18 Best Sites Like YesMovies To Stream or Download Movies in 2022

This list of best sites like YesMovies will get you excited! It comprises of platforms that let you download or watch movies to your heart’s content.

However, there’s no doubt that YesMovies is one of the best movie streaming platforms out there. The site receives frequent updates, so users can always have fresh movies and TV series to enjoy.

YesMovies website also contains a vast collection of movies, which you can watch for free. Plus you also do not require any form of registration to stream or download movies from the site too. But then, the platform is restricted in most countries due to strict internet regulations. And you could also get tired streaming videos from one place all the time.

So, if you are ready to fish in new waters, here are the best YesMovies alternatives you should try out.

18 Sites Like YesMovies To Stream Movies Online in 2022

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1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Website: https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon Prime started in 2005 and has millions of users from different parts of the world. It’s a paid subscription platform anyway but gives users access to stream videos and music of their choice. The site is also a property of Amazon and worth splashing the cash on, given the quality of, and the extensive collection of contents available.

In addition to watching movies, users can also read books and listen to their favorite music via this platform. Amazon prime also provides other benefits to its users, such as two-day delivery for free.

Amazon prime offers 30-day free trial for all its customers. Sign up day and get access to 30 -day trial without paying even a penny.

2. PutLocker


Another terrific YesMovies alternative, PutLocker gives you access to quality movies and TV series. You can also access top IMDb contents and even request for videos you couldn’t find on the platform too.

Another thing that stands this platform out from the crowd is its extensive collection of media contents. Plus you can access and stream top movies and TV series from different countries such the United States, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

3. SolarMovie


Another top site like YesMovies is SolarMovie. It is a place where you can access and watch movies to your heart’s content. Also, if you are a fan of the site SolarMovie, you will notice that the domain has changed. But then, that’s a normal thing with movie-streaming platforms.

On SolarMovie, you will find movies in different genres, anyone you want. It also contains films from different countries such as South Korea, France, China, and France, India, United Kingdom and many more!

4. 123MoviesHub


123MoviesHub isn’t as popular as YesMovies. But still, it is a site you will never regret visiting. The platform is super easy to search for movies. The admins also ensure new films are added to the site daily.

Regarding movie search, you can find movies by simply clicking on the name of any Hollywood actor to access all the films he or she as featured in for the past years. Interested in Tom Cruise movies? 123MoviesHub will grant you access to them and movies from other actors.

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5. Fmovies


Fmovies is a top site for streaming movies and TV series. You will also find videos in different genres, ranging from action, animation, adventure, and +18 movies, among others. Furthermore, if you’re not able to find the movie you want, you can send a request to the admins.

The only drawback Fmovies have, is the constant change of domain, which has been too frequent in recent times. But besides that, the site has a clean interface and features tons of contents to give users the entertainment they deserve. You can also search for media contents based on the release year with ease too.

6. XMovies


Xmovies is one of the movie-streaming platforms increasing in popularity by the day. It is no doubt a top site like YesMovies, and it’s also user-friendly. You can also watch movies and TV series on this platform anywhere and from any device such as mobile phones and PCs.

XMovies also gives access to movies in different countries such as United Kingdom, France, China, Taiwan, India, United States, and Japan, among others. You will also enjoy watching top IMDb contents and know movies scheduled for posting.

7. CMoviesHD


As the name implies, CMoviesHD gives you quality movies for free. You can watch any movie video you want without paying a dime. Another impressive thing about this platform is that you need not register before streaming or downloading movies or TV series.

Just visit and choose the movie you like and start watching. Another exciting thing is that the platform has loads of new releases for each year. You will also find contents from different parts of the world ranging from India, Australia, China, Malaysia, Mexico and the USA to Japan and other Asian countries.

8. MovieFlixter


Regarding movies and TV series, whatever entertains you is right here on MovieFlixter. From music, adventure, documentary, drama to adult contents, MovieFlixter has something for you in every genre out there. Its contents are also of high quality, thus offering users the opportunity to watch movies to their heart’s content.

It is also super easy to search or identify which content will be interesting to watch on MovieFlixter. Just check the rating of each movie or visit the “Popular Movies” section to know what others from different parts of the world are watching.

9. HouseMovie


HouseMovie is one of the places to visit if you are in search of the best quality media contents online. This online cinema as fondly called offers top serials, including movies in different genres. Plus it also comes loaded with exciting films for the viewing pleasure of avid online movie watchers.

