20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives To Watch Movies Online in 2022

Although the Coke and Popcorn website for streaming movies no longer exist, there are platforms that can fill the void. We also cannot leave you hanging and wasting your precious time searching for a reasonable alternative. Hence we decided to conduct comprehensive research, filter out the shaft, and provide you with top sites you can watch movies to your heart’s content.

Coke and Popcorn is one platform many cannot forget about in a hurry. However, with the platform no longer in existence, we decided to make your day by making available incredible platforms that offer similar or better media content.

20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

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Here is a list of 20 incredible and eyes-popping Coke and Popcorn alternatives to try out!

1. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is a must-visit platform and one of the best alternatives to try out. The reason is not because of the name “Popcorn”; it is bearing but the quality of the site. The first feature which sets it apart is the interface. Not many movie streaming platforms can measure up to the standard of this site. It also features movies, viral videos, and tons of content to keep you engaged for hours, non-stop!

2. Tubi TV

Another platform you will find impressive for streaming movies is Tubi TV. Not many platforms can offer the quality of films it offers. You will discover media content in high resolutions. The site is also a breeze to navigate and pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, the platform does receive regular updates, which is a key to its ever-increasing user base and rating among movie freaks from different parts of the world.

3. Fmovies

If you are serious about replacing Coke and Popcorn with another powerful movie-streaming platform, Fmovies fits the bill. Fmovies offers you access to top quality media content with the highest resolution possible. You can either choose to download or watch the movie on the site. Plus, as compared to other alternatives, Fmovies is a breeze to understand. The platform is well-arranged, making it easier to figure out where the content you seek lies.

4. 123Movies

A platform designed to make movie-streaming worthwhile, 123Movies is one of the top-rated sites to get movies. It has all the features a top Coke and Popcorn alternative should have. It also offers content in different genres. If you are one of those that enjoy watching new releases, 123Movies fits the bill. You can visit the platform and input the name of the movie or series you intend to view to get started.

 5. Yidio

Whatever content you want to feed your eyes with, Yidio has them in abundance. Yidio is your go-to Coke and Popcorn alternative to watch anything you set your mind to. Be it news on the hour, horror movies, or just aired TV programs, you will find them in abundance here. The good thing is that all the contents are accessible to users for free. Yes, free! You can watch premium quality content without dipping your hands into your pocket.

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6. TV Series

Blockbusters aren’t easy to find on movie streaming platforms. However, in most cases, it would take a while before the admins would make them available. But TV series isn’t operated that way. It is the den of recent movies and a lot of quality content. Upon visiting the site, you will find videos and TV series ratings to help you decide what to watch.

7. SolarMovie

Most movie platforms require you to register and signup to access their media contents. But SolarMovie is not set up to put you through such stress. All you have to do is visit the platform, search for your movie of choice, and start streaming. It’s one of the highly recommended movie streaming platforms, giving the vast collection of movies and TV series they have in store for users. So, if you seek to quench your appetite for film and don’t fancy the idea of registering to gain access, then pay a visit to SolarMovie right away.

8. PutLocker

PutLocker is one of the many movie streaming platforms that has undergone several transformations to become what it is today, a must-visit for movie lovers. You will find diverse genres of media content, including anime, cartoons, Asian dramas, Western TV series, and many movies. You will also find loads of films from other countries on this platform. Both the quality of the contents, speed of the platform, and ease of streaming content will make you fall in love with this Coke and Popcorn alternative.

9. CMovies

Not much separates CMovies from many of the alternative sites like Coke and Popcorn on this list. It’s also a site that is worth a visit. If you are also seeking new titles, you will find tons of them on Cmovies. The platform enjoys regular updates, making it a fan favorite. It has movies in diverse genres, such as documentary, action, fantasy, drama, adventure, crime, comedy, and many more!

10. WatchFree

Upon visiting WatchFree, you can easily fall for the trick that there’s no movie on the platform to stream. But guess what; this platform does have an impressive list of titles to keep you engaged for the entire year. These include an IMDB that boasts a vast array of quality movies in diverse ratings. With an easy-to-navigate and neat interface, streaming videos on WatchFree makes the entire process more entertaining. Unlike other related movie-streaming platforms, WatchFree loads with incredible speed.

