13 Best Showbox Alternatives – Apps Like Showbox to Watch Movies and TV Shows {2022}

Are you one of those movie lovers looking for the best Showbox alternatives? You have made the right choice by coming here. As the name implies, Showbox is a great app that brings incredible TV shows and movies to you. It’s an app strictly for entertainment and gives access to tons of HD quality movies and most wanted TV programs. You can stream movies on your smartphone, tablet and in most cases, your desktop devices. You will also enjoy free access to unlimited content, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such?

But like many movie lovers out there, you may also not be satisfied with the fact that Showbox breaks down most times. The portal sometimes receives massive traffic which is usually the cause. But then, even when the music stops, the show must go on, right? That’s what we believe in, and for that, we have compiled a list of the 13 best Showbox alternatives that will even restore your hope in apps for streaming and downloading movies.

13 Best Showbox Alternatives – Apps Like Showbox

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1. You TV Player

You TV Player

This app supports chromecast and would turn your Android device into a mobile cinema. If you genuinely want to enjoy hundreds of TV programs and movies without much interruption, then don’t hesitate to pounce on this app.

You will have access to high-quality movies for free. Isn’t that interesting? On top of that, the app also serves as a social media platform, giving users the opportunity to interact with one another from different parts of the world.

2. Popcorn Times

Popcorn Times

It’s popcorn time! And it can only begin the moment you grab a machine that has access to movies that will give you non-stop entertainment like the Popcorn Times. It’s one of the apps you will ever find that has a close resemblance to Showbox and a place where you can access top quality contents.

The app powers up quite fast and has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you won’t have a hard time streaming contents on this platform. The platform also supports iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. Another impressive thing about this movie streaming platform is that it let you alter the language and interface settings of the app however you want it.

3. Yidio


The experience Yidio offers can make you forget Showbox or any other movie-streaming platform easily. You will have access to tons of movies from different sources. In other words, Yidio serves as a form of search engine for videos. You can search for Netflix movies, browse movies or click the “Free movie” icon to unveil contents you can consume at no cost.

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Interestingly, you will find tons of great contents on Yidio. That’s one of the things that made it one of the top Showbox alternatives out there. You will find newly aired TV shows. And if you are confused about what movie to watch, check the “Popular Movies” section to see contents others like you are consuming.

4. Megabox HD

Megabox HD

If you enjoy movies and TV shows and have a mobile device (Android or smartphone), don’t hesitate to grab Megabox HD. As the name implies, the platform has tons of mega and high-quality contents that you will keep you entertained. Options available are 360p and 720p. Just select the option that suits your taste and strength of your internet connection.

Even if you have used Showbox previously, Megabox HD will erase that memory you have of the platform. But then, have in mind that you will encounter ads on this platform which are a bit intrusive. Other than that, the platform is reliable and features stable servers that won’t leave you frustrated.

5. Cinema Box HD

Cinema Box HD

Whether you are using an Android device, TV box or even a tablet, Cinema Box will give you the best entertainment of your life. You can download and install the app on your machine to experience it for yourself. The films and TV shows offered by Cinema Box HD are the best of quality that you can only find on a top Showbox alternative. And it’s entirely free to access too. And guess what; you will also encounter tons of fresh contents on the app to keep you entertained for as long as you want.

This Cinema Box app has loads of features that impress, such as a large chunk of subtitles and loads of quality contents for your viewing pleasure. Plus, you can also download and stream films as you like. Of course, who doesn’t want an app that receives regular updates with quality movies?

6. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

If you are searching for a platform that offers decent TV shows and movies, then pay a visit to CyberFlix. You won’t regret every minute you spend on this platform. The fact that the interface is simple to navigate and the app is well-organized makes it a great option to many alternatives out there.

Another impressive feature of CyberFlix TV is that the app is a bit faster and reliable. It is also light regarding size, so it will not take up much space on your Android phones. You will also have access to a large chunk of recent content because it receives regular updates.

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7. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is back! That’s the write up displayed on the platform’s website. And this time, it comes loaded with many features that would impress the very committed movie watcher. The application runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. But then, you can have it on your laptops the same way the Android device user would. The only thing is that you may need the Android emulator for that.

Terrarium TV reborn is one of the best Showbox alternatives, no doubt. You will find a different version of the apps available with the developers claiming that they have fixed bugs that were preventing the app from running correctly. Terrarium TV also let you enjoy movies and TV shows for free. You can stream, or download whenever you want. So get ready to enjoy videos that would blow your mind.

8. Hubi App

Hubi App

Hubi App is a streaming platform that defines what entertainment should be. With this application you can stream and download any movie you like. You will also find the latest collections displayed on the platform for your viewing pleasure. And after or before watching, you can share links of movies you think others will find interesting.

Have in mind that you will likely encounter ads on this platform. It’s like every other Showbox alternative that is free to access. But if you want the ads to disappear from the app, you may have to part with a little amount. Another thing that impresses about this app is the fact that you can keep the history of all the movies you have watched.

9. Crackle


Get ready to turn your smartphone and tablet into a movie center. It’s possible with an app like Crackle. It’s one of the best Showbox alternatives you will ever encounter on the app store. And guess what makes it unique? It gives access to top movies even without a subscription. Plus the list of films you will find on the platform will amaze you.

Crackle currently has millions of users globally, which should give you an idea of how unique and popular the app has become. It also supports smart TV connection and has a clean interface that makes watching movies on the app a wonderful experience.

10. Stremio


If you have tried other Showbox alternative but haven’t been satisfied with what you are seeing, then try Stremio. Instead of allowing users to download content from sources they know little or nothing of, Stremio extracts and organizes streams from familiar places like iTunes, Amazon, and even Netflix to make things easier for its users.

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Stremio has an elegant interface, and it is also more responsive than many other Showbox replacements out there. In short, many users claim that the platform is better than Netflix for several reasons, too.

11. Viewster


Viewster is one of the top Showbox alternatives that has transformed into a movie-streaming platform of the century. Its contents are well-organized and easy to access. And you will find movies in different genres such as action, romance, animation, horror, comedy, drama, documentary, thrillers, and many others. Just click on the movie genre of your choice to unveil fresh contents.

You need to sign up on Viewster to have access to contents. Registration is quite easy and quick, and you also won’t be tasked to pay a dime when registering. You can also enjoy movies and shows on your desktop or mobile device. This Showbox replacement also has loads of anime contents for you if you are a fan. Sign up to find out for yourself.

12. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

If you have an iPhone or iPad, nothing should prevent you from installing Pluto TV on your device. This app has tons of features that made the platform user-friendly. It is also absolutely free of charge, meaning you can watch movies, TV shows and have access to exclusive channels such as pro wrestling channels without paying a dime.

You will find thousands of exciting movies on Pluto TV too. And if you are an anime fan, be ready to access and watch loads of anime series to your heart’s content.

13. TeaTV


If you want to enjoy comics such as DC and Marvel, then grab a cup of tea and pull out your smartphone. But ensure you have installed TeaTV on your device because that’s what will make it possible for you to have access. The app is very reliable and excellent for streaming, watching and downloading movies.

Interestingly, you can read detailed descriptions about movies before downloading or streaming them. You can also watch the thriller to know if a film suits your taste before initiating a download. Overall, the app is impressive and will grant you access to interesting movies.


So these are the best Showbox alternatives out there. They are quite reliable, user-friendly and will grant you access to tons of contents that will keep you entertained. These apps can also turn your mobile device or PC into a movie machine. You can even stream or download videos whenever you want. But then, each platform has its mode of operation. So take your time and explore the various apps available.

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