11 Best uTorrent Alternatives of 2022 You Must Check Out

uTorrent users have always gotten away with one thing, and that is downloading large files at an incredibly high speed. With its fantastic features, it took you almost nothing to get these large files downloaded to your computer. These features make uTorrent the perfect choice for localizing torrent files on your system. However, uTorrent has started losing its popularity in recent times; no thanks to some unwanted features that are getting in the way of its users.

Well, uTorrent app has got more than 100 million+ downloads alone from Google Play Store. uTorrent IPA can be easily installed on iOS device using Cydia Impactor. But errors like provision cpp 173 frustrated users a lot. And, this is the time to get your hands on working uTorrent alternatives.

Well, if you still want to continue downloading your movies, video games, etc. with great ease as it were, then you need other uTorrent alternatives that can help you get the job done nicely. Contained in this post are 11 best uTorrent alternatives that can help you download your choice of torrent files .

11 Best uTorrent Alternatives You Must Check Out

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1. FrostWire

Roaming the internet for your favorite torrent files can be likened to a goose chase when you are not using the appropriate downloader. FrostWire affords you one of the fastest ways to ripple through the bitTorrent search engines. Irrespective of what you are searching for, you can find it by initiating your search on FrostWire.

This software also comes with some fantastic features like full user control to enhance the flexibility of your download options. You can customize your download options just the way you want it. Ranging from those who are new to torrent download to the advanced users who spend most of their time scavenging for torrent files, FrostWire represents a viable option.

2. qBitTorrent

Talk of another alternative that is fast replacing uTorrent for downloading torrent files, and you have qBitTorrent in the picture before you can even say, Jack! uTorrent users are beginning to tilt their loyalty towards qBitTorrent because of its simplicity. The User Interface is nothing short of absolute brilliance, making it very easy to use. Only a few touches, and you can get so much accomplished.

Unlike uTorrent, qBitTorrent gives you the opportunity to download your favorite torrent files without having to download the .torrent file to your system first. Please don’t get too excited at this point because there is more – there is no point of being scared about Ads when you are using qBitTorrent because there wouldn’t be any!

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3. Vuze Torrent Downloader

As for Vuze Torrent Downloader, let’s get your appetite wet with two quick features – it ensures fast speed download and it’s light weighted on your customer RAM. You can flip through various tasks while you enjoy downloading your favorite games, music files and movies. There are two versions of this software – the basic version and the paid version.

The Vuze Torrent Downloader basic version is equipped with every primary feature that is good enough to ensure a straightforward download of any torrent file, which are features like integrated search, magnetic link support, and the likes. The only drawback about this version is that you should be ready to deal with the annoying ads that will be staring you in the face. Nonetheless, there is a solution to that, and that is to upgrade to the paid version.

4. Deluge

Deluge makes for another excellent option for downloading torrent files. UTorrent-minded developers purely inspired its development. It possesses a superb algorithm that enables it to delve into the deepest parts of the BitTorrent search engines. This software makes you breeze through your download tasks without breaking a sweat.

However, if you intend to get Deluge, you should get your mind ready for a couple of things. First up, Deluge is not your best option if you are looking for an easy-to-use software. Its user interface is designed to suit the needs of web surfers who are very patient with their download task. So if you need a user-friendly based software, look elsewhere.

5. BitTorrent Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent Torrent Downloads is one software that is fading away uTorrent memories from the mind of its users. This trend is pronounced because BitTorrent Torrent Download has some mouth-watering features that make it an irresistible delicacy for torrent downloads. This software is designed to be completely user-friendly, to initiate high-speed downloading, and it’s zero limitations on your download quantity as well as many more features.

Users have attested that it takes the game of downloading torrent files to a whole new level. Are you running Windows, Mac, or Android? If yes, then you could use some good news. BitTorrent Torrent Downloads is platform independent, so you can enjoy its features just as everyone else.

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6. Transmission

If you have been in the game of downloading torrent files, then there is every chance you could use some advanced options. Transmission is the perfect answer to your request as a torrent addict. Its web-based interface, secured encryption, peer2peer exchange, etc. have made it a preferable choice for the pros. Its cross-platform capability guarantees a comfortable use.

So if you are tired of hanging on to uTorrent alternatives that are built for newbies, then look away and embrace Transmission. Plus, you can get this software due to its lightweight and varying speed limits. Finally, with its tracker editing and web seed support, you can hardly ask for more as far as downloading torrent files are concerned.

7. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a software that leads the trail of torrent file download options because it adds another twist to your downloading fantasy. This software offers you practically everything you can ask for regarding your torrent file download like high-speed downloading, lightweight processing, advanced search, etc.

This software brings some more fun to the mix by providing you with a feature that allows you to download YouTube videos straight from within its environment. This software has an efficient formula for downloading because it downloads your files after splitting it into different sections. You can liken it to the famous Internet Download Manager. Use FDM, and you can download multiple files in one swoop!

8. CuteTorrent

One lightweight BitTorrent that seems to be making a remarkable impact in the community of torrent downloaders is the CuteTorrent. With a simple user interface and an express privilege to share torrent files, you cannot wait to try your hands on this download software. Listed below are other qualities that tickled the fancy of many users: Peer to Peer exchange, Sequential downloads, web seeding, embedded video player, IPV6, DHT, NAT-PMP, the local peer discovery protocol to recognize bitTorrent local peers, Torrent filtering, mounting disk images on DaemonTools, etc.

9. Tixati

Tixati is another reliable option for stocking your PC with torrent files at your choosing. This software is one of the few advanced torrent downloaders you will always come across. Its BitTorrent-based protocol allows it to download your torrent files very fast. This is a sure way to get served with such files.

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What makes Tixati a choice for many is that in spite of its advanced features, it still comes with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, its lightweight, super-fast download algorithm, comprehensive band-with management, RC4 connection encryption, IP filtering, RSS, event scheduler, DHT, PEX and magnetic link support, etc. are other fantastic options you might want to consider before using it.

10. Tribler

This software is an open source app that ensures users search, find, use and share content in the most fun ways. Looking to track and bring home your torrent files without stress? Then Tribler is up to the task. This app allows you to download your torrent files with 100% anonymity. For every genuine torrent user, it is never going to get any better than this.

Your favorite videos, music, pictures, games, pdf, etc. are out there, and the only thing standing between you and them is getting your Tribler installed. The basic idea behind Tribler is for you to enjoy the best content experience by sharing your content with others. Plus, it is also designed to run pretty fast on your machine.

11. rTorrent

rTorrent may have been the last uTorrent alternative on our list, but that doesn’t take away anything from its ability to perform outstandingly. This torrent downloader uses the libtorrent Library to enhance its operation. Moreover, with an emphasis on its efficiency and speed, it has been designed with one of the best languages: C++. You may want to consider rTorrent because it combines a simple user interface and a fantastically robust algorithm to ensure a compelling user experience. If you are ready to escape the frustration that comes with using uTorrent, then you can get rTorrent.

No need to continue managing uTorrent for your torrent file download, by putting up with some of its annoying features. Instead, get any one of the above torrent downloaders and continue to enjoy downloading your torrent files without having to experience any annoying ads or getting to deal with slow download speed. Having known about these options, I think it is all up to you to make a choice now.

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