13 Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows

Recording your screen on Windows seems like an easy task, but in fact, it can be quite a pain. Whether you are recording a tutorial for YouTube, or just wish to share a funny clip with your friends, if you need to capture your screen, you need one of these free tools. When screen recording, it is important to remember the file size of the output. Some of these recorders will automatically take up as much space as possible. Because of this flaw, bloated file sizes are common. To prevent this, use a media codec to limit the file sizes of your recordings. Many codecs can be used to achieve different results.

Screen recording is perhaps the best way to show other people how to perform an action on their computer, or instruct them to fix a problem. No longer will you have to deal with the stress of walking someone through every step by words alone. With screen recording software you can record what it is the person needs, and share it with them. In order to edit your footage, you will need a video editor. Some of the tools on this list come packaged with built in editors. Those of you who search for a more prominent editor should look into Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.

Here are some of the best 13 Free Screen Recording Software For Windows.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Made by the team over at Icecream apps, this screen recorder is versatile and simple to use. With all the normal features you would expect from a screen recorder such as: screen recording, multiple file types, audio track recording, variable FPS settings and more. This is a great way to record your screen. The software also lets you draw on the screen in real time to show viewers certain areas worthy of consideration. Ideal for users who wish to create helpful tutorials or educational courses.

2. ActivePresenter

Ideal for users who are creating something big. ActivePresenter is more than just your standard screen recorder. This software has been built with tutorials and how to’s in mind. With all the basic screen recording options available, this software focuses on making the recording more engaging for the audience. With an easy overlay of text and visual cues, you can use this software to develop your tutorial with ease! ActivePresenter is ideal for users who wish to undertake a big project such as a feature length video.

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3. CamStudio

CamStudio is a very popular screen recorder. Though the program has simple features and is purely designed for capturing your screen, its users rate the software highly. It allows the recording to trace audio from multiple lines as well as hiding your curser for a more natural viewing experience. When paired with a film editing tool, you can create some interesting visuals with this tool. CamStudio is the go to recorder for aspiring Youtubers.

4. Snagit Trial

If you are looking for some more power in your screen recorder, consider using Snagit. The free trial does limit your capabilities but it is a very full suite of editing and capturing tools. The tool pairs itself with cloud bases services and can host your files for your, ideal for editors who travel a lot. When upgraded to the premium version, you get access to a huge range of user made graphics and transitions for your project. If you do not wish to upgrade this one, the Jing recorder is made by the same people.


EZVID is ideal for youtubers.it can be used to record your screen while you undertake a massive range of actions. The major selling point for this one is the integrated upload feature. Allowing you to upload your project to YouTube with ease. Packaged with a rudimental video editor, you can cut your clips and change audio levels and add a few basic transitions as well. Ideal for the aspiring youtuber or hobbyist film producer.

6. Jing

Jing is a simple screen recording tool from the guys who make Snagit. This one is just your standard, out of the box screen recorder. All the expected features and tools are available here with split recording, audio recording and basic file rendering options. Hotkeys can be setup for the more advanced user and you get access to the entire support section of SnagIt!

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7. Webinaria

This one is ideal for those of you techies who just love open source software. Open source means that its source code is available to any developer. Those with the knowhow can tweak the software and adjust it for any purpose. Basic text overlays are available as well as a simple video editor for cutting and snipping your film. The basic screen recorder does what it says on the tin, it records your screen! Those of you who wish for a more in depth recording experience should check for user made plugins and extensions for a fuller program. Or code your own!

8. Rylstim Screen Recorder

Another small and simple screen recorder. Rylstim simply records what is on your screen. With a selection of codecs, used for recording in different parameters, quality and frame rate options, you have a little bit of elbow room with the software. It is a simple tool that can be portable if needed as well. Ideal for users who just seek a simple screen recorder without any overwhelming features.

9. Screenr

This one doesn’t require any downloads or installation. Screenr is a web based recorder that runs via your web browser. All you need is java installed and this handy little tool can record anything on a wide range of platforms from PC to mobile devices. Handy for an easy capture and the footage can be downloaded when you are finished. Being that Screenr is a browser based application, it can be run on any computer or device with an internet connection. Even the oldest computer can be recorded using this helpful tool.

10. Video Soft Screen Recorder

A handy little tool that can record over multiple screens and can be rendered in multiple file formats. The tool is free to use but you can upgrade to remove some annoying ads that display before and after recording. Coming packaged with a comprehensive tutorial, this screen recorder will get you well on your way to recording videos in no time at all.

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11. TinyTake

A very simple screen recorder that markets itself as the best on the web. It is indeed, a very good tool for simple screen recording. After you have your film, you can use the in house editor to add layers of text and brush strokes, which makes it ideal for tutorials. You can add any image from your computer as a graphic and the user interface is very intuitive and simple to understand.

12. SmartPixel

SmartPIxel has been developed with gaming in mind. But that doesn’t stop you from using it for general screen recording. The game recording aspect only increases the program’s performance when recording. This one allows for full HD recording and can optimize your disk space to prevent bloated file sizes. Comes packaged with a nice little video editor that can perform the basics of editing. Built right into the program is a sophisticated social media sharing platform. Allowing you to share you video to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

13. Screenflow

Screenflow is one of the more professional tools on the list. Boasting a full video editing package as well as full HD recording of your monitor, webcam and multiple audio streams. The video editor is what makes this recorder so unique, with the user interface appearing more like professional software like Premiere Pro. Screenflow boasts the very best screen recorder available at the moment and can even record in ultra HD 4k quality, matching the resolution of the very best retina displays.

Do you know of any other free screen recording software for windows? Please let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to include it in our list.

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