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Another incredible feature that sets HouseMovie apart is its clean interface. And, if you don’t have an idea of movies that are worthwhile to watch, you can visit the “popular Movie” section to figure out exciting media contents others are enjoying.

10. Movie4K


This movie-streaming site does not only grant users the privilege to watch movies. You can also add videos to the site too. Movie4K is also user-friendly, and you can find movies you want to watch with ease by either using their titles or IMDb ID.

You also need to register on Movie4K to consume or add contents on the site for others to enjoy. Plus you will also find loads of movies and TV programs on the platform and links where you can watch or download whatever you want.

11. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher makes movie streaming interesting. It is a platform designed to let users download or watch videos online without registering first. What you need to do is to visit the site and click on any movie you wish to download or view.

Another thing that set MovieWatcher apart is the fact that access to the site is entirely free. And, you will also have access to HD contents in either 720p or 1080p. Also, like other movie streaming, MovieWatcher will give you links to other sites where you can stream or download contents.

12. MaxHD4U


MaxHD4U is one of the quality sites like YesMovies that is gaining popularity for the right reasons. The speed at which you get to stream movies on this platform is fantastic. You will also have access to tons of contents for free after signing up to get the entertainment you deserve.

One of the things that elevate MaxHD4U above many sites like YesMovies is that the platform is connected to tons of content-rich movie networks. Excitingly, the site also gives you access to tons of TV series and movies in different genres.

13. FoxMovies


Every movie streaming platform has something unique. And FoxMovies isn’t an exception. The platform is one of the best YesMovies alternatives and has a clean interface that any avid movie watcher would fall in love with on first sight.

FoxMovies also provides its users with information about upcoming events in the entertainment industry. These include information on events like the Emmy Award, The Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards. The site is also rich in high-quality media content and will grant you access to top music to listen to whenever you are tired of watching movie videos.

14. MovieCafe


MovieCafe is similar to FoxMovies in that it gives information about upcoming events in the entertainment industry. These include information on the BAFTA Awards, The Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. But outside that, you will also have access to stream or download HD quality movies from the site with ease.

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MovieCafe is also rich in media content, which is something remarkable about the platform. You will find recent releases such as blockbuster movies and top TV series in the entertainment world.

15. GoMovies24


This platform is one of the YesMovies alternatives you can rely on for hit TV series and blockbuster movies. The site receives daily updates, so it always has something to entertain users. You will also find movies in every genre, except sports.

On GoMovies, you will find new video clips and full TV series to watch. You can also download any movie you have interest in, on this platform with ease too. The platform also has a clean interface and is very easy to navigate.

16. MovieZap


MovieZap is another site like YesMovies to stream media contents. You will find tons of the latest releases to watch right away. In other words, you don’t need any form of registration to stream movies on this site. Just visit the URL and do your thing.

From western, war, fantasy to adventure, MovieZap also have movies in every genre. In addition to containing an extensive list of media contents, it is also a breeze to search and find movies on the platform too. You can either search for the video directly or search using the name of the actor to gain access to the films he or she acted.

17. GoMovies


GoMovies is another fantastic platform that lets you watch movies for free irrespective of your location. The site has a simple interface, and you can watch movies without registration or performing any survey task.

This movie-streaming site brings movies from other countries within reach of its users. You will find videos from the US, Russia, Japan, France, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and other Asian countries. It also offers top IMDb contents. And you will also find movies in different genres including sports, war, and politics.

18. 5Movies


Another attractive movie streaming platform that is reliable and features blockbusters and must-see movies is 5Movies. The platform comes loaded with contents and users to top-ranking movies in the industry for free. You will find movies in different genres and countries on this platform.

Impressively, 5Movies offers HD quality media contents, and it is super easy to find movies and TV series here. Whether you are looking for top Asian dramas, TV series, Cartoon, Anime, Bollywood and Hollywood films, you will find them on 5Movies with ease.


So, these are the best sites like YesMovies out there. Most of these platforms have also been in existence for quite some time now, and they all offer something unique.  Several movie-streaming platforms have come and gone. But these are still intact and as such deserve some accolades.

So, do you know other top YesMovies alternatives out there? We will love to hear about them. Please use the comment section below.

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