a bit intrusive but are the only way the admins can keep the site going. Another remarkable feature of this platform is that you can watch movies with subtitles.

10. NewMoviesOnline


There are a few sites that can outclass NewMoviesOnline in the movie-streaming world. It’s a great site filled with loads of contents to meet the movie needs of users across the globe. And as the name implies, you will NewMoviesOnline loads of new contents in different genres.

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From TV series, comedy to sports events, NewMoviesOnline has them all in store for your viewing pleasure. Another remarkable thing that makes it unique is that it has free books anyone can download and read. So, you will get all-round entertainment when you visit this platform.

11. DownloadHub


For the best of Bollywood and Pakistani movies, DownloadHub is the ideal platform to visit. You will find high-quality 300mb, and 720p Bollywood blockbuster movies, both in English and Hindi. The platform also has tons of Hollywood movies you would enjoy watching.

This platform also contains loads of exciting Pakistani, Marathi, Punjab, Telugu and Tamil movies and TV shows. Plus you will also gain access to top Bollywood audios and videos too. So get started, pay a visit to DownloadHub to watch movies to your heart’s content.



Is it video animation, horror or music content you seek? Pay a visit to AFDAH. This platform has everything in store for you. And, it’s one of the best sites like Fmovies fortified with high-quality contents to provide movie watchers with the best of entertainment.

AFDAH has movies in different genres, in short, all the types in existence. You can also listen to top musicals, watch documentaries or get access to news to know things that are happening around the world. On the platform, you will also find tons of fantastic reality TV series to watch.

13. LookMovie


LookMovie is a unique platform with a superior interface like that of Netflix. Plus, you can stream contents online for free without being interrupted by ads. The platform also contains loads of top Hollywood movies in different categories.

LookMovie contains top movies in HD quality. You can also watch TV series, including favorite shows like Grey Anatomy, Walking Dead, Secret City and more. On each film, you will find the release date, rating, genre and duration so that you can make your choice.

14. Bmovies


Popups and ads are common things you will experience on Bmovies. But being that the platform is free, that should not be a big concern to you. On Bmovies, you will have the opportunity to watch top HD quality movies from different countries.

Favorite TV series from the US, Taiwan, Korean and China are also available on this platform. And you will also gain access to top IMDb contents too.

15. 5Movies


5Movies is another best Fmovies alternative loaded with a significant amount of contents for your viewing pleasure. The platform is super easy to navigate, plus contents load with incredible speed. Ads can be a pain in the neck on this platform, but you will get the entertainment you seek, which is what matters.

From Anime, blockbuster movies to TV series, 5Movies has everything in store for you. Plus you can also watch videos from different parts of the world on the platform such as from USA, India, UK, China and many more.

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16. VexMovies


VexMovies is another movie-streaming platform that is rich in content and has a user-friendly interface too. The platform also ranks high among the best Fmovies alternatives and comes with a clean layout. You will also find and watch movies in different genres on this platform.

You can download movies on VexMovies with ease if you don’t feel like watching them online. And regarding search, the platform’s advanced search option would make it easier for you to search and find contents too.

17. GoStream


GoStream may be on the last part of this list, but it still outclasses many movie-streaming platforms out there. It is a free platform to stream and download movies. But one thing that sets it apart is that ads do not interrupt when streaming contents.

From Animation to War, GoStream has contents in diverse genres for you. You will also find top IMDb movie contents to watch on this platform too.

18. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is a movie-streaming platform that will grant you access to new contents regularly. The platform is entirely free, and you are not required to sign up to gain access to contents. But there is a drawback on this platform, which is the absence of the movie request option.

On the MovieWatcher platform, you can watch movies on PC, notebook and mobile phone with ease. Movies are also available in HD quality, ranging from 720p to 1080p.

19. Movie4U


From animation, comedy, adventure to crime, Movie4U has an enormous amount of content in diverse genres. It also has a simple interface that is super easy to navigate. Plus you can search for and watch movies with ease on the platform too.

Movies4U also let you watch incredible TV shows and find new episodes as they unfold. You will also have access to top IMDb contents and find trending movies to watch via the platform too.

20. Flixtor


On Flixtor, you can find exciting contents to watch even if you don’t have any idea of the best movies to watch. Just click on any of the icons such as the most popular today, now playing in theaters, recommendations for you or most-viewed to get started.

Another outstanding feature of Flixtor is its stream speed. It’s incredibly fast and makes the whole thing more exciting. Again, video quality is top notch. It’s almost like you are watching a movie on Netflix.


So, these are the best sites like Fmovies. If you are a movie lover, these sites would undoubtedly be of great value to you. You will find top quality movies. And impressively, all are free movie streaming platforms. You can stream or download movies for free from any of them. So choose your preferred platform and get started. TV series or blockbuster Hollywood movies, these platforms have them in store for you.

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