13 Best Anger Management Apps For Android and iOS to Control Your Anger

You might be wondering what having the best anger management apps for Android and iOS devices can offer you. And unless you install and start using this app, you will never know its real value.

So many things out there can trigger anger. The idea is one may not even know when he starts acting crazy at that moment when anger kicks in.

But if little things get you pissed, you should make every effort to work on yourself. Remember that anger can force you to take the wrong decision that you might later regret. It might even cause people you care about to stay away from you.

So, try to control your anger. But if you can’t, then get the anger management application. Luckily for you, we have managed to handpick 13 of the best anger app to help you become a better person.

13 Best Anger Management Apps For Android and iOS

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1. TemperTab


TemperTab is one of the most innovative anger management apps you will ever find. It is also available for Android and iOS devices. This app will enable you to control your anger in the most effective way. You can even set weekly targets for yourself.

The app comes with funny voices, pictures, and GIFs, all of which are designed to keep you happy. When a smile appears on your face, anger will surely give way. So this app will make you laugh and embark on tasks that will cause you to forget what made you angry. Again, you can also track the progress you have made thus far and set motivational texts that will lighten up your mood daily.

2. Strong Minds

Strong Minds

In today’s society in which there are many triggers and unpleasant things happening here and there, only those with healthy minds can find their feet. This Strong Minds app is a free tool designed to help users to develop a strong mental power to overcome diverse challenges life throws at them.

Strong Minds is also a mental health tool available for Android users. The app helps to improve mental power through captivating stories, pictures, as well as guided meditations. The main focus of this app is to help you learn more about your feelings. And at the end of the day, you will develop the needed skills to lead a happy and resilient life. Adults, youths, and kids can use this app, too.

3. Concussion Coach

Concussion Coach

What can one expect from an app designed by the National Center for PTSD and other prominent bodies in the healthcare niche? You should be looking forward to something remarkable, and that is what the Concussion Coach offers.

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Impressively, this app comes built for security personnel, veterans, and others who might be going through emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms. And this could be as a result of a traumatic brain injury. You will get access to the tool called concussion, which is an instrument designed to help users to ascertain symptoms and how severe they are. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.



Are you someone who gets furious at the slightest provocation? AIMS can help you overcome that. This app comes designed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. It is also taking over the world by storm. It offers you a chance to learn about anger and how you can avoid it.

This app allows you to learn and develop strong anger management skills. You will gain access to education regarding anger and opportunity to find support to help you become better. You can also use this app to create an anger management plan or track your progress. The app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

5. Calm


Do you want your life to be one with low anxiety and less stress? Do you want to enjoy quality night rests? If yes, then try the app called Calm. It is one of the best apps for sleep and meditation you will ever find. It features a series of guided meditation sessions with varying lengths. These include deep sleep meditation, stress management, relationships, forgiveness, happiness, gratitude, and more.

Calm also has over a hundred bedtime stories to put grownups to sleep. It also features over thirty nature scenes and sounds that you can use during yoga, meditation or to lure you to sleep. The breathing exercises that the app offers are also out of this world. They will help you relax even better. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

6. Simple Habit

Simple Habit

Meditation can help heal a broken heart and give you the courage to pass through life’s toughest challenges. It can help you forgive and move far away from anger. Motivation alone is something that makes meditation attractive. And that’s why apps like Simple Habit stands out from the crowd.

This app will lead you in a guided meditation session that can help to relieve your anxiety and stress. By engaging in short meditation for at least 5 minutes daily, you will relax better, sleep, and breathe easier and even become happier than you have ever been.

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7. Breathe2Relax


Breathing is an action that every living thing performs. When an individual or animal stops breathing, the human or animal will seize to exist. There are also ways one can vary the breathing pattern to calm anger and relax the body. And that is what the Breathe2Relax app comes designed to help you achieve.

The Breathe2Relax app is available for Android and iOS devices. It also works like a charm when it comes to breathing exercises. It will help you learn and develop skills to manage stress, one of which is called diaphragmatic breathing.

8. What’s Up?

What’s Up

This mental health app is an app worth admiring. Despite being feature-rich, the app is free and exciting to use. What’s Up helps you go through difficult phases in life unhurt. With this app, you will cope well with stress, anger, and depression, and other things that challenge our mental strength.

This app uses two therapies to help you build the mental capacity to cope with the challenges mentioned above. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. This app also lets you practice three breathing techniques to help you keep calm whenever anger or anxiety is taking over. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

9. Guided Mind

Guided Mind

A well-guided mind can never go wrong. Even when you are angry, you can easily and quickly retrace your steps and let go of that anger. The Guided Mind app offers numerous benefits that you cannot resist. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.

This app will guide you through a series of meditations to help you get past the stress and other challenges that life brings. It will get access to step-by-step voice-guided meditations, 14 free nature sound that induces sleep and relaxation. You will also come across numerous meditation topics such as letting go, pain, confidence, attention, depression, and many more!

10. 7 Cups

7 Cups

Whether you are feeling stressed, angry, worried, or lonely, you will feel a lot better with 7 Cups. Sometimes, the best way to overcome anger or worries is to share your feelings with someone. But it has to be an individual that is willing to listen to you and give a robust response that will make you feel better.

This 7 Cups app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app is free and grants you the opportunity to chat with anonymous and well-trained listeners who can be of help. You will also have access to 300 mindfulness exercises for free that will calm you down. But what makes this app to stand out is the attention you will get from other users in the chat room and forums. With such great support, you can walk past challenges that are affecting your mood.

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11. BoosterBuddy


You can achieve great things with robust mental health. So aspire to build yours. And what better way to boost your mental health than using an app. BoosterBuddy is an app for young adults and teens. It is free and available for Android and iOS devices. If you are in this category (teen or young adult), this app will help you improve your mental health.

This app lets you have an idea of how you feel each day so that you can be in the best of mood each day. You will also have self-care routines to follow each day.

12. Personal Zen

Personal Zen

If you are seeking an app to reduce anxiety, stress, or manage your anger, Personal Zen is a wise choice. Personal Zen is a game developed by top scientists and mobile app developers. It helps to retrain the brain, thereby making you stress-free.

This game teaches your brain to fight negative feelings. We often pay much attention to negativity. But with the Personal Zen, you will start seeing the world from a different perspective and thinking more positively. The game is also available for Android and iOS devices.

13. Happify


Your emotional well being is all that matters, and Happify, a great app is there to help you achieve that. Happify is an incredible science-based game that features loads of activities that can help you combat stress and negative mindset. The app is also accessible to iOS and Android users.

This app was designed and tested by scientists and professionals with a keen interest in positive psychology. The activities are quite simple but effective, and you can even perform them during your break time at work.


So these are the best anger management apps for Android and iOS devices. Most of them look simple at first glance but can help change your life forever. However, there are tons of similar apps out there. But we took out time to handpick only the best and most effective. So you can go through the list and make your choice right away. Choose an app that can help you overcome anger, anxiety, stress, and other things that are affecting your mental health.

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