15 Best Alternative Sites Like Wish For Shopping Lovers

Wish is one of the biggest online shopping platforms on the internet that serves tons of shoppers from different parts of the world. It is also one platform that suits the lifestyle of men, women, adults and young people of today, who barely have time to visit the market physically to look for and purchase products they desperately need.

No doubt, there are tons of products on Wish and great deals too. These and many more makes it one of the highly sought after e-commerce platforms. You will find an extensive collection of unbranded items on Wish, the majority of which are from China’s wholesale market. The Wish app has also made online shopping more exciting and super easy for online shoppers. In short, you don’t need to visit the main site every time to do business. The app gives you everything you want and more!

However, Wish’s clean interface, top-notch pictures and a myriad of other features, no doubt, make the platform addictive. But then, there are other best sites like Wish established to make life super easy for shoppers. On these Wish alternatives, you will still purchase quality products with great discounts and rates. Here they are, the best e-commerce platforms like Wish.

15 Best Alternative Sites Like Wish For Shopping Lovers

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1. AliExpress

This China-based e-commerce heavyweight has made the industry including millions of online shoppers proud since inception. AliExpress mobile application is similar to Wish. Another impressive thing about this platform is that they offer millions of products in different categories ranging from electronics, clothing, tech gadgets and more.

The customer service offered by AliExpress is top-notch. In short, customer satisfaction is their top priority and one of the secrets to their success as a business. And regarding business coverage, AliExpress boasts of having the capacity to ship products to over 200 different countries and regions.

They also offer services in six different languages including the English language. On the other hand, you can download the AliExpress app with ease to experience a whole new level of online shopping.

2. BangGood

BangGood has everything to be one of the best sites like Wish. In short, any staunch online shoppers would love this platform. The interface is s simple that you can search and find any item items in a heartbeat. If you are also looking for top brands or new arrivals, icons to the various sections are there at the top.

Another impressive thing about BangGood is that the platform has a vast list of items in the store. Name it, kiddies’ toys, electronics, clothing, sports items, jewelry and a host of other categories of things are available on BangGood. The platform also offers great deals, so rest assured that you will find whatever you want to purchase at a reasonable price here.

3. OverStock

One of the best alternatives like Wish that will turn you into an online shopping addict is OverStock. It is a platform where you can purchase various household items at rates that are irresistible. Product list includes furniture, clothing, rugs, jewelry, bed, décor and many more.

OverStock is unique in the way it receives payments and provides information about various products. It accepts Bitcoin payments and has a very compelling return policy. They are highly reputable and stand as one of the go-to websites for online shoppers looking to acquire the top quality product at cheaper rates. You will also enjoy incredible discount rates and mouthwatering coupon codes too, to save big.

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4. JollyChic

If you are looking for the best sites like Wish to purchase clothing for any age group, JollyChic is a great platform you should not fail to check out. You will find various fashion accessories here that will transform your appearance. It’s also amazing to know that they have quality clothing for every gender. Also, you will find top quality items at irresistible rates. Their flash sales and massive discounts are offers you should not also miss.

Whether you are a woman, man or kid, know that there is something for you on JollyChic to cover your precious skin. But the platform isn’t only about fashion. You will also find quality beauty products like makeup tools, face cleaners, contact lens, and many more under this category.

You can also purchase sports items, electronics, and home items from the website. And also have in mind that they have a return policy of 9 days. Plus they also receive payments via different methods such as PayPal, Debit card, Credit card, Pay on Delivery and so on.

5. Lazada

There are many reasons Lazada is among the list of best sites like Wish. One of them is that goods on Lazada are reasonably priced plus you will find quality items in any product category too. The reason products are quite affordable is because there is nothing like a third party involvement. In other words, all products on Lazada are delivered directly from their warehouse.

Lazada, however, is a popular e-commerce platform in Germany and owned by the famed Alibaba groups. The company is also unique in the way they serve their customers. They also have physical stores in different countries, so you can purchase any item you want offline or online. Lazada is also one of the fastest growing sites like Wish with a great business model.

6. Hollar

Hollar is one of the cutest sites among all the platforms like Wish. The platform is also quite easy to navigate that even a non-tech savvy can make use of it without challenges. Hollar also has a great list of items in store for shoppers. So, whether you are looking to purchase items for your kids, pets or yourself, you will find Hollar useful. Product category range from health, home, toys, seasonal, tech and many more.

Shipping for items purchased from Hollar is free as long as the cost of items purchased is above $25. Another impressive thing about this e-commerce platform is that things are relatively cheap there. In short, you can buy products for as low as $1. And guess what, whatever product you find on Hollar is top notch. So, don’t let the price make you start thinking otherwise.

7. SammyDress

SammyDress is another incredible site like Wish that offers top quality products at reasonable prices. On this platform, you will find different range of products such as clothes, beauty, accessories, wellness, home and living, sports, and others too numerous to mention.

Finding products on SammyDress is easy. Just enter the keyword of the said product in the search bar and whatever you are looking for will pop up if its available on the platform. Also, this global e-commerce platform offers free shipping, and their return policy is within 30 days. But it also depends largely on your location too.

