Where are TCL TVs Made? (Is It a Good Television Brand?)

If you are starting to develop an interest in TCL TVs following the positive things you may have heard about the brand, then you must have wondered, “Where are TCL TVs made?“.

TCL isn’t as popular as other expensive brands, but are feature-rich and reasonably priced. However, before you splash the cash on a TCL, we urge you to get more information on this television brand. 

Here, you’ll find answers to numerous questions on TCL TVs to make an informed decision. So, keep reading. 

Where are TCL TVs Made?

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Before we answer the question, “Where are TCL TVs made, note that TCL is a state-owned technological firm (though it became a publicly traded company in 2004). The Chinese own TCL, and most of their TVs are made in China. 

TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd produces the bulk of TCL TVs in China. But they have manufacturing facilities scattered across different parts of the globe. 

So, in addition to China, TCL makes its TVs in other countries. In other words, the company has manufacturing facilities here.  

  • Russia 
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Egypt
  • Australia

So, TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd has facilities in these countries where they produce TCL TVs. But as you know, manufacturing isn’t the only important process in TV production. The design, testing, and marketing are equally relevant. 

TCL Electronics does the design, manufacturing, testing, and marketing of its televisions in China. But in other countries, manufacturing is the only thing they perform. The other production-related activities are done in China.  

Is TCL a Good Television Brand?

Yes, TCL is a good television brand and many people using it have attested to this. The company has been around for more than four decades now. And they have been investing massively in research and technology over the years.

In addition to large screen sizes and smart technology, TCL supports streaming applications like Roku, Android, and Google TV. Thus, you can stream your favorite shows with ease on your television. 

TCL Television brand is also reasonably priced. One would expect the company to slap a hefty price tag on their TVs, given the features and quality they possess. But that isn’t the case. 

Let’s discuss other features that set TCL television apart. 

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1: Sleek Design and Appeal

The design of TCL TVs shows why the company has been highly progressive over the years. Their latest TVs are lightweight, boast thin bezel on the frames, and the backs are not that bulky.

With a TCL television, you’ll enjoy the luxury high-end TVs offer, but excitingly, you won’t be paying as much. 

Furthermore, note that mid-range TCL TVs, are more expensive than the older models. But they’re not as expensive as Sony, Samsung, or LG. 

2: Picture Quality

If picture quality is one of the things you’re looking out for in a TV, you’ll appreciate TCL TVs. 

TCL TV pictures are more vibrant when you compare them to other budget-friendly televisions on the market. However, don’t expect the same quality as Sony’s or Samsung’s newest models, which are far more expensive. 

Additionally, note that TCL televisions’ picture quality varies from model to model. 

3: Sound quality

On sound quality, TCL TVs stand tall amongst budget-friendly TV brands. They boast good speakers that will ensure you pick up every spoken word in the music, documentary or movie you’re watching. 

However, if you’re a gamer, you can invest in external speakers or headphones for a better user experience.

4: Smart interface/technology

Most TCL TVs boast smart technologies and interfaces, making the menus a breeze to navigate. The latest models also boast casting support that enables users to add various mobile apps

You can add mobile apps manually by visiting the TV’s app store or using the ones pre-installed on your TCL TV. Add Android TV, Roku, or Google TV easily, and stream your favorite shows. 

Note that smart technology and interface are more common in the latest versions of TCL TVs. 

5: Durable and reliable

TCL TVs’ durability is one of the key factors that set them apart. But you have to play a key role in this by providing proper maintenance. 

Endeavor to initiate updates whenever necessary, and make sure that your TCL TVs don’t drop to the ground by accident. No television will survive the impact when it falls to the ground. 

If properly maintained, you can expect your TCL TV’s screen, internal components, and frame to last for a considerable period. TCL TVs reportedly have a longer lifespan than a host of budget TVs. 

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Is TCL Made By Samsung?

No, TCL is not made by Samsung, despite the apparent similarities between the TVs made by both brands. TCL is a vertically integrated company, meaning it controls the entire production chain. 

They source for components, manufacture, test, package, and distribute their TVs all by themselves. 

So, unlike other brands that outsource their TV screen production to Samsung, TCL handles screen production by itself. They don’t rely on Samsung for anything. 

The full meaning of TCL is (Telephone Communication Company).


Is TCL TV Better Than Samsung?

When you consider the overall value, TCL TV is slightly better than Samsung. It offers an incredible balance between its features and price point. For instance, TCL TVs are highly compatible and customizable. You can add extra features such as Android TV, Google TV, and Roku TV to stream media content whenever you wish. 

Samsung also lets you add features and stream content. But you can only do so on their high-end, expensive models. 

However, you can add features or customize all TCL TVs, from mid-range to high-tier options. 

When you compare TCL and Samsung high-end TVs’ picture quality, Samsung’s is better. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the enormous price tags on Samsung’s premium TVs.

TCL’s mid-range and high-tier TVs are budget-friendly; above all, their picture quality is still satisfactory. They offer people on a budget a chance to get sleek TVs for an affordable price. 

Is TCL TV Better Than Vizio?

Yes, TCL TV is better than Vizio, but not in every aspect. If you take your time to study both TVs, you’ll discover that TCL’s newest models boast higher refresh rates than Vizio’s. 

But like we said, TCL TVs aren’t better than Vizio in every aspect. Both share more similarities than differences. Both are budget-friendly television brands and boast similar bezels, connectivity ports, picture quality, and other specs.

Is TCL TV Better Than Hisense?

Yes, TCL TV is slightly better than Hisense in several aspects, such as price point, picture quality and durability. TCL TVs are cheaper than Hisense TVs, though both are Chinese-owned companies. 

TCL TVs’ picture quality is slightly superior. Their pictures’ presentations are more crisp, appealing and colorful.

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Furthermore, TCL TVs are more durable. They boast better leg support that lowers their chances of falling to the ground accidentally. Another area TCL TVs is better is casings. Their casings are so tight and neatly done.

Does TCL TV Last Long?

Yes, TCL TV last long, but how long yours would last depends on the quality of maintenance and care you provide. When you give proper care, your TCL TV can last for six to seven years. Some users have even reported a longer lifespan. 

So, if you give your TCL TV proper maintenance and ensure you leave it on throughout the day, it can last for over 10 years. 

The fact that TCL TVs are budget-friendly and last longer makes them one of the TV brands worth considering. They also come packed with features that can take your entertainment to a new level. 

Are TCL TVs Reliable?

Yes, TCL TVs are reliable. The reliability, including the numerous options TCL TVs offer at such lower prices, makes them one of the most-sold Television brands in the US market.

TCL TVs rank as the second best-selling television brand in North America.   

In addition, their TVs are durable. You’ll discover that their frames and screen, including internal technology, hold up well. But ensure that you maintain your TV properly and update the software whenever necessary.

This way, you will enjoy your TCL TV for many years. 

A Handy Tip: Endeavor to clean your TV screen with a soft cloth to prevent dust accumulation that could damage the screen. Furthermore, avoid mounting your TV facing the sun. If you do, the TV screen’s quality will fade off gradually. 

Conclusion: So, where are TCL TVs made?

Most TCL TVs are produced in China, but the company has manufacturing facilities in other parts of the world. 

Besides China, TCL produces its televisions in Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Australia, Vietnam, India, and Egypt. The company produces quality, budget-friendly TVs that are reliable, durable, and appealing. 

TCL is a vertically integrated company. This means they have complete control over the manufacturing of their TVs. So, contrary to what many believe, Samsung is not the one making TCL TVs. 

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