13 Best Animation Software For Kids To Enjoy Drawing

If you are here because you need the best animation software for kids, then you will benefit immensely from this post. You may have noticed that your kid enjoys drawing, doodling and would jump at any opportunity to dive into that imaginary world. If that’s the case, then introduce him or her to animation software like Animatron, DP Animation Maker, VideoScribe, PowToon, Blender, FlipBook, Harmony, Muvizu, Pencil2D, TupiTube, Opentoonz, Synfig.

However, some animation software for children, 2D and 3D are quite intuitive and straightforward to use. They come designed with an intuitive interface and menus that are easy for kids. And if you are a beginner looking to boost your skills in animation, you can also try the software on this list.

So, without much ado, here are the top-rated animation tools suitable for kids.

13 Best Animation Software For Kids

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1. Animatron

Animatron is one of the best Kiddies animation tools. It‘s free and suitable for kids, eight years and above. Impressively, the software is quite simple to use and also powerful enough for parents or experts to create more complex animated content.

Again, Animatron is quite easy to master and features tons of free video clips, photos, and audios that can be of help to users.

Also, kids can use the app to draw, animate and even narrate stories with ease. By using the Lite Mode, all they need to do is “drag and drop” diverse elements to create animated stories of choice. But you can only use this tool online.

2. DP Animation Maker

DP Animation Maker is a cool tool that is not only easy to use but will help your kids learn a lot about animation faster. It’s a tool used for creating top quality animated videos, backgrounds, music videos, animated introductions particularly for games and more.

This video animation tool can help your kids to create diverse animated contents seamlessly. And being that it is so easy to use, your kids won’t encounter challenges using it. Impressively, you’ll find tons of pre-built animations, and features in the tool to help your kids to unleash their creativity.

So, if you are looking for the best animation software for your little ones, then add the DP Animation Maker to your list. Offer your kids a chance to give motion to objects and people, and create outstanding videos with ease.

3. VideoScribe

If you are familiar with VideoScribe, then you already know how user-friendly it is. It’s a handy tool that can help you handle any whiteboard animation tasks. Plus your kids will also learn and develop their video animation skills with ease via this software.

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VideoScribe also has myriads of pre-built image tools you can use for your creative projects. And this makes it a bit more unique and less complicated for kids who are just getting to know about animation.

Another impressive feature that stands VideoScribe out is the TAWE add-on. With it, kids can transform and use any image for their project. They can zoom, rotate, and even animate pictures and also add voiceovers.

4. PowToon

If you are seeking the best online animation tool for kids, another one you can try is PowToon. It is among the top animation software capable of handling numerous animation projects. All you need to get started is to sign up to have access to all the tools and features required to create excellent contents.

Like other animation software, PowToon is also very easy to use. So it won’t be difficult for kids or a beginner to understand how to create animated contents when taught.

Once you are signed up on this platform, your next task will be to pick an animation project. You can either choose whiteboard, modern age, infographics, cartoon or any project of interest. Your kids can also use it for their projects to create a great assignment.

5. Blender

Blender is one of the incredible 3D creation software that you can count on anytime for animation and a couple of other creations. It is quite complicated though, but not something kids cannot learn.

Impressively, parents who know a thing or two about animation can use Blender to create some good stuff for their kids. It is also an open source software and completely free to use.

So if you have kids that learn fast, you can teach them how to use this software to pour out their creativity.

6. FlipBook

It’s surprising to know that this advance animation software is kid-friendly. They can use it to draw whatever is in their thought, thanks to its touch display and stylus. All they need do is to draw on the screen of the device, and it will automatically be there on the platform as if it was uploaded directly.

Once the drawing is complete on this 2D app, one can also add a soundtrack or do lip sync to blend with the dialog. It’s also possible to paint a single frame or do all at once. In addition to that, the frames can even be zoomed, rotated or blurred. You can also export images and videos with ease.

7. Harmony

Not only suitable for kids, but Harmony is also a favorite animation tool that is suitable for all. And if your kids already have background knowledge and experience with other animation tools, Harmony would make an ideal option. It would serve as an upgrade and expose them to advanced animation tasks.

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Another incredible thing you will like about this ToonBoom’s Harmony tool is the ease of learning. Your kids will have access to several webinars, and video clips on this platform, and can also learn at their own pace. And, in addition to ease of learning, the software also has tools to draw, paint, and sketch. You will also find vector and bitmap tools popular used for complex animation tasks.

8. Muvizu

If you are looking for a 3D tool anyone can use to create animated content, you may fall in love with Muvizu. In short, whether you are an educator, animator, or business person who is also a novice in animation, you can still create something using this tool.

Muvizu also has excellent features. It offers fast rendering as well as lip-synching. What about the special effects? They are also part of the features that makes this animation software to stand out. They consist of cameras, virtual lights and more. Again, your kids can also share their videos on YouTube with ease via this software.

9. Vyond – Goanimate

Goanimate is also one of the best tools for kids looking to take their animation skills to the next level. The software is also not that complex but would be much easier for children with some degree of experience in creating animated contents.

However, Goanimate is not only perfect for kids. It’s regularly used by teachers and even corporate professionals to create top-notch animated contents. And if you are a student looking for a tool to generate outstanding video content for an academic presentation, Goanimate is one of the animation software you can count on any day.

10. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is also among this list of best-animated software for kids for the right reasons. It’s a bit complex, but you don’t have to worry. Kids with a little bit of animation knowledge or interest won’t have challenges pouring out their creativity when introduced to this software.

Amazingly, Pencil2D is free to use. And of course, it’s open source software. You can use this program to create funny and top-notch videos for your kids. And they (kids) can also use the software to create animated contents once shown how to use the program.

However, some of the top features of this tool include cross-platform compatibility, and raster and vector workflow switching. If you are a beginner, the tutorial on this platform will guide you and make learning a breeze.

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11. TupiTube

If you are looking for animation software you can install on your Android or iOS devices (tablet and Smartphone), then Tupi is one of the best options out there. Another incredible thing about this app is that it is free and simple for kids to use.

However, the fact that one can download and use this app on an Android and Smartphone device makes it unique. It also looks simple but is useful for creating stunning animated vid. So if your kids want an app to create funny videos, but you are looking to avoid paying hefty monthly fees, then Tupi is a wise choice.

This animation software is also free of charge and features an intuitive interface. You will also find easy animation tutorials that can help beginners learn faster, on this platform.

12. Opentoonz

If you believe only premium software can be used to create top-notch animated content, try Opentoonz, and you would be forced to have a rethink. It is a free open-source tool that creates good 2D animated content. In short, anyone can make use of this tool. And being that it is an open-source tool, you can modify the source code however you want and add any feature you desire to the already existing ones.

Opentoonz is also a feature-rich tool. Some of its features include an ability to change image styles, GTS scanning and an option to add distortion and light effects.

13. Synfig

Synfig is another open-source 2D animation tool that is entirely free to use. It is also simple to understand, and suitable for beginners looking to learn 2D animation and become better at it in no time.

Another remarkable thing about Synfig that is laudable is its features. One of them is the sound support in which you can add music or narration to your videos. The tool also supports multiple layers of content.

Teach your kids to use this tool and watch them create stunning animated contents that will stun you, in no time.


These are the best video animation software for kids and beginners looking to dive into the world of video animation. You can give your kids access to these tools and watch them grow into renowned animators. However, some of the tools are a bit complicated, but not impossible to learn. You can walk your kids through any of them or allow them to learn from video tutorials on the said platforms.

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