13 Best Karaoke Software For Windows and Mac For Music Lovers [2022]

Can you still remember way back in the 70’s when those heavy Karaoke machines were in vogue? It was awesome! The only significant issues where their bulkiness, including song licensing. But then, people stilled liked and used the machine. And today that love has grown bigger, owing to the transformation of the Karaoke machine.

Karaoke machines, in the last couple of decades, have experienced massive technological advancement. Instead of the bulky stuff, all you need to express yourself through singing is good Karaoke software, PC or Mac computer, and a decent microphone.

1. OneKaraoke
2. PC DJ Karaoki
3. Kanto Karaoke
4. Advanced Karaoke Player
5. JustSing
6. KJams
7. TunePrompter
8. KaraFun
9. LyrxKaraoke
10. KaraokeTubeapp
11. Walaoke
12. iStar
13. UltraStar Deluxe

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13 Best Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac

1. OneKaraoke


If you are interested in Karaoke software that fits the modern-day lifestyle, then OneKaraoke is an ideal option for you. It’s a robust hard disc-based video system that is so easy to install and use. Plus you can operate it with the aid of a keyboard or remote control. Unlike other karaoke software, OneKaraoke offers several advantages. But the software is not free.

However, this software let you organize all your karaoke videos neatly in a separate folder for easy access whenever you need them.

Another exciting thing about OneKaraoke is that it accepts the regular DVD, VCD, and even audio format, making it more reliable and useful. Also, it can handle files in several forms such as MP3, DAT, KAR, WMV, AVI, MOV, WMA, and MPG. But you can only run the software on the Windows operating system.

2. PC DJ Karaoki

PC DJ Karaoki

This Karaoke is specially made software for KJs, DJs, and others looking for an easy to use Karaoke. In short, whether you are mixing a video, music or hosting Karaoke, this software can make the process less cumbersome for you. But there are several subscription packages which you have to choose from to use the software.

The PC DJ Karaoki runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. It also comes with an automatic singer rotation list and other features that make it a complete Karaoke machine.

You will find features like the songbook exporter, key-control, next singers screen, and many others added to make life super easy for Karaoke enthusiasts. It’s a well-built platform for hosting Karaoke shows.

3. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke

If you are looking for a Karaoke platform that can support all video and audio Karaoke formats, then Kanto Karaoke is the ideal option. It supports MP3, KFN, KAR, CDG, AVI, MP4 and more, for an incredible Karaoke experience there is.

With Kanto Karaoke, you will have the freedom to express your natural talent anywhere. It let you sing and record your incredible voice on the music. And whether you are a professional or an individual that enjoys Karaoke at home with family and friends, Kanto Karaoke is an ideal option for you.

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Kanto Karaoke has a paid and free version and also works on Windows and Mac computers. It has numerous facilities such as an edit audio setting, unlimited playlists, playlist management, full-screen mode, managing live performance and many other features that make using a Karaoke worthwhile.

4. Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player

Since developed, Advanced Karaoke Player has become one of the most popular Karaoke software in nightclubs and bars. And with this software, you can organize music files and locate them when stored.

If you have your favorite songs scattered in different formats, Advanced Karaoke Player can help you organize and make them easy to access. Its a program every Karaoke enthusiast looking to improve singing skills should install on their computers, judging by the incredible Karaoke experience it renders.

Advanced Karaoke runs on Windows devices only, and can handle media file irrespective of their formats.

5. JustSing


Are you planning to buy a recording studio and a Karaoke to help your music-making career move forward? This software should make you reconsider that decision. JustSing is a recording studio and a Karaoke, both in one platform. Just plug a reliable microphone into your computer system and sing to your heart’s content.

Interestingly, Just Sing is entirely free to use but can only function on Windows operating system. And once you are done recording your song, the software will then mix the recorded file and the Karaoke professionally. You can only expect high-quality output when the mixing is complete. Also, the program is easy to use and let you add studio effects, and equalization like professionals do.

6. KJams


If you are a Mac user, then take advantage of this Karaoke software to create lasting memories for your upcoming house party or private event. The software comes in three packages such as the KJams Lite, KJams Pro and KJams 2, with each having facilities that can enhance your Karaoke experience.

The song library on KJams is similar to that of iTunes. Another exciting thing about using KJams is that it allows you to burn CD+G discs effortlessly, using the burning plugin sold independently. The KJam Lite, for example, also let you export videos to iOS and Android devices with ease. But then, remember the software isn’t free.

