30 Ultimate List of Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online in 2022

The best free movie streaming site, do they even exist? The answer is yes. Gone are those days when the only means to watch movies is via television and theatres. Now there are a plethora of sites that let you watch movies at will, anywhere and for free too.

The good thing about these movie streaming platforms is that they mimic paid platforms like Hulu, and Amazon prime, among others. Surprisingly, some of them upload high-quality, kick-ass content for the ever-increasing movie lovers.

So let’s check out the best 30 top movie streaming sites that gives you free access.

30 Ultimate List of Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online in 2022

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1. TubiTV


Are you angry to watch contents from renowned studios like Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, among others? The TubiTV is your best bet. This platform gives you the opportunity to stream thousands of contents, both new and old. And impressively, access is free for everyone. You can also stream content with any device; PC, tablet or mobile phone. The platform also has a mobile app. So, you can download it on your device for easy and quick access.

2. FilmChest


The FilmChest is another best free movie streaming platform designed for people who want quality contents for free. It contains a large number of good quality contents in diverse genres. This platform is also easy to navigate, and finding movies of choice is the same. But what stands the platform out is that if you want movies as far back as 1945, you will find them stored on this platform.

3. Moving Image Archive

Moving Image Archive

The name alone says much about this platform. It claims to be a movie archive and does precisely the same. You will love what you see when you visit this movie streaming site. One thing that makes it gripping is that it does not only contain movies. You will find tons of videos, music from probably your favorite artists, NASA images, video games and many more, on this platform.

4. House Movie

House Movie

House Movie claims to be an online cinema. And guess what, it is an online cinema in all ramifications. Whether you are looking for new movies or popular demands, this platform will make your day. Also, if you are not ready to stream movies, you can download them straight to your device. In addition to that, the platform lets you choose the video quality of your choice. And there are diverse genres you can select on the website too.

5. YouTube


It is impossible to talk about the best free movie streaming sites without including YouTube. YouTube is not only one of the most popular video streaming platforms around. It is also accessible for free. But the thing is many people only believe that YouTube only has funny videos and news clips. Guess what, you can stream or download diverse movies from this platform too. The reason is that most TV channels have YouTube accounts. So you can access their YouTube channels and watch any content you please.

6. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online

The first thing you should know that all the contents you see in Movies Found online are independently produced. But that is not all about this incredible platform. You will like the fact that the year each movie was produced is always mentioned. From movies, series, documentaries, animation, stand-up comedy, to short-films, Movies Found Online has everything in store for your viewing pleasure.

7. Streamlikers


If you seriously like streaming media contents, then you will enjoy Streamlikers. The platform contains movies in diverse genres. The quality of content on the site also makes worth visiting. You will find and stream HD quality movies. The platform is also easy to navigate. Hence you won’t have problems finding whatever you seek. And unlike other movie streaming platforms, Streamlikers does not contain intrusive ads that can make streaming movies tiring because of the distractions.

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8. Bmovies


Bmovies is a movie-streaming site that has restored the confidence of movie lovers since its inception. Though Bmovies might be one of the newest members in the block, it performs incredibly well. You will find top IMDB movies on this platform, including popular TV shows, and tending contents. Another thing that is noteworthy about this site is its simple design and ease of use. Hence finding contents is never awkward or time-consuming on this platform.

9. 5Movies


The 5Movies is all about entertainment. From news to media contents, the platform has got what it takes to keep you and your buddies locked down on your device’s screen. You will find movies from different countries such as the United Kingdom, USA, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and even India. You will also find loads of TV series and movies, both new and old. Another thing that spices up the entertainment this platform provides is the news section. You will find gist about the

10. Xmovies8


With movies from 21 different countries and all possible genres, Xmovies8 is one of the free best movie streaming sites around. The platform also gives you access to watch popular anime contents, cartoons, and compelling Asian drama. In addition to that, searching for movies on the platform is a breeze. You can search using the release year or genre. You can also find and have full access to stream recent releases at no cost to you.

11. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Do you want access to watch premium movies for free? If yes, then you should pay a visit Popcorn Flix. The site is loaded with old and new movies. You will also find tons of viral videos and TV series that will keep you entertained for as long as you want. The impressive thing about this site is that despite the quality of contents available, you can have free access to its contents.

12. Vimeo


Vimeo is another platform one cannot fail to talk about. It contains loads of contents, making it one of the best free movie sites to watch movies to the heart’s content. You will find free movies and myriads of documentaries that would educate you. And if you are obsessed with sports, arts and culture, technology or people, then your visits to Vimeo will always be worthwhile. For those who have businesses and are interested in boosting reputation, audience base or sales, Vimeo is a wise choice.

13. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is another free movie streaming site that comes loaded with high-quality content. This platform is built to offer viewers the best entertainment ever imagined on the internet. You will find and stream movies in diverse genres. Another thing that stands it out of the crowd is that new releases are added almost regularly. You can also find videos with ease on this platform. Just click on “Year”, and you will get access to several movies acted on that same year.

14. 123Movies


Be it TV series or movies, 123Movies got you covered. The platform comes loaded with tons of content that will blow your mind away. You can also search for movies with ease on this site platform. Plus access to media contents on the site is free. It also has an attractive and intuitive interface that will love. You will also find all the genres you seek on this platform. And one more thing; searching for movies is a breeze too. Just click on the release year, as with other sites, and you will find highly engaging media contents released during that period.

15. CartoonHD


At first sight, one would think that CartoonHD only offers anime contents and cartoons. But lately, the platform has upgraded. CartoonHD now offers contents across diverse genres. You will also find movies of Hollywood’s finest artists and numerous blockbuster films. Everything is free on this platform, and you can access with a different device. These include Android, iOS, Xbox One, PC and PS4. Registration is also free and easy.

