13 Alternative and Similar Sites Like OfferUp To Buy or Sell Stuff Online

Tons of sites like OfferUp are out there. But many still talk about OfferUp, and without a doubt, the platform has been incredible in the past years. Of course, it is almost impossible to mention top online shopping destinations on the internet without including OfferUp. That is how highly rated the platform is.

It is one of the biggest mobile marketplaces where sellers and buyers meet. You will also find incredible deals and top quality products that will make your head spin on this platform too.

But there are other OfferUp alternatives out there that offer something more or less than what the platform offers. So, if you are ready to explore, these are websites you should check out.

13 Alternative and Similar Sites Like OfferUp

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1. AliExpress


Whether you are thinking of starting a drop shipping business or looking to buy products at a budget-friendly rate, AliExpress can meet your needs. The platform lets you purchase products directly from Asian manufacturers. The online platform started in 2010 and is headquartered in China.

Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, jewelry, and appliances, name it; AliExpress has tons of different products for buyers looking to shop online either within or outside Asia. The platform is also user-friendly and features a smooth interface that makes it easy to locate products. It also supports multiple languages besides English languages, such as Russian, German, Italy, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and others.

2. eBay


Shop by product category or search for anything; that’s eBay for you! It is one of the top online shopping destinations for many for obvious reasons too. This platform has an extensive collection of products ranging from sports, fashion, motors, home, health & beauty, among others. Impressively, you can also get amazing deals on eBay daily too.

However, this platform allows sellers to list products on select classified pages where genuine buyers can contact you directly. The platform is also well-organized and straightforward to use.

3. Bookoo


If you want to clothe your kids, beautiful your property, or cash in on some of your old household items, then Bookoo is the right platform to be. It is an incredible OfferUp alternative that offers a family-friendly online shopping experience. It also has most of its branches situated close to military bases in the USA. Plus, you get to inspect items before making payments.

Bookoo is an excellent platform for military personnel that is looking to buy or sell any item when relocating from or to a new area. It also has over 2 million users worldwide. Plus it is simple to use and let interested buyers purchase items on a cheap, while sellers can offload their properties quickly.

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4. Etsy


If you are looking for unique, vintage, custom-made or handcrafted items, then pay a visit to Etsy. It is a top site for such things with massive global recognition and user-base. And, be it clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, and entertainment, this platform has got you covered.

There’re tons of buyers and sellers on this platform, which is a great feat considering the high competition this online business niche has. The platform is also designed in a way that buyers can leave unbiased reviews for sellers to help others to make quick decisions.

5. Amazon


If you’re an avid online shopper, you will certainly know a thing or two about Amazon. It’s the biggest and most popular online shopping platform in the world. Based in the United States of America, Amazon can also ship products to different parts of the world.

In terms of revenue, Amazon is the biggest. So, it’s safe to say that the platform is out of the league of OfferUp in the area of financial strength. The company also claims to offer over 45 million products and boast of providing the best customer service and shopping experience.

6. Shpock


Shpock is one of the best sites like OfferUp with beautiful classifieds. It’s a place to sell or buy used items quickly and conveniently. There are also several advantages this platform has over others. First, registration is fast and easy. Plus you can upload your products or buy within a few seconds.

The platform also has an application, which makes it super easy for users to buy or shop on the go. Another exciting thing about Shpock is the fact that it is entirely free, at least for the time being. In other words, you can post your products or purchase any item you come across on the platform for free. And be it mobile phones, fashion, house for rent, gadgets, name it; you can list and find them all on Shpock.

7. Needora


This online marketplace is everything like OfferUp. But keep in mind that it is only available in Mexico, the US, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. The platform is also elegant and clean. And, you can find any item you want with ease. You can also buy or sell, or search for sellers who are offering the product you require in your location.

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Registration and signing in on Needora is also quick and easy. Users can also list their products on the site with ease. Another unique thing about Needora is the displaying of the seller’s location, to help intended buyers choose a closer seller.

8. DealExtreme


DealExtreme began as a gadget shop in 2005 but has added other products to the list. The platform claims to offer over a hundred and ten thousand products in various categories too. The site also looks neat and professional. Plus you won’t have to waste your precious time looking for products on this OfferUp alternative.

However, one of the things that lure most buyers to DealExtreme is the price tag of most items listed on the site and access to incredible deals. Free shipping is also provided for any order, which is something most online marketplace doesn’t support unless one buys products of specific volume and price.

9. Jumia


Jumia is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in the African continent, and quite similar to OfferUp. From technological gadgets to numerous fashion design apparels, Jumia claims to have everything in store for its users. The platform is also elegant and well-organized. Sellers can also have their products posted on the site with ease.

Jumia also offers divers payment options that suit the needs of its users. These include pay on delivery, payment via credit card and mobile money, among others. Furthermore, the company has also partnered well over 50,000 individuals and local companies across the African continent to ensure a steady supply and availability of products in all categories.

10. Craigslist


If you regularly shop online, then it is possible you may have come across Craigslist at some point. It is one of the most popular classified advertisement platforms in America where you can find anything you seek. From active discussion forums to household items, Craigslist has them all. If you are also looking to cash in on your properties quick, it is also one of the best sites like OfferUp to visit.

This platform also covers different regions, from Africa to Europe. And it is also super easy to search for items, despite being broad and loaded with various items. A visit to Craigslist is one you will never regret.

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11. Newegg


Newegg, what a cool name! This platform also measures up to other top sites like OfferUp on this list in diverse ways. You will find tons of products on Newegg, and incredible deals too. But in as much as the platform also offers apparels, health, and accessories, their primary focus is one electronic gadget which includes mobile phones, and computers, among others.

The one thing that lures buyers and inspires them to repeat their use of this platform is quality and trust. Products, particularly electronic gadgets listed on Newegg are of the best quality. Furthermore, if you have products to sell, you can have them posted on this site too and cash in quickly.

12. Pricefalls


Pricefalls is an online retail platform headquartered in the United States of America. One of the things that inspire buyers about this platform is the price point of items displayed on the site. You will find quality items at a budget-friendly rate on this online marketplace too. Plus it is also possible for buyers to track their orders via this platform.

You can list your products on Pricefalls from the comfort of your home and have them sold. The platform has an ever-expanding database of online shoppers, so you shouldn’t be worried about getting found out by potential buyers. You can sell or buy items in various categories such as electronics, accessories, fashion, home improvement and many more.

13. Souq


Souq has a vast array of items, which amounts to over 600,000 products. The site is also well-organized and offers incredible deals. Shopping online on this platform is also enjoyable, given the simple interface and layout of the website.

Furthermore, if you reside in the Middle East region such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Kuwait, keep in mind that this platform is built for you. Souq is also owned by Amazon and offers several payment options so that users can make payments with ease.


So, here you have it; the sites like OfferUp. If you are someone that enjoys shopping online, then you will find these platforms useful. Most of the online marketplaces listed on this platform allow buyers to shop for items from any location from the comfort of their homes. They also offer incredible deals that you enable you to spend less but buy more.

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