7. TunePrompter


TunePrompter makes the process of creating Karaoke videos engaging and supports MP3 extensions. And using this software, you can search for and locate lyrics automatically, thus saving you from wasting precious time and energy.

There’s no doubt that TunePrompter makes using a Karaoke enjoyable. It has a simple interface and is not as complicated as many programs on this list. Syncing is also easy, and you can use the software to upload your recorded Karaoke files to your QuickTime, Apple TV, iPod or iPhone devices effortlessly. But have in mind that TunePrompter runs only on 32-bit, Windows XP operating systems.

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8. KaraFun


As the name implies, KaraFun is built to offer Karaoke enthusiasts a memorable experience and loads of excitement. It is user-friendly and features a straightforward interface that a non-tech savvy will understand even without any assistance.

KaraFun is free to use, but there is an option to upgrade to the paid version to access other additional features. This software turns your Windows device into a perfect Karaoke studio machine, offering you access to over 30000 professionally recorded studio songs. And you can save songs in a wide variety of format on this program.

One thing that stands Karafun out from the crowd is the ability to sync offline. So even if you are in an environment with no internet service, you can still do your thing. Available for Windows only, Karafun is also very versatile and can store files in different formats.

9. LyrxKaraoke


The LyrxKaraoke is a complete program that takes Karaoke to the next level. It allows you to create video, image or text overlay for branding purposes or to let viewers know a thing or two about you. You won’t also spend much time searching for anything on this program. Plus you can send lyrics straight into secondary display effortlessly.

LyrxKaraoke runs smoothly on Mac operating system but has a thing for Apple products. So if you are using one, this software will help you import all your iTunes Playlists, and make everything more comfortable for you to access.

Again, if you have a group of friends or guests lined up and ready to sing, the software can systematically display their names, so there won’t be a misunderstanding of who presents first.

10. KaraokeTubeapp


This software runs on Mac operating systems and is specially designed to give users the opportunity to express themselves freely. Plus you will find thousands of songs in many different languages while using the software. And another impressive thing is that all videos and lyrics you will notice on the screen are in HD quality.

The KaraokeTubeapp can turn your Mac device into a complete music machine. Just download and start making music right away. The songs library on this app is being updated regularly to enable users to gain access to their favorite songs whenever they want. You can also effortlessly add songs you like.

11. Walaoke


Walaoke changes everything about Karaoke and takes singing to the next level. Interestingly, this software can also play any music file, so there is no need to install more than one Karaoke program on your device. But mind you, Walaoke only works on Windows devices. So Mac users can check out other platforms on this list.

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This feature-rich Karaoke software is one of the best there is and a must-have for budding singers. It comes with incredible features such as primary file formats support, plays songs with one click, lyrics display, ability to play VCD and DVD. Walaoke is also available for free.

12. iStar


One incredible platform that makes Karaoke fun and engaging is iStar. Even if you are not too familiar with the name, a trial will convince you on how well-built the software is. With iStar, you will have the ability to import almost every music file you come across, such as KAR, CD+G, MP3 and even AIFF. And unlike other similar software, you don’t need to purchase expensive CDs when you have iStar installed on your Mac computer.

This software is also not as complicated as many others. Once you are done importing tunes, you can create several playlists based on the genre of each of the music, and according to the events you have at hand.

The only challenge most people complain about is when importing files from a CD. You must have the CD+G compatible drive to perform this operation. But even if you don’t have one, there is still an import icon option on iStar Karaoke. Just click to continue the process.

13. UltraStar Deluxe

UltraStar Deluxe

UltraStar Deluxe might not come as your regular Karaoke platform. But it does add the fun part to singing. In other words, it’s a Karaoke sing-along game you can install on your PC where a group of people can compete with each other and score points based on specific parameters.

The UltraStar Deluxe allows up to six individuals to sing together, using decent microphones. And as they sing, each will gain points based on their pitch and rhythm. It also comes with diverse features such as the ability to use animations or images in the background, a customization option which allows you to add your favorite songs, themes, and sound. On the other hand, the party mode of this software can even accommodate up to 12 players at once.


These are the best Karaoke software you should install on your device if you genuinely want to express your natural singing talent. But you need to choose the one that is compatible with your device. So, if you are serious about giving your singing career a shot, install any of them on your system. You may not know how good you are or how good your voice is until you start singing.

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