13 Awesome Anime Torrent Sites of 2022 That You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

Anime has captured the hearts of many, be it in book form, movies or shows. And it’s great to know there are tons of top-notch websites out there to access quality anime torrent anytime. But then, finding one is not so easy. It’s time-consuming and involves a lot of research work. But that has been sorted out for you in this post.

The whole concept of anime is incredible, even though they are not blockbuster movies like the ones from Hollywood. Anime helps us to unwind, and relax. Plus you will also appreciate the artistry because everything about it is art, from action to interaction. So, if you are here to identify the best anime torrent sites, then you have made the right decision. The following are 13 must-see anime torrent sites for every serious fan.

13 Awesome Anime Torrent Sites

Table of Contents

1. Horriblesubs


The name of this site may suggest that the anime contents would be horrible regarding quality. But that’s not the case, and in fact, you will be amazed at what you will find on the platform. Horriblesubs is one of the best and highly innovative platforms for anime contents. You can also download anime torrents in different sizes that fit the storage space on your device. They come in low, medium, as well as high quality.

Talking about download size, the preferred anime downloads you should choose is the high-quality option so that you can enjoy the best of the anime content. Again, another thing that sets this anime torrent site apart is the ease at which search can be conducted. It does not only have a superior search feature, but its anime library is also impressive.

2. Animeworldbd


First, know that Animeworldbd is a respecter and staunch follower of the DMCA. In other words, it abides by the rules and regulations of the body to the core, meaning one can only download or have access to legal anime torrents via this website.

Putting the strictness aside, Animeworldbd is an excellent platform to download anime torrents. It is not just popular but makes the entire process of finding and downloading anime a breeze. Another thing that will interest you about this site is the job offers. You can click on the “Hiring” icon to see if any of the opportunities posted there suits you.

3. Bakabt


Say Bakabt is a secret site for staunch anime lovers, and you may not be far from the fact. It’s an anime torrent site one cannot just walk into and start downloading anime torrent. The administrators of Bakabt only want committed persons to have access to the rich anime library that the website has to offer. So they will be the one to invite you. After an interview, you will be allowed in.

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Bakabt features a vast library consisting of anime torrents that are out of this world. So don’t worry, whatever time it takes you to get enlisted on this site, it would be worth it when you finally have full access to the site. The platform also has an intuitive interface that makes it super easy for users to navigate. You will also have access to dubbed and subbed torrents here. The bottom line is you will surely find whatever you are looking for on Bakabt or never leave unsatisfied.

4. Anime-Ultime


The number of streaming videos, users and anime content you will find when you visit Anime Ultime will give you a clue as to how widespread this platform is gradually becoming. But have in mind that most of the wordings are not in the English language. But still, you will find that anime torrent you are looking for on this platform.

The interface of the Anime-Ultime is not only simple but highly attractive. Everything is well laid out for users to find whatever they want at lightning speed. So, if you are looking for a platform to download anime torrents fast, look no further. The Anime-Ultime is your best bet. But ensure you have flash player installed for better browsing experience on the platform.

5. LimeTorrents


The color of this Anime torrent platform is so attractive and irresistible. But get ready to encounter numerous ads. The website administrators understand this. Hence they are appealing to users to make donations to keep the site free of intrusive ads. LimeTorrent remains one of the most popularly used Anime torrent sites in Japan and many parts of the world.

There are many things about this site that will please you. One is the organization and ease with which one can create an account on the platform. Plus you will also find new and top torrents on the first page upon your visit to this platform.

6. Nyaa


The simplicity and quality of anime content on this website is one of the things that attract users to the platform. In short, everything is well-organized and placed in the right category that users can search and find anime contents with ease. Be it English-translated or non-English translated Anime series you seek, Nyaa is still one of the best anime torrent platforms that will meet your needs.

The process of registering and downloading anime torrent files from this platform is also impressive. On the homepage of Nyaa, you will find a download link to various anime torrent files. Others details include file size and date to enable you to make the right decision. The platform also has a Twitter account that you can follow to get regular updates on new releases. And if you have something to share, then don’t hesitate to upload it on the platform. There is an option for that.

