Top 17 Best Islamic Apps For Muslims For Android and iOS

We bring you the best Islamic apps for Muslims for Android and iOS devices. As avid followers of Allah, these apps can help us better ourselves and draw closer to Him. Be it on the bus, train, plane, and library, or anywhere you find yourself, these Islamic apps come in handy.

Using the best Islamic apps can also have a massive impact on your daily life. They can help liven up your mood. You can also draw inspiration from these apps to cheer up others. But many of these apps are below par. You might not get what you seek from them.

However, here are carefully selected top quality apps for Muslims that runs on mobile devices. Let’s check them out one after the other.

Top 17 Best Islamic Apps For Muslims For Android and iOS

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1. OnePath Network

This app allows you to watch mind-blowing Islamic contents from around the globe. All you need do is download to gain access to diverse contents. You will find topics bordered on the spirituality of Muslims, the Quran, education, and the prophet. The app also brings you news from the Islamic community throughout the globe.

OnePath Network also runs on Android and iOS devices. Another unique thing about this app is that you can cast and watch your content on a bigger screen. The app is also partly free. If you want to get access to premium content, then you have to purchase it.

2. Learn Quran Tajwid

Are you finding it difficult to read or recite the holy Quran correctly? Get Learn Quran Tajwid. Even if you can recite the Quran but slower, this app can help you become a pro. You will come across a range of lessons that suit your level of understanding. It goes from basic to advance Tajweed lessons.

Another unique thing about this app is its design. It comes designed in such a way that you can learn with or without the help of an instructor. In every section, you will come across concrete theoretical explanations, voice narration of Arabic scripts and take tests. The idea is to help you understand and master the Quran quicker.

3. QamarDeen

The passion and strive to attain a higher level of spirituality is a call for all Muslims. You have to challenge yourself daily and work harder to become a better version of you each day. But really, it’s hard to ascertain how much improvement you have had thus far. It’s even worse when you are unable to keep track of your progress.

But QamarDeen changes everything. It enables you to track every effort you make to attain higher spirituality. You will even be able to ascertain how much growth you have had and work harder to grow higher. Record the periods in which you hard the five daily prayers! Also, note when you prayed Qiyam and Ishraq.

4. Muslim+

This all-in-one Islamic app is undoubtedly one of the best Islamic apps for Muslims. And to think that it runs on Android and iOS devices makes it all the more special. The app gives you access to the holy Quran, prayer time for Muslims, supplication, Qibla compass, Duas, and other noteworthy dates for Muslims.

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This app is quite useful before, during, and after Ramadan periods. It lets you gain access to accurate prayer times based on your current location and offline too. With it, you can’t miss out on your fasting time during the Ramadan period also.

5. Prayer Time

Prayers draw us closer to Allah. It helps us lead a holy life and please Allah in our ways. A prayerful Muslim sees life from a different perspective. That perspective is also a positive one. But there are times life’s busy schedule makes us forget our position and place as Allah’s children. But with the right technology, we can change all that and become right better in the eyes of Allah.

This Prayer Time app is one of the best Islamic apps for Muslims across the globe. The app gives you access to various information regarding the Quran, Salat time, Qibla Compass, Hijri date, Tasbih, and more. Also, you will figure out important dates for diverse languages and locations too.

6. Tasbih

We live in the digital age, a time where everything has been digitalized. So the introduction of the digital space into Islam and Tasbih to be precise is a wise step. The Tasbih app is another popular and highly rated app for all Muslims. With this counter Islamic application for Android and iOS devices, your prayers will be more natural.

This app will also enhance your prayer life and enable you to become a bit faster. You should even not bother about taking your Tasbih along to the mosque when you have this app at your disposal.

7. Listen Quran

Do you enjoy reciting the holy Quran? Anyway, you should because it builds your spirituality. The Quran contains Allah’s revelation and instructions to his children. So everyone that serves Allah must be conversant with the Al Quran.

The Listen Quran is an excellent app for Muslims. With it, you can familiarize yourself with the Quran. The app is free and a must-have for all Muslim reciters. It contains audio clips of famous reciters of the Quran across the globe. Plus you can also get interpretation in your language.

8. Hafizi Quran 15 Lines

If you are seeking a powerful tool to help you memorize and read the Quran all year round, try the Hafizi Quran 15 Lines. It will make you more effective in understanding the Quran during the special Ramadan, Hajj, and other periods cherished by Muslims across the globe.

This app gives you the privilege to access pages of the Quran offline. It also offers full audio clip of the Quran from famous reciters to help you learn the Quran with ease. Hindi, Spanish, French, Malay, Turkish, German, and several other languages are supported by this app, too.

