15 Best Alternative Games Like Zuma in 2022

Let’s talk about the best games like Zuma on the market. But before that, let’s take some time to brush through Zuma and why it’s still a must-play video game.

Zuma runs seamlessly on multiple platforms. These include Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PlayStation 3, and others. If you enjoy match-3 and puzzle game type, you’ll surely enjoy Zuma.

In 2004, Zuma received the “game of the year award.” The game’s fast-paced, adventure and engaging gameplay made it a fan favorite. However, it’s been years now, and you might have played Zuma multiple times and got tired of the game.

15 Best Games Like Zuma

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For this reason, we bring you the best Zuma alternatives. These games offer similar engagement and adventure as Zuma. Check them out below.

1. Dynomite

Here’s a Zuma-like game with exciting gameplay. Dynomite will keep you glued to your device longer than planned. It’s about egg-blasting, but this time, in a fun way. Be ready to test the accuracy of your slingshots.

Use your firepower to match three or more dinosaur eggs of the same color and you’ll see them explode. You need to act fast too. Blast all the eggs before your game comes to an end.

So your task is simple. However, the game itself is super engaging. It’s a great puzzle-like Zuma alternative worth trying out. The game also runs on Windows operating system.

2. Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Are you ready for the adventure? If yes, then try Sugar Smash. As the name implies, your task in this game is to match sugar candies, including swapping rainbow drops.

This match-3 puzzle adventure game looks simple from the outside. But it’s equally challenging and funfilled. Compete with your friends or play alone. That’s how unique this puzzle game is. It’s also free to play and boasts several features that set it apart.

3. Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge

The almighty Zuma game inspired Luxor’s creation, a fantastic puzzle game. It boasts 88 impressive levels, powerups, and super creative gameplay. This game also features three sequels, such as Luxor 2, Luxor 3, and Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife.

Luxor and Zuma share almost similar gameplay. You’ll discover the balls rolling towards the pyramid, and the plays just have to hit them using the same colored balls. Otherwise, one life off the character’s would be lost when the ball reaches the pyramid.

This game runs seamlessly on Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation, and iOS devices. The game also gets hard as you progress from one stage to another. Plus, you can change the difficulty level too.

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4. Season Match

Season Match, what a beautiful name! Impressively, it’s one of the best games like Zuma on this list. You’ll enjoy the funfilled puzzle adventure, just like Zuma.

Season Match boasts an impressive storyline and is suitable for all age groups. In this game, you’ll set out on a magical journey where you’ll accost three pretty princesses, depicting various seasons. Use their wisdom to accomplish multiple tasks and defeat the battle-ready Snow Queen.

This game has a decent graphical quality, which is quite colorful and makes the game more mature. Added to the list of features are diverse match 3 modes. This game runs on Android and PC.

5. Meteos

Meteorites could be a piece of rock, metal, or nickel, falling from outer space with a top speed. Meteors are not dangerous or harmful to humans or terrestrial life. But at the rate at which they are falling from the sky, you can be sure they could do some damage once landed.

This Meteos is a beautiful game. It runs smoothly on Nintendo DS and Xbox 360. You have to ensure meteors don’t get to the planet and mess things up. Blast the piece of meteors coming down to your earth. Send them back to where they belong, using the stylus.

6. SpaceChem

SpaceChem is a unique puzzle game with an ambitious design. The concept is different from Zuma, but it’s quite engaging as Zuma. In SpaceChem, you’re allowed to work as a reactor engineer.

But wait a minute, do reactor engineer sound like a career you would like to pursue? Play SpaceChem to have an idea. You’ll build huge factors, where you can transform several raw materials into finished chemical products. Sounds good? Try the game now!

7. Tumblebugs

Tumblebugs stand as a Zuma alternative that can waste one’s productive hours in a desirable way. The game is quite simple at the beginning but yet addictive. It combines puzzle and physics-based video game elements to offer engaging gameplay. Your problem-solving abilities will be put to the test.

