15 Best Sports Streaming Websites to Watch Live Telecast in 2022

When was the last time you had opportunity to sit comfortably at home, in front of your TV set, watching and cheering your team? Well, if you have always had the opportunity, then count yourself lucky. Our busy lives and increased responsibility sometimes prevent us from watching our team play. Hence most sports enthusiasts rely on comments from friends to keep up with games.

But then, technology keeps improving every day. Now, sports enthusiasts and anyone who cares can watch their favorite team play, anywhere and anytime. You can even stream videos online on the go. All you need for this is your device and an active internet connection with incredible speed.

So how’s this even possible? It’s through sports streaming websites. And there are myriads of them out there. But in this post, we will consider only the best sports streaming sites that makes streaming sports games online a breeze. Happy reading!

15 Best Sports Streaming Websites

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1. Boss Cast

Boss Cast is one of the best sports streaming platforms available with features that make streaming games online more enjoyable. Whether you are a hockey, handball, football or basketball fan, you will have plenty of excitement on this platform.

Another thing you will like about Boss Cast is the download option. You can download your favorite sports games or watch them live with ease. In addition to that, the platform will also offer you the opportunity to chat with other sports enthusiasts like yourself. But have in mind that chats are only in the English language, and you must play by the rules. On the other hand, you will have access to quality videos even with poor internet service.

2. VIP League

As the name implies, VIP League gives you access to the best leagues or sports in the world. The platform will also allow you to stream games in other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese and not only English language. Plus you can also stream some of the best sports in the world, like Wrestling (WWE), MotoGP, UFC, Tennis, Baseball, numbering over twenty different games.

But have in mind that VIP League is for Indian users and a couple of other countries only. The site also allows users to tweak and stream games as they please. In other words, you can change the language option or tweak the theme as you want.

3. Watch ESPN

Be it the English Premier League, NFL, or Formula 1, Watch ESPN has got you covered. In short, it’s one of the best platforms to find and stream US Sports. The fact that one can watch live games without encountering intrusive adverts also make using this platform an ideal option.

Watch ESPN is offered by ESPN itself. And as you already know, ESPN sports channel is one of the finest and most respected when it comes to issues regarding sports. You will also encounter news about teams and individual players on the platform too. If you are someone that streams regularly, then get the official app on your iPhone or Android device right away.

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4. Hotstar

Hot Star is an incredible platform to get hot news and stream live games without restriction. The platform has numerous games, so you are inevitably going to find your favorite sport and watch your favorite team in action whenever you please. Just register and sign in to have full access to the Star Sports Network right away.

However, one of the drawbacks of this platform is that there is an option to sign up for a premium membership account. But then, the site is loaded with high definition quality videos and has a user-friendly interface you will definitely like.

5. Cricket free

Mere looking at the name, one can conclude that this sports streaming website is all about cricket. Upon visiting the site, you will discover that there are other games besides cricket like football, formula 1, tennis, boxing, and even rugby. Plus the quality of the videos you will encounter on this platform will impress you.

The chat option available is also laudable. On the other hand, you will find schedules of upcoming games and enjoy a smooth streaming experience that many similar platforms are lacking. So visit Cricket free and start streaming your favorite sports right away.

6. FromHot

From Hot is a website that will satisfy your taste and ensure your love for sports never grows cold. It is one of the most excellent sports streaming sites with an intuitive interface and loads of sporting activities that will keep you entertained anytime.

Simply put, this platform is like the heart of other streaming websites. One single click on the link that appears on the website and you will land on a brand new page with the video of live sports games awaiting you to stream. The design of this site shows that the owners are serious about satisfying users. You will find more than one download link on the platform.

7. FirstRowSports

If one is to group sports streaming platform in order of simplicity and ease of use, then FirstRowSports will be ranked among the best. If you are new in the live streaming community, you may be tempted to stick to this platform once you start consuming its contents.

FirstRowSports features an incredible amount of high quality content, and it’s all for your viewing pleasure. The platform is not so popular, but will compete with other live sports streaming heavyweights. Before games begin on this platform, you will have access to all the streams a couple of minutes before the actual game begins.

