11 Best Google Forms Alternatives (Free & Paid) To Design Beautiful Online Forms in 2022

It is a good thing that numerous alternatives to Google Forms are around. At least, users no longer have to deal with the drawbacks of the said form building software. But without mincing words, Google Forms still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Its popularity, ease of set up, and use are features that endeared it to many webmasters.

But then, its drawbacks, which include limited design and customization option, and also the unavailability of SSL security, has made it fall down the pecking order. And as a consequence, many have developed a keen interest for other alternatives. So without wasting time, here are several other form building software like Google Forms that are awesome.

11 Alternatives To Google Forms You Must Try in 2022

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1. Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is a feature-rich Google Forms alternative that offers both free and paid option. However, the free option is limited in features. It supports just one user, offers 500 monthly entries and 100 MB storage space. But this online form building tool comes designed with everything you need to build, publish, and manage forms quickly and easily.

However, for creating simple to advanced forms, Cognito Forms is equal to the task. It let you create powerful forms for websites, be it order forms, feedback forms, payment forms, contact form, registration, and any form of interest from scratch. And if you are interested in creating highly responsible forms to either collect payments or relevant information from your visitors, you can rely on this platform to meet your needs.

Cognito supports the save and resume option, which allows users to continue their form filling activities whenever they have enough time for it. Other features include form calculations, multi-page forms, rating scale, data security to protect sensitive data of users, and a host of other features.

2. Engage Form

Engage Form

Lead generation and customer feedback is a breeze with the Engage Form software. Impressively, this online form builder comes loaded with everything one requires to quickly create and design sophisticated forms for a business, project, or personal use. One of the awesome features of this Google Forms alternative is that you can create, embed, and share forms for quizzes, online polls, or survey with just a click . Another fantastic feature is that forms created matches any screen type.

Engage form is also super easy to use and comes with all the features you seek to create a robust form to engage your targeted audience in real time and obtain all the data you want. Sharing and embedding are also quick and easy, as one does not require any coding skill to display the form on a website. You can also create forms using the drag and drop option.

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However, this online form building software offers a free and paid option. Features also include the ability to embed the form anywhere on a website, custom colors, and themes, and more!

3. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey, a cloud-based online survey creator, is another form builder you will find useful. It comes with a free and paid option, with the free plan limited in features like other alternatives to Google Forms. The platform also boasts of having over 15 million active users, a figure that should enhance the confidence of any interested user.

Survey Monkey is quite simple to use, which is something irresistible about the platform. It also comes loaded with features that will enable you to create a professional-looking online survey that will inspire your targeted audiences to respond positively. But being simple to use is not the only thing you will like about this online survey builder.

If you are particular about the outcome of your survey, this software will make your day! You will gain easy access to your data and analyze the results quickly to know the next line of action to take.

4. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is another strong contender and a highly sought after software in the online form builder category. It offers a vast array of incredible features designed to help users create stunning forms for their websites. Another impressive feature is its drag and drop interface, which makes the online form creation process exciting and straightforward.

Zoho Forms is also fully integrated with CRM and offers a broad range of highly responsive themes and templates that suit different projects and needs. This software is also highly customizable. And it supports custom branding, thus offering users the opportunity to add messages, logos, configure email alerts, and others, to their forms. And besides the simple embedding process, Zoho Forms also makes the collection and management of data a breeze.

This software also integrates well with numerous apps. But have in mind that this online form builder doesn’t have an entirely free option. The best you can have is the trial version, with the least plan starting from $10 per month.

5. WuFoo Form

WuFoo Form

WuFoo is another online form builder you will find amazing. It has all the necessary features you seek to create beautiful forms to obtain data and responses to scale up your business. And if you are looking for robust survey software for your business that has an excellent rating, you should consider WuFoo, too. The tool makes data collections and online payment processing a breeze . You also do not need to have coding skills or knowledge to create or display forms on a website.