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9. Scan Halal

Let’s be frank; going through that long list of ingredients before consuming your meal is sometimes frustrating. But everyone must be accountable and lead a holy life, which the prophet has commanded. The Scan Halal app helps Muslims to locate Halal food without stress.

This app helps Muslims across the world to make the right Halal dietary decisions. Vegans and non-vegans can also make use of it as well. So, if you want to make wise Halal dietary choices, get the Scan Halal app right away.

10. WeSalam – Hajj and Umrah Guide

WeSalam is another great app that makes it super easy to practice Islam. It comes packed with relevant features to help Muslims to strengthen their spirituality with each passing day. And, if you are considering embarking on Hajj & Umrah, you will find WeSalam useful.

You won’t face any surprises when you arrive at Makah with this app installed on your mobile device. Why would you, when all the information you need from the preparatory stage till when you complete the first rituals and even arrive home, are made available to you.

11. Manasikana

The Manasikana is another app for those planning to take a trip to perform Hajj and Umrah. Individuals heading the Madinah will also find this app useful for their trips. Manasikana is one of the best Islamic apps for Muslim pilgrims.

The app comes packed with features that make one’s visit to the holy land worthwhile. Among the numerous features, the app comes built with satellite-based maps that are super accurate. The maps tell pilgrims were the sacred areas are. And the idea is to ensure you are in the right place at the right time. There are tons of other benefits and things this app can do. Get it to know more!

12. Haramain

Haramain is another popular Islamic app for Muslims that takes you closer to the holy land. It gives you access to daily prayers straight from Madinah and Makkah. Your only contribution is to listen, recite, and uplift your spirit with the powerful words that reveal Allah’s sovereignty.

Haramain is also free to use. But it still stands out when compared to other related Islamic apps. It also comes built with a clean interface that makes it easier to understand and use.

13. One4Kids

All Muslim parents must control what their kids watch. Diverse unholy contents are flying around the internet these days. Most of the programs and even cartoons on television these days can corrupt the minds of the young ones.

So, if you are a Muslim parent that wants to train and set your kids in the right path, then try the One4Kids app. The app gives kids access to diverse educational contents to nurture them in the way of Allah. You will find contents like the popular Zaky’s Learning Club TV series, Little Explorers TV series and other highly-rated media contents for Muslim kids.

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14. Never Miss Fajr

If you usually miss Fajr or have someone that always does, recommend the Never Miss Fajr app to that individual. As the name implies, Never Miss Fajr gets you up for Fajr whenever necessary. And, have in mind that this app can be very annoying but gets the job done.

This app will continue vibrating and stops when you perform the task it requires of you. Even if you are tired and sleepy, it still has a unique way of keeping you lively and awake. Some triggers ensure this. One is to answer 5 Islamic questions right before the Adhan can go off while the other requires you to shake your device at least 20 times to put it off.

15. Resala Ramadan

The Ramadan period is essential to every Muslim. There are things one is expected to do and avoid during this period. The Resala Ramadan keeps you informed about these things. You know the rulings about fasting during this period, including what is forbidden and lawful.

This app is available for free. So you have no excuse whatsoever for not having it installed on your device. It also comes translated into English and other languages. And this makes it easier for everyone to understand and use the app.

16. iQuran

This new Quran, the iQuran has garnered over 10 million downloads since inception. It comes loaded with the complete Quran presented in the Uthmani font. Another thing that sets the iQuran apart is that it features color-coded Tajweed.

The iQuran also comes in 35 translations, and it’s also free. But you can upgrade anytime to get access to additional features. You can also jump from one verse to another with ease. And besides these, there are other amazing features the iQuran offers.

17. MusMatch – Arab & Muslim Singles

If you are a Muslim who is ready to settle down but can’t find the right partner, MusMatch is for you. This app comes built to connect Muslim singles all over the world. So whether you are a man or woman, know that with MusMatch, you are one step away from finding your life partner.

This app comes built with power filters that make it super easy to find your match. The app is simple to understand and use. Just signup, update your profile and put up a write-up that lets everyone knows the kind of person (male or female) you seek. That’s it.


These are the best Islamic apps for Muslims for Android and iOS devices. So if you are a Muslim, endeavor to try out any of these apps. They are meant to help you draw closer to Allah and continue to build your spirituality and love for Him.

For those looking to improve their understanding of the Quran or learn to recite it faster, you will find suitable apps for that also. Just go through the list and make your choice.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin!

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