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7. Project-GXS


For high-quality anime images and videos, Project-GXS is the ideal website to visit. The platform features an accessible and exciting list of anime torrent series in Blu-Ray, making it one of the best anime torrent websites. And irrespective of the nature of anime torrent you seek, you will always have satisfactory experience on Project-GXS.

Enabling multi-language subtitle downloads also makes this platform unique. Plus, you will not also encounter intrusive ads as seen in other similar anime torrent websites. Registration is free and easy. You will also have the opportunity to chat with other staunch anime followers on the platform, too.

8. Shana Project

Shana Project

Shana Project is another impressive anime torrent website that will tempt you to keep coming back for more anime content. You will find the search bar on this platform more useful in this regard. Most of the videos on Shana Project are also in high definition, giving you the opportunity to enjoy anime series anytime and any day.

You will find it super easy to download anime torrents on this well-organized website, including access to the latest series in the anime community. Also, with just a push of the button, you can start downloading your favorite anime videos automatically.

9. AniRena


Search for and download exciting anime videos that will keep you entertained and satisfied. Of course, the AniRena anime torrent website is built for that. Whatever you are looking for, as long as it is anime torrent, AniRena will never disappoint you. This torrent website features an impressive list of anime series in multiple languages and file sizes. Content also range from anime to hentai which features the 18+ anime contents.

If you don’t fancy the idea of registering before downloading and enjoying your anime content, then AniRena is undoubtedly going to impress you. Have in mind that you don’t need to register on this platform to start downloading anime content.

10. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is not entirely an anime torrent website, but yet stands as one of the world’s most popular torrent sites that have ever existed. But even though it’s not a complete anime website, have in mind that you can still pull some great anime content from the site. If you conduct proper search, you will gain access to an incredible list of files dedicated to anime. But then, you have to be conversant with the anime content you are looking for to avoid wasting time.

Also, one has to be careful on this site, so as not to pick up a virus. So, it’s recommended you install an effective antivirus to help prevent any attack. Also, read comments and be watchful when dealing with torrent sites like this.

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11. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho

If you want to download exciting anime content of high quality to while away time, then visit Anime Tosho to have your needs met. On the front page, you will find numerous anime torrent files, their sizes, and download links. In short, the website itself is easy to navigate compared to many anime torrent sites. Another exciting thing is that you will always find legal torrents on the site.

There is a rich media library on this anime torrent website that will offer you a superior anime entertainment. You will also not run short of anime series as the library is kept up to date on a regular basis. The interface of Anime Tosho is also impressive. It’s designed in a way that users can navigate easily and spend less time before locating whatever they want.

12. Anime Layer

Anime Layer

First, have in mind that the wordings on Anime Layer are not in the English Language. But if you can get past that barrier, you will surely find this torrenting website very useful. It is quite easy to search for preferred amine content, and you will find tons of latest anime series and movies that will give you the entertainment you desire.

You will find different anime series and publishing date of each one of them on this platform. The size of each anime torrent file is also written in bold letters so you can choose the one that is more suitable for your device in a heartbeat. Overall, the Anime Layer is a fantastic website any staunch anime torrent follower would love.

13. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime

This anime torrenting website is changing the way people acquire and view anime on their devices. First, there is Kiss Anime Mobile option, which allows users with hand-held devices to have access to anime series on their mobile phones.

There are also tons of dramas on this platform that will blow your mind away. Plus you can read the manga, novel and enjoy other forms of entertainment on the website. Another thing you will like about this site is the ability to post and view comments from others. It will help to determine which anime is worth your data and time.


These are the best anime torrent sites out there, at least for now. Technology is regularly improving so one can only hope for a better experience regarding the quality of anime websites that are going to be available in the coming years. But, if you are a faithful anime fan, you can take advantage of this opportunity to visit each site on this list individually to gain access to more unique anime contents.

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