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You can also create a WuFoo Form in less than 5 minutes; it’s that quick and easy! The process is not as demanding as other Google Forms alternatives out there. Plus you can customize and design your forms to suit your taste. WuFoo gives you access to over 400 customizable templates. Plus you can also enhance the visual appeal of your forms using your charts or graphs.

WuFoo is one of the best online form building tools out there. And to confirm this claim, the software is trusted by top brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Disney, Twitter, and others.

6. 123FormBuilder


123FormBuilder is another tool for creating stylish forms. The software offers access to over 1000 templates and lets you create forms for any project or industry. These include school admission forms, donation forms, booking forms, online order forms, job application forms, and many more! Plus the drag and drop interface of this software also makes it less time-consuming and stressful to create online forms.

The 123FormBuilder has a high-level of security to protect sensitive information of users. It uses SSL technology and Captcha to achieve this. And you can easily integrate multiple payment options from reputable sources such as PayPal, Square, Stripes, and others, on your form to make it easier for your audiences to initiate transactions whenever the need arises.

7. JotForm


With this JotForm software, the form building process is more exciting. Even when you get stuck halfway while creating a form, you can easily invite others to make an input. But rest assured that it won’t get to this point because the software is not that complicated to use. Impressively, it can also help you create forms that suit any niche and business size.

JotForm also has hundreds of templates, some of which are provided by third-party sources. So, you can create your forms from scratch or take advantage of the tons of ready-made templates available.

You can also use this feature-rich form builder on all devices, including the Smartphone. Another excellent feature is data encryption to protect users and the drag and drop option that makes form building quick and easy.

8. Typeform


Typeform is another incredible alternative to Google Forms. Even if you are creating forms for the first time, you won’t find it confusing. The software offers access to tons of ready-made templates you can use. You can also create your forms from scratch too. Typeform also does not require coding skills. And you can build light forms and online surveys for any project or niche using this tool.

This software also has a free plan. However, have in mind that you won’t be able to access the tool’s advanced features with the free option. And unlike other Google Forms alternatives, Typeform does not support the save and resume functionality, whereby respondents can return to their forms to continue filling anytime.

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However, you can build highly attractive quizzes, surveys, polls and shopping cart with this software.

9. FormCrafts


This online survey and drag and drop form builder have taken form creation to a whole new level. The tool is super fast, lightweight, and can generate gorgeous forms for any online business. It also comes loaded with various features such as real-time analytics, multi-page forms, content logic, and more!

Be it job application, newsletter signup, contact registration, customer support, and the order form, FormCrafts can help you build highly attractive forms tailored to your needs. In addition to the ease of use, this online form building tool also features a WordPress plugin and uses specialized survey fields, which makes data collection more exciting and engaging.

10. Formsite


Formsite may have few templates than other alternatives to Google forms, but it does have what it takes to create high-quality forms. The tool is also one of the most expensive in this line of product. But it comes with features that make form building and payment options setup a breeze.

However, this form-building software comes with built-in PayPal and Authorize.net payment processing integrations. It also comes with an option that let you encrypt texts in specific fields too. So, if you are looking for a secured platform to build web surveys and online HTML forms, then Formsite is for you!

11. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

If your focus is on creating a complex WordPress form with no coding skills, Ninja Forms is for you! This form builder is powerful, yet quick and simple to use. It also has the drag and drop option, making it possible for users to build unique forms for their online businesses in no time. This form builder is one of the most sought after WordPress form plugin around with millions of downloads recorded.

However, Ninja Forms is free to use, which is something remarkable about the software. The only thing is that if you want to access some of the additional extensions not in the free package, you have to pay for them or choose a complete plan.


So now you know the alternatives to Google Forms, you can create a stunning form for your website. The crucial thing is to be able to create a form that will convert. You should also be able to get the results you seek.

So, what Google Forms alternative have you tried? Let’s know about your experience in the comment section below.

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