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16. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

The name alone should say a lot about this platform. And by the way, who doesn’t want to have the cinema experience? The Classic Cinema Online comes loaded with classic movies. Access to this platform is also free and easy. Excitingly, you don’t need to register. Just click on the content you want and start streaming. Plus you can also download the movies if you like. But one thing is for sure; you will never regret visiting this platform.

17. Cosmo Tube

Cosmo Tube

If watching the latest blockbuster movie is of interest to you, you will never regret visiting Cosmo Tube. Everything about this platform is lovely. From the interface to the loading speed, you will fall in love with this platform. The only thing is that it focuses only on movies. No TV series or other media contents. It is easy to also identify and watch top movies on this platform. You can locate them by their ratings, which are displayed on the interface.



Do you want a movie streaming site that provides only the best movies on the planet? If yes, then try FUUGL. Every second spent on this platform is worthwhile. And the reason is that your needs would be met. From old to new movies, FUUGL has everything in store for your viewing pleasure. You can also watch films based on their release year on this platform too. Just visit the site and start enjoying yourself. But watch out for your data. It might get exhausted fast because this site is highly addictive!

19. M4U-FREE


The M4U is a free movies streaming site designed to engage, entertain and make things easier for movie lovers. Streaming is a breeze on this platform. And in addition to that, it contains a wide variety of contents to meet your every need. You will find anime, famous cartoons, Asian drama, and TV series. What’s more, contents are also added to the platform regularly too.



Whether its TV series or movies you want, VUMOO has got your back. The platform comes loaded with contents of different categories and release dates. You will find videos in the current year and the older ones on this platform too. But one impressive thing about this platform is that the site is quite attractive and straightforward to navigate. Brief description of each movie is also displayed online to give you an idea of what the content entails.

21. Putlocker


Putlocker is another highly rated movie streaming platform. It comes designed in a manner that any avid movie streamer’s needs would be met. First is that you can either choose to register on the platform or start downloading straight up. Either way, you will have access to stream contents. But registering allows you to receive regular updates from the site. And from news, TV series to movies, Putlocker offers everything.

22. Cmovies


Cmovies is one of the best movie streaming platforms in all categories. It is simple to navigate, loaded with a significant amount of content. You can also watch any genre of movies you please. Cmovies also gives access to music. So you can listen to your favourite music whenever you want. You can also find recent videos to keep yourself entertained. And if you are a sports lover, Cmovies would make a wise choice for you. You can watch live scores here.

23. Yes Movies

Yes Movies

Are you a lover of Hollywood and Bollywood movies? If yes, then head straight to Yes Movies. The site not only comes loaded with quality contents. You can also find whatever you need with ease too. Just use any of the filter options. In other words, you can search for movies based on the country, genre. You can also request for films to be added on the platform. Yes Movies also offers access to top quality movies and recent releases.

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24. VexMovies


Besides the advanced search filter, VexMovies has built a reputation based on numerous factors. And unlike other platforms, it does display intrusive ads. In other words, you can stream any content you want. You can also request any movie to be added if you don’t find them on the platform. From drama, horror, science fiction to comedy, VexMovies has everything to keep you entertained.

25. Yidio


Yidio is another popular platform on this list to stream movies with ease. It does offer access to free and premium movie streaming sites. The links to the different platform are displayed on the website too. The good thing about this site is that you don’t need to visit platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, HBO now. Just visit, click on the platform you want, and you will be there in a moment. You will also find movies in all the genres on this platform, too.

26. GoMovies


This movie streaming platform does not only contain a significant amount of content. You will find movies for different years, making it easier to re-watch evergreen movies of past years at will. You will find movies from as far as 2005 to present. You will also find action, romance, drama, and any genre you want. And impressively, you will have free access to stream movies on this platform too.

27. YTS YIFY Movies


Not every movie streaming platform will give you access to all new contents available. Some only display media contents for the past years. But YTS YIFY is super different. It will offer you access to top quality movies for the past and present year. You can also download or stream movies in different qualities. These include 780p, 1080p and even as high as the 3D quality. You can register and start streaming right away.

28. Solar Movies

Solar Movies

Solar Movies is another unique movie streaming site, designed to make finding exciting contents a breeze for everyone. In other words, if you don’t have a movie in mind when you visit the platform, you can check the ratings on each movie displayed online. Each film is rated by real views like you, particularly those who have watched the contents from start to finish. The platform also contains TV series and movies in different genres.

29. SeeHD


Do you want to be aware of trending movies? Do you want to watch the latest blockbusters right from your bedroom? SeeHD is your best bet. The platform comes loaded with tons of contents. It also features high-quality movies from different genres. And impressively, new releases are also added daily. So, you will always have fresh contents to keep your itching eyes satisfied.

30. Fmovies


Fmovies is one of the top movie streaming platforms on this list for obvious reasons. The site has also been around for a while and provided content in all the genres. You can also access movies based on the country, as it offers movies from over 37 different countries. You can also access films based on release year. It also offers movies from 2010 to present. And all you have to do to access them is to register and click. New releases are also added to the site regularly to meet the needs of avid viewers.


If you are looking for the best free movie streaming site, nothing should keep you from trying these. You can stream or download any movie you want. And you can also do this at the comfort of your home.

So, go through the list and make your choice. You can also check each of the movie streaming websites out to know which one of them suits your needs better. If you are an avid movie watcher, these platforms will take your love for movies to another level.

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