Your role in Tumblebugs is to save bugs that have been held captive by the black bugs. When you fire a bug, and three bugs with the same color come together, they are automatically free from captivity. Some bugs power up while some have new life. This game also has two modes. One is a story mode with 12 levels, while the other is trial.

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8. Sparkle

Sparkle is a top Zuma alternative that can turns heads. It’s a simple, colorful, fast, and highly addictive game. The aim is to shoot balls from the center of an ancient tomb. Shoot one ball at a time to join other ball chains. Once three or more balls of the same color are formed, they would disappear from the board.

So think, shoot, and aim fast. Shoot balls and clear up the board before the balls get into the black hole. Failure to clear them on time will prevent you from moving to the next level. But if you could muster the courage to shoot accurately and clear the boards on time, you’ll move to the next level.

The game’s speed increases steadily, and powerups are made available to players from time to time to complete the stages.

9. Butterfly Escape

This game has been in the limelight for years now and good reasons. Just like Zuma, it’s a puzzle and match-3 type of game. You have to match 3 or more balls of the same color, and they will disappear from the board.

This exhilarating 3D puzzle game boasts 109 scenic levels, to keep you tied to your device for tons of hours. Your mission is to guide the dragonfly called Buka, to fire shots and clear up the orbs. Ensure the balls are cleared before reaching the dungeon of darkness.

10. Bonsai Blast

Many factors make Bonsai Blast a top Zuma alternative. One of them is that Bonsai isn’t too repetitive. Unique scenarios, powerups, obstacles, and combos make it a unique puzzle game.

In this match-3 puzzle game, you have to fire a ball into a chain of balls by merely clicking on it. The chain disappears when three or more balls of the same color combination. If the ball is of a different color, it gets added to the chain.

You move to the next level after every single ball disappears. But if you want to play the survival mode, then be ready to take the heat. In this mode, you’ll find colorful balls coming out non-stop.

11. Cookie Jam

Here lies a puzzle game you can playback to back without getting tired. It offers never-ending fun, color, and brilliance altogether. Cookie Jam is a unique puzzle and match-3 video game. It runs on Android and iOS devices.

Your task is simple. Swipe through cookies and create the perfect combination. When you match three or more cookies of the same type, they would disappear entirely and move you to another level. The game’s beautiful visuals and funfilled bakery world make it a must-play.

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Cookie Jam also offers tons of delicious levels to keep you engaged for as long as you want.

12. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a popular puzzle game. Tons of people have or have had the game on their device. It has excellent content, visuals, and a host of delicious levels. But you have to complete one degree before you can move to the next.

The objective in this Candy Crush, as Zuma, is to connect candies of similar colors. Once you’re able to connect three or more candies of the same color, they would disappear from the board. The game is quite engaging and colorful.

13. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania doesn’t only offer loads of entertainment. A player with a high score gets on the global leaderboard, and there’re exciting prizes to be won.

Your mission is to lend a helping hand to candy girl and her cute dog to defeat the hostile Gummy Bear King. There are exciting tournaments and competitions for players, with millions of exciting players around the globe.

14. Candy Match 3 Mania

This game offers you something entirely different but engaging. It’s a puzzle, match-3 game that offers over 420 levels. You would have to match three or more cookies, sweets, and candies of the same color to move on.

Swap and move fast to outsmart the devil bakers and chefs who are also eager to beat you. Enjoy puzzle video game with ten game modes, easy controls, and synchronized on multiple platforms and devices. Play offline, as well.

15. Bubble Shooter Genies

Are you ready to shoot bubbles? If you’re, then try out this Bubble Shooter game. This video game will keep you glued to your device. It boasts 295 puzzles, and more levels are added regularly.

This game is excellent for kids of all age groups, including adults. It’s highly addictive and free to play. The only thing you have to deal with is the advertisement. Besides that, there is nothing wrong with this game.


So now you have seen the 15 top games like Zuma. They’re quite simple to play, engaging, and addictive. However, as you go higher in the game, you should expect the challenge to increase. The speed level and task might change.

Now over to you, what Zuma alternative have you tried?

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