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8. Stream Sports

Stream Sports acts according to its name. And it’s one of the live sports streaming platform that will never leave you disappointed. You will encounter numerous leagues, events and nations, rolled up into one platform. And despite having so many contents and features, the site is still very organized. But be careful; you might spend your entire day on this platform. It’s irresistible.

What amazes sports enthusiasts about this website is that despite all the offerings, one can access everything for free. And, if you miss a game, don’t worry or get angry. The highlights would be there for you to enjoy. Plus if you have any unique video you would like to share; please feel free to contribute it to the site. Of course, there is an option for that.

9. Streamwoop

Streamwoop is another beautifully designed and well-organized platform. The website also has what it takes to keep you satisfied in the area of live sports streaming. Upon visiting the platform, you find the kick-off time for each upcoming game, so that you can plan your time.

However, Streamwoop isn’t as popular as a couple of other platforms on this list. But the manner in which the site operates is enough evidence that it will become incredibly popular in a short while. You can also stream games like cricket, baseball, racing, and even soccer on this platform.

10. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a complete and robust sports streaming website that any sports enthusiast would enjoy. You can stream live games for free, including other events covered by the Sony Network. Sony Live is built specially for entertainment. And in addition to streaming live games, you will also have access to TV series too.

However, the only drawback the free option of Sony Liv has is the speed. It is quite slow and can be frustrating at times. So, if you want to have access to live games without wasting time, then feel free to upgrade to the premium membership option.

11. Sport Lemon

Forget the name; Sport Lemon is one of the most outstanding website to stream sports effortlessly. In other words, the site has a user-friendly interface, with different sporting activities categorized into different sections, so users can find whatever they are looking for with ease.

Like any other free streaming website, you will encounter popup ads for every click made. But that aside, the platform has enough quality contents that will entertain and leave you satisfied. Sporting activities you can stream include football, tennis, basketball, boxing and many others.

12. Batman Stream

Batman Stream is also an incredible platform to stream live sporting activities. And like what we know from the story of Batman, fighting for the common good of humanity for free, Batman Stream will also allow you to stream as many contents as you want free of charge.

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Batman Stream offers various sports, all in one platform. You can stream basketball, hockey, NFL, football, rugby, tennis, and even volleyball. Plus with the highly improved search option, you can easily find upcoming live games from around the world.

13. All Sport Live

If you are a serious fan of sports like basketball, football, and hockey, then visit All Sport Live to enjoy yourself. Streaming quality sports videos anytime, any day. Also, on this platform, you will find loads of top quality streaming videos, live and in high definition.

All Sport Live also supports different languages so you can enjoy your favorite sports in whatever language you choose. Another incredible feature of this platform is that you don’t have to register before accessing the contents.

14. Live Soccer TV

First, the menu tabs are one of the features that make this website awesome. It makes navigation easy. The platform will also allow you to stream live soccer and other sporting activities from around the world for free.

Even though Live Soccer TV is more of a soccer platform, you can also stream and watch other sports. These include rugby, American football, and even cricket. And another exciting thing about this website is that you will find information regarding the schedule of each game beforehand. Also, the category named “competition” contains all the ongoing soccer competition such as La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, European League, and many others. So you are likely not going to miss out on any soccer competition with this platform.

15. Ustream

Ustream is another incredible sports streaming platform that claims to provide quality videos for over 80 million sports lovers and counting. The platform stands as one of the most reliable sports streaming websites and gives access to other forms of entertainment besides sports.

Another fantastic improvement Ustream has, is in the area of video quality. The platform offers quality videos in HD and Standard HD, so sports will never be boring to watch. Overall, it’s an incredible sports streaming website and a must-see for sports lovers.


So here you have it, the best sports streaming website you will find on the internet. There are many of them out there, but these have proven to be more reliable beyond any reasonable doubt. They also offer loads of contents in the best of quality for the viewing pleasure of users. So, now that you have a great collection of sports streaming platforms to pick from, it’s up to you to choose the one you find please, based on features you like — happy sports viewing.

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