10 Best Websites To Download Free Ebooks Legally

Literature and Words there is no end to what it can do and history speaks of its greatness. The French Revolution would suffice to prove this statement and Hitler’s verbosity and oratory is another profound example of how important words can be. If these examples aren’t enough the vivid description of Mark Antony’s “Brutus is an honourable man” speech should suffice the purpose of laying down the influence of words and the thoughts it expresses.

Books in the form of novels, non-fiction, as collection of beautiful poems all play a profound role in shaping our thoughts and minds. It has the power to change our lives. It has the power to permeate deep into our minds and pull off magic we never knew existed. All successful people or a large majority of them are bookaholics who read books way too much. The importance of books in our lives cannot thus be overstated and access to literature that will stimulate our minds and thoughts in this new monotonous world is more important than ever. Here are 10 best websites where ebooks can be accessed for free:

10 Best Websites To Download Free Ebooks Legally

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1. OpenLibrary


OpenLibrary with 15 different categories of books ranging from Science and Religion to Recipes and Romance has a large collection of books that are completely free for a user to download. The number of books in each category in the thousands 9,19,652 books under the category of History to 5,013 biographies. The site apparently has gathered over 20 million records of books from different sources. The site is an open project which provides the option to edit and contribute to any member. It is a project facilitated by the non profit organisation Internet Archive. Apart from providing a free copy in the form of PDF or ePUB it also has a borrow option whereby the actual physical book can be borrowed and later returned similar to an actual library. There are various other options that a reader should definitely explore while browsing this site.

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Ta Da : https://openlibrary.org

2. The Online Books Page


The Online Books Page can be a academician’s best friend. The site hosts extraordinary content on a number of categories from education and law to philosophy, psychology, religion etc. The site does not provide any books for light reading but it provides access to materials of the highest stature such as the Harvard Law Review that too starting from dates in the 1970s. This access can prove truly beneficial to someone who needs very well expounded views and concepts detailed in an elaborated studied manner.

Enjoy : http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu

3. Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is a free online database of more than 53,000 books belonging to a total of 22 categories ranging from Animals to Children’s Boos to Classics and Geography. The site offers Ebooks across 5 languages which is English, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese and thus caters to a large number of people across the world.

All the Ebooks available can be freely used in the US as the copyright to those works have expired and most books can be used across the world without fear of copyright infringement even though the site does provide a caveat of ensuring legal compliant before use. The site offers high quality books and is just the place for a book lover.

Here you go : https://www.gutenberg.org

4. Bartleby.com


To a reader who wants to immerse himself in deep heavy literary exercises in the form of essays and books of a similar nature, this is the site that will meet this end. With a large collection of classic fictional and non-fictional work Bartleby.com is a brilliant site that does not take reading lightly.

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The collection is classified into 5 broad sections from Reference to Featured Authors and all provide high quality content from deeply thought and articulated collections of essays to well known fiction including short stories and ghost stories. The site also provides a user with access to many quotations and verses which is an added benefit to an avid reader.

Visit : http://www.bartleby.com

5. Free-Ebooks.Net


The name of the site couldn’t be more apparent. The site offers a reader with a decent number of books across a huge number of categories starting from text books on Anthropology and Business to Drama, Romance and more. The site offers the user with 3 language options being English, Portuguese and Spanish. The site also allows for a writer to contribute and promote their books and thus encourages new talent in a very important way.

For you : https://www.free-ebooks.net

6. Bookboon.com


While most sites across the web focus on providing Ebooks that are less educational, Bookboon is a site that focuses explicitly on providing Ebooks that are purely educational. The categories range from Accountancy and Engineering to Languages, Marketing etc. The collection under each category is vast and is of high quality. To anyone wanting to learn something new about a subject they are interested in but never taken up this is the site made just for you.

Drop in : http://bookboon.com

7. ManyBooks


With a collection of more than 30,000 books freely available to the user, Manybooks as the name suggests is an online database of many high quality books spread across a large number of categories from Drama and Classics to Philosophy and Psychology. The site offers books across multiple languages from the mainstream ones like English and Spanish to Latin and Afrikaans. Even though the number of books in the niche languages are few the site still caters to a larger linguistic audience than other sites including the ones mentioned above.

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Have a look for yourselves : http://manybooks.net

8. Literature.rg

Having looked at many sites that provide books of all genres, let’s have a look at this site that provides a user with the classics written by authors who cannot be better known from Charles Darwin, Conan Doyle, Milton and others. The importance of these works is that they act as pioneers in their respective fields, for instance, anyone who thinks of detective novels first think of Sherlock Holmes. These works have played a important role in defining and redefining the literary scene without being hindered by time.

The Classics : http://literature.org

9. Planet Ebook


With a limited collection of just over 80 books Planet Ebook is still a site any avid reader should be aware because of the very same reason Literature.org is in this list. This site also provides classics such Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice, that convey to the reader on multiple levels thoughts and ideas than what is just on the surface.

Here is the link : http://www.planetebook.com

10. Page by Page Books


Page by Page Books is a site with a small but startling collection of material that are more speech oriented than books. The site doesn’t offer any for light reading and provides the user with materials such as Inaugural address of Obama or the address of Dr Eisenhower which are relevant material in the right person’s hands.

The site : http://www.pagebypagebooks.com

These are 10 sites that I believe people who love to read should be aware of. However the list is not in any order of preference and should not perceived so because each book and each page may have different value to different people. Signing off here is a larger list of sites which you may want to check out :

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