11. YTS

There are numerous reasons YTS is a hugely popular movie streaming platform and a fan favorite. It gives you to watch top-rated movies and TV series for free, and you can have them in the 1080p and 3D quality range. And of course, you should know nothing compares to the excitement of watching full HD quality movies on your screen. The platform also offers smaller file sizes, in case that’s what you seek.

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12. VUDU

If you believe that no movie platform can ever captivate you to the point that you would sit down for hours to stir at your screen, try paying a visit to VUDU. The only put of is that most of the movies here are not free. However, there’s a free season loaded with action and captivating film. The only primary feature you have to contend with is ads. The ads might be intrusive sometimes, too. But if you don’t mind splashing the cash, then VUDU is a wise choice. You will find tons of new releases, whether TV series and movies, in different genres too.

13. Kodi

Whether on PC, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, or Linux, you can enjoy the offerings of KODI. It’s an open-source movie streaming platform, designed to give everyone a chance to enjoy their media content of choice on their devices. Kodi is also free to access, but if you have the means, you are free to make contributions. The platform encourages that. You should also have in mind that most countries would be restricted from gaining access to Kodi. Check if your country falls into this category.

14. Movies Found Online 

Movies Found Online gives you access to random film, but they are the type that will keep you entertained for a long period. Unlike other Coke and Popcorn alternatives, Movies Found Online gives you to privilege to start streaming without registration. You can stream any movie or media content you desire. And whether you are seeking for media contents like documents, comedy, viral contents, animation, or blockbuster movies, keep in mind that the platform has them in abundance.

15. Hulu

There’s no single Hulu user that doesn’t speak highly of the platform. First, it gives you access to full HD quality movies, all in the ranges you expect. Then there’s an impressive list of films and TV series right there! The idea is to offer users good value for their money through entertainment at its peak. The only thing that many might consider a drawback to this platform is the fact that one needs to pay a monthly subscription fee to start using the site. But there’s a free trial for you to watch movies for a specific length of time to decide whether to upgrade to premium option or opt-out.

16. Cartoon Crazy

Alright, it’s time for cartoon freaks to gather here! Your favorite and one-stop-shop for cartoon content are right here. Cartoon Crazy is the platform dubbed as the hub of cartoons. It offers over 25000+ comics and anime, in all the ranges concerning quality. These include high-quality videos in the 720p to 1080p, to low-quality videos of 360p. It’s your choice to pick the quality you desire and start streaming cartoons and anime videos to your heart’s content.

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17. Netflix

It’s almost impossible to talk about movie streaming platforms and a place to download hit movies without mentioning Netflix. And if you are a movie lover, which the majority of us are, you should be aware of this platform. It’s a paid movie platform where you have to subscribe monthly to access movies. However, given the range of genres and quality of content, the site offers, rest assured that you will receive good value for your money. You will even find top movies produced and owned by Netflix. These include the popular TV series, The Witcher! Watch out for the Witcher season 2, among other fan favorites.

18. Movie Zion

Movie Zion might not be as famous as many of the Coke and Popcorn website alternatives on this list, but it does offer excellent value. In addition to a rich library comprising of new releases and movies of the year before, downloading or streaming videos on this site is a breeze. You can even request videos not included on the site to be added. Locating any movie of choice is also a breeze. You can either click on the “Just Arrived HD icon,” “Now Playing,” or “Top 200”, to find movies you think would best suit your interest.

19. Crunchyroll

Manga and anime lovers gather here! If you are interested in these genres of media content and want more quality anime and manga, Crunchyroll is your go-to platform for unmatched entertainment. Watch anime blockbusters like ‘Somali and the Forest Spirit, ‘Black Cover’ and ‘Asteroid in Love!’ There’s a rich library of anime waiting for you to explore on this website. Just pay a visit and find out for yourself!

20. Snag Films

Finally, we have Snag Films, a platform that stands out from the crowd. Not only does it boasts an impressive interface, but it has contents that have a rich database of movies. Snag Films features legendary and classic films from the 80s and beyond, which are movies you may never come across in many of the platforms on this list. So, if you’re interested in such kind of film, then head straight to Snag Films to feed your eyes.


Here you have it; an extensive list of 20 Coke and Popcorn alternatives to try out. These platforms are simply amazing and come designed to offer you the entertainment you seek. But take note; some of the sites are free to access, while some are not available to individuals residing in certain regions. You can go through the websites listed here, one after the other, to know which of them most appeals to you.

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