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Impressively, SammyDress supports five different languages including the English language. And, besides US dollars, you can also purchase items from the platform in Euros, Pounds and other currencies.

8. Fab

As the name implies, Fab is truly a fabulous e-commerce platform and unarguably one of the best sites like Wish. The platform offers great deals and items. You can also get quality furniture and wall hangings to enhance the looks of your property.

Fab also has a broad customer base, comprising of people from different parts of the world. And besides clothing products, they have a vast category of items ranging from kitchen tools, handbags, technology, fun and a host of other accessories.

Regarding fashion, you will find the latest releases on this platform. In short, items sold here are reasonably priced and budget-friendly. But like many other sites, before making a purchase, you have to personally check the seller’s ratings and comments left by others to know if the person in question is worth your time.

9. Yoshop

Yoshop is another incredible platform like Wish in every aspect. They have one of the best customer services among the online e-commerce businesses on this list. You can also purchase quality items on the cheap from them. In addition to that, Yoshop is an app that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. So you can shop on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Once you become a new customer, a special coupon package awaits. Several holiday specials and regular discounts are also available on the platform. So, if you are a frequent online shopper, you will enjoy purchasing things at Yoshop. You will find different items ranging from clothing, jewelry, bags, fashion accessories, and home.

10. Deal Extreme

Deal Extreme is for avid online shoppers. In other words, if you are looking to satisfy your large appetite for online shopping, you will enjoy using this platform. If you are also a bulk buyer, you will enjoy an incredible discount rate on this platform.

Deal Extreme is one of the best sites like Wish to get incredible discounts. Also, when shopping, ensure to keep an eye on their most recent sales promotion. Even if you decide to buy from multiple sellers, you will still enjoy the incredible discount.

Again, shipping of goods oversea via this platform is possible. But the best part is that their warehouse in the US provides 48 hours deliver after purchase. They also offer numerous items ranging from toys, electronics, phones, beauty, health, shoes, and many more.

11. JackThreads

Any male that has had the privilege to shop on JackThreads will most likely choose the platform as one of the best sites like Wish. They practically offer men’s clothing, so the platform is strictly for male folks to shop quality designers.

If you plan on buying more clothing at a time, you will seriously benefit from their “2 for $30” discount sale section. Your occupation can also be a determinant factor for the discount you will receive. For instance, if you are a teacher, military personnel, or student, you will enjoy a mouthwatering discount on the platform. You also will find quality shoes of different types on this platform too.

12. Zulily

Zulily is an incredible platform that has what it takes to rank high among the best sites like Wish. One of the things that will impress you about this platform is its early morning sales deals which comes with irresistible discounts. In short, you can even get over 70 per cent off your purchase. Just create an account, search for items you are interested in and place an order.

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Zulily offers a broad range of items, not only incredible deals. On the platform, you will find numerous products ranging from beauty, toys, wellness and many more. If you would like to receive updates anytime a new product becomes available; it’s also possible on this platform.

13. Bonanza

It’s no longer news that Bonanza is one of the best sites like Wish. In short, the platform according to Entrepreneur Magazine is the “Best Entrepreneurial Company in the U.S.A. ” Over 12,000 sellers also voted the platform as the best place to sell online. And with these incredible records, coupled with a broad range of products, it’s easy to see why the platform is one of the best out there.

You can buy from numerous top brands on Bonanza too. Plus there are over 15,000+ sellers on this platform ready to meet your needs. You may even find products that don’t exist on Wish here. In short, many people prefer Bonanza to top e-commerce platforms like Amazon and the others, which should tell you how great a shopping destination Bonanza has become. Products available include home, collectibles, men and women fashion, jewelry and more.

14. Booksrun

If you love reading and want to have access to a great collection of books at affordable rates continually, Booksrun is the ideal website to visit. Your appetite for reading will be satisfied with the volume of books on this platform, no doubt.

You will find books of all kinds to read and acquire knowledge. The platform also offers free shipping to different parts of the world, which also reduce the price of books further. You can also sell used copies back whenever you feel like cashing in. Another impressive thing about Booksrun is its user-friendly interface. Plus you can find books using ISBN, author’s name or even title.

15. Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is a highly competitive online platform that makes buying things online a little more enjoyable. You will find a broad range of lifestyle products on this platform too. Product category also includes gadgets, apparels, accessories and a host of home décor items that will elevate the appearance of your property.

Also, products on Lightinthebox have incredible lower price tags. The flash sales feature that displays on the app are also one of the unbelievable reasons many online shoppers prefer this platform to a host of others. Again, the company ships products to over 200 different countries and regions. The website is also user-friendly and supports over 26 languages, meaning people from different areas won’t have a hard time understanding it.


These are some of the best sites like Wish. They offer numerous products. But the impressive feature they have that excites many online shoppers is their discounts and price tags on products. Their mode of operation also makes them a great platform to purchase items online. But have in mind that each one of them have their uniqueness and features. So, you can check to know the one that is more suitable for you. Happy online shopping!

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