Top 10 Music Apps on Android OS

Let’s do an exercise. Shall we? It’s quite straightforward. Just imagine a world without Music. I bet most of us or rather all of us find that very difficult to do because music and songs, they are an integral part of our life. Sometimes we use it to calm ourselves down or we use to express what we feel. Regardless of what it does and what it can be used to do, music shall always remain in all of our lives.

No let’s just imagine a life without that smart-phone/tablet you are either reading this article from or which is kept at arm’s length. Considerably easier to do to some of us, but still difficult because of the huge amount of reliance we place on it. Android apps are now used to do things from doing calculations to making a video for your best friend’s birthday.

These apps can also be used to gain access to a large collection of music and it opens up a huge world of music itself, which we modern android users have and the old gramophone users did not have. The following are 10 highly reviewed Android apps that allow you to access music databases and download music.

1. Spotify

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With a total number of 7,385,952 users around the world, Spotify with a overall review of 4.5 stars is one of the best music apps available on android to get access to a large number of songs and tracks. The Free version of the app allows the user to listen to various albums and songs of different artists and also allows the creation of custom playlists.

The app also has App provided playlists with songs comprising of different genre or themes. It also gives personalized recommendations to a user depending upon the type of songs usually listened to. The premium version allows the free download of the songs, ad free interface and higher sound quality.

App Link: Spotify

2. Shazam

Shazam is a popular app available in the Google Play Store that is used primarily for discovering and getting access to a wide variety of music. It is a very interactive app that allows you to identify the songs that you want and which allows you to listen to it online.

It also provides a user with real time music lyrics and the videos, the capability to follow artists and to see what music they are listening to (“shazaming”), to sync their Shazam account with Spotify and Pandora Radio and also allows you to “shazam” songs by simply using the google app. However previewing and buying songs requires that your country has Google Play Music Store. The App has a total of 2,919,118 users and has a overall rating of 4.4 stars.

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App Link: Shazam

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a brand that we all are very familiar with and they have their own android app too. The app has a total of 2,596,002 users and has a overall 4.4 star review. SoundCloud gives a user access to a large library of songs which can be listened to only while online under the unsubscribed version. The Subscribed version however allows you to download the song and to listen to it offline.

SoundCloud similar to Spotify allows you to create playlists with your favorite songs. It also allows you to like the songs that you love and listen to it later. The likes also determine the songs that appear when not using filtered searches. The free version does not give access to all tracks and will require a subscribed version. The subscribed version also does not have Ads. The app allows allow you to connect with your friends and others artists who share music on SoundCloud and to keep track of all such uploads.

App Link: SoundCloud

4. YouTube Music

Imagine YouTube dedicated completely to songs and music and you get YouTube music, which is a collection of the songs in YouTube. The app provides access to Official videos, remixes, playlists etc. It also allows the user to personalize stations and listen to music they prefer and love.

The unsubscribed version is marked by the presence of Ads and incapacity to download and listen offline both of which the premium YouTube Red version provides. It has a total number of 246,892 users and has a overall 4.4 star rating. The collection of music in this app is very large indeed considering its major source to be YouTube itself.

App Link: YouTube

5. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a popular radio app with a user base of  1,350,267 users and overall rating of 4.4 stars. It provides the user with a huge variety of songs from different genres and artists under different stations. This large collection of stations ensures that it meets all your basic needs.

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Apart from music, TuneIn also allows the user to gain access to Talkshows, Podcasts, News, and especially Sports making it a one stop destination for many things. The Premium version gives better access to Sports features the app has, to audio-books and also allows more access to music stations. Tune in to TuneIn to see if meets your needs.

App Link: TuneIn Radio

6. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio unlike Pandora’s box is not something that brings great troubles to you. But it is in fact a place to alleviate some of those troubles by providing you the songs that you love and that can make you relaxed. The app is a radio app and provides the user with multiple stations and a wide variety of songs covering many genres and artists. It also allows a user to make his own personalized stations and to choose the genre and songs he wants to listen to.

The paid version allows Ad Free usage of the app along with the capability of replaying the stations and also downloading the songs from the station to listen offline. However this premium account is as of now only available in the US. It has a total number of 2,657,539 users and has a overall review of 4.4 stars making it quite a reliable app.

App Link: Pandora Radio

7. SoundHound 

SoundHound is an app that allows the user to track music and identify songs that they want to listen to. It’s Premium version has a seamless integration with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc which allows the streaming of music from the playlists of these Apps.

The hands free approach facilitated by the assistant mode is the key distinguishing factor of SoundHound where the app performs actions based on your verbal instructions. To do this you have to say, for example, “OK Hound find Ed Sheeran’s latest song” and the app will find it for you.

It also allows streaming within its own interface and provides real time lyrics to the song, identifying songs by humming its tone to the app, accessing to weekly top music databases and much more. It has a total of 624,416 number of people using it and has a overall rating of 4.3 stars.

App Link: SoundHound

8. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a good online reliable radio app that can be used to listen to your favorite songs. It has many radio stations covering varying genres and occasions which is backed up by the large collection of songs it hosts. It also allows a user to custom make his own music stations. The subscribed form of the app also allows the user to listen to his songs offline. It has a total user-base of 322,826 users and has a overall 4.3 star review.

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App Link: Slacker Radio

9. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a easy to use powerful music app that provides songs covering many languages and many genres. The App is distinct from all the other apps by the mere fact that it allows Ad Free streaming even in its free version. It has a large collection of songs that can be accessed through many playlists or through custom made playlists. It also provides radio facility giving access to many stations.

The other important feature of the app is the availability Vernacular UI which we can change to a language we prefer. The app also provides you flexibility in terms of music quality to reduce data consumption. The subscribed version allows unlimited download capability and it also has a one month trial option. A total 422,587 people have installed this app and it has a overall 4.2 star review.

App Link: Wynk Music

10. Free Music Mp3 Player

Free Music Mp3 Player is a app that provides you all the content from its source, YouTube. It is app that create personalized playlists from what you like and share on Facebook. It also creates a playlist for today which the user can tune into. It also gives access to a wide variety of songs because of its source being YouTube. It also syncs playlist across all devices you use this software in. It has 311,820 users and has a overall rating of 4.2 stars.

App Link: Free Music Mp3 Player

No two people are the same. Their tastes and interests vary. Hence their preference regarding the music they want and also the app they want to access it with will also vary. This article is only a list of the apps most people have preferred provided in order of their rating. Which app are you comfortable with? It is a question you have to answer for yourself and this list is a great place to begin the journey to discovering that.

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