17 Best eBook Torrenting Sites to Download Free eBooks in 2022

Are you looking for the best eBook torrenting platform? Then you have made the right choice by visiting this website. Only those who know much about downloading eBook can tell how tedious finding a high-quality torrenting website can be. It’s just like solving a puzzle, which is usually time-consuming.

The point is finding a website to download movies, games, and videos, is a lot easier. But the same cannot be said for eBook downloading. Lack of interest from the site owners to continue running their platform or stricter laws prohibiting piracy contributes to the reduced number of torrenting website that is still in existence. But even at that, we have managed to handpick some of the best eBook torrenting sites to download free ebooks that will satisfy your needs . Check them out below.

17 Best eBook Torrenting Sites to Download Free eBooks

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1. EBook Search Engine

This platform is designed using Google CSE. And guess what, it indexes tons of websites for downloading free eBooks. The interface is not different from that of Google, with its unique search bar. And it makes conducting searches a lot easier. All you need do when looking for an eBook is to enter the name of the book in the search bar and websites that have the eBook you seek will popup.

EBook Search Engine is a great website that will meet your needs if everything else fails. Plus it makes searching for and finding eBook a breeze. Once the search result displays, showing hundreds of download links of possible sites with the eBook you are looking for, there is also an option on the platform for you to sort by relevance to filter and quickly find whatever you are looking for and save time.

2. Free Computer Books

Are you an IT person or a computer programmer? Even if you are a beginner or professional in the field, seeking knowledge and learning new things is essential for personal development. So, if you want to grow, then eBook torrent platforms like Free Computer Books will be beneficial to you.

This platform is for downloading eBooks practically on computers, technical books, mathematics, and lecture notes that are relevant to the field. So, if you are into programming, then jump on the platform. You will find free materials on the various programming courses and other useful books that will help you in the long run.

3. PDF Downloads

The name of this platform says it all. But understand that it does not explicitly host PDF documents or eBooks. Just like eBook Search Engine mentioned on this list, PDF Downloads will help you fetch eBooks from different desired sources and present them all to you for free download. The platform is also simple to operate.

However, this website has an intuitive interface that makes it quite easy to search for eBooks online. Plus you can read your PDF online if you don’t like the idea of downloading it. Once again, the services are free of charge.

4. Zoogle

With millions of contents and hundreds of new uploads on a daily basis, Zoogle stands as one of the best eBook torrenting platforms on the planet. Finding eBooks is so easy on this platform. Upon visiting the website, you will even discover hundreds of interesting eBooks to download and read right away.

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But have in mind that eBooks on Zoogle usually come in zip file format. So, you must extract after downloading to have access to the content. But the bottom line is that you are likely going to satisfy your eBook needs on this platform. The platform was also formerly called BitSnoop.

5. EBookee

EBookee stands as one of the best eBook torrenting platforms out there. The platform covers different categories such as eBook on business, nonfiction, study, medical, politics, art, culture, music and many more. It is easy to also search for ebooks on the platform.

Ebookee allows users to download ebooks free of charge. And because it covers many categories, you can be sure that whatever eBook you are looking for will likely exist on the platform. This eBook torrenting website will also give you access to check Recently Viewed eBook Torrents; Latest Added eBook, Top10 eBook Torrents and more, for your reading pleasure.

6. Bookshare

This eBook torrenting platform is one of the finest. It has an intuitive interface and offers different categories of books across different areas. Hence you can discover free and helpful eBooks that are new to you.

Bookshare makes it possible to anticipate what an eBook will be like before even initiating a download. There would always be a description of the book for you to read before downloading the PDF file to your system. And you will find hundreds of books in different categories such as medical, history, cooking, education, computer and many more.

7. ManyBooks

Whether it’s popular romance ebooks, science fiction, mysteries, and thrillers eBook you are looking for, ManyBooks has got you covered. You can also search for other genres on this platform with ease. The website is quite easy to navigate and search for items.

ManyBooks lives up to its name and provides over 33,000 eBooks you can access from anywhere in the world. Also, a good number of eBooks on the platform are free to download and read. They also come in formats supported by many eReaders, iPad, Nook and the famous Amazon Kindle. However, not all books on this platform are free. But even the ones that come with a price tag are quite affordable because of the attractive price offered.

8. Bookboon

A must-see platform for students and avid readers, Bookboon is one of the most well-organized and robust torrenting platforms that offer quality eBooks for free. You can also download textbooks from this torrenting website for free.

Bookboon provides useful eBooks and textbooks in many categories such as accounting, economics, finance, programming, statistics, marketing, language and many more. Plus you can quickly run through the list of eBooks to find popular options, highly rated eBooks or editor’s pick, which can be helpful if you don’t have the name of the book in your head but want an ebook that will be worth your time.

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9. FreeEbooksCanada

First, the class of eBooks you will find on this platform will surprise you. Despite being free, you will still find top-rated eBooks in different categories here. And even though most of the materials on this platform are not for free in other places, they were only made available on this platform to satisfy the needs of readers.

But have in mind that FreeEbooksCanada is restricted to Canada users only. In other words, people from other countries cannot access the contents on the platform. The platform prides itself as one of the best places to get premium eBooks and offers direct download links where one can find and download interesting copies without spending a penny.

10. Planet eBook

If you are hungry for classic literature, then Planet eBook will meet your needs. You will find tons of quality classics for free here. Plus you can even read and share with others you feel will benefit from the book whenever you feel like doing so.

Planet eBook is one of the best eBook torrenting sites that can compete with any other platform out there. It is so easy to navigate and eBook downloading is also a breeze. Take your mouse to the homepage, and you will find a host of authors and their respective literature. You can even start downloading whenever you are ready at no cost.

11. Wikibooks

The name “Wiki” is synonymous to information. And the Wikibooks is also not far from that. Well, it’s a fraction of the Wikimedia Foundation, owned and managed by Wikipedia. Wikibooks is all about eBooks. The same way in which one gets useful information from Wikipedia for free, you can also download eBooks from this platform at no cost.

Numerous eBooks on various categories exist on this platform. They include categories like science/engineering, novels, story books, parenting, children books, lifehacks, and even cooking. But the impressive thing is that you can have access to great books from anywhere in the world legally, and in different languages.

12. Torrentoff

Torrentoff is another excellent platform built to provide entertainment in different forms. This website is not only for eBooks. It also has categories like music, videos, pictures, software, and many more. Focusing on eBook, Torrentoff offers a great collection of books that you will surely find attractive.

In addition to offering a massive collection of eBooks, Torrentoff allows you to view the size of each file before downloading. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage of the book category to know the most downloaded book so you can have what others are reading. You will also find the latest search conducted on the platform, on this part of the page, too.

13. Tech Book For Free

Whether you are an IT student or an individual that’s into programming, Tech Book for Free is one platform you will find useful. As a student, you will have the opportunity to access books on the various programming language and different categories such as Java, Microsoft, Python, Linux, Science, Security and more.

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Another thing that makes this platform amazing is the description you will find for every book before downloading. The explanation would tell you what to expect from the book so that you can weigh your options.

14. MagTors

If you want to have the latest books, in other words, books that are trending, MagTors is the ideal platform you should visit right away. This platform will grant you access to some of the latest and most interesting-to-read books on the planet from famous authors and personalities.

The MagTors’ platform is also easy to navigate and use. Upon visiting the website, you will find different classes of books waiting for you to download and read. This eBook torrenting platform also offers access to software, games, TV shows and movies, not only books. And with options like Trending Now, Most Recent additions, and Most Popular, you will always be in the know.

15. MyPDFBooks

MyPDFBooks is an eBook torrenting platform that will give you access to loads of free eBooks in different categories. These include eBooks in technology, history, medical sciences and many more. And impressively, eBooks are made available for download in PDF and ePub formats so interested readers can make their choices.

Besides the numerous eBooks you will find on the site’s homepage, you can also search for PDF books through the search bar. You can also download books for free on this platform.

16. 01Torrent

The 01Torrent not only contains eBook contents. It will also grant you access to movies, games, applications and TV shows, and even Anime collections. And despite the large selection of torrent files it has, everything is well-organized, and the site is easy to navigate.

The only drawback eBook readers will face upon visiting this platform is the fact that books are not classified in different categories as seen in other eBook torrenting websites. In this case, you have to enter the name of whatever book you are looking for into the search bar. If the content is available, it will undoubtedly pop up.

17. Smashwords

Smashwords gives you access to many quality eBooks in different categories such as African American fiction, Adventure, business, classics, educational, fairy tales, sports, horror and many more. It is also one of the best eBook platforms with tons of contents provided for the reading pleasure of users like yourself.

Smashwords offers quality eBooks, but not all of them are free. You will discover on the site that free books are placed in different categories, while others fall in different price ranges considered budget-friendly.


These are fantastic torrenting platform every book lover should endeavor to visit. If you want variety, then don’t hesitate to check them out. You will find a couple of quality eBooks for free, across different genres. This list contains the best eBook torrenting websites handpicked and made available for your reading pleasure. So, ensure you pay each